Video Data preservation

Data Preservation - Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Learn about how Best Made Videos® helps protect your memories so that they can last forever! See our step by step process below for how we go about backing up, protecting and storing your wedding video data.

Learn about our process for protecting your wedding videos!



  • Following your wedding day, we immediately copy over your raw wedding video data onto the our iMac computer for editing. That computer is connected to four external hard drives which provides a quadruple mirror back up of our editing hard drive.

Step 2: 

  • Your wedding data is also copied over onto two external Western Digital hard drives (original and back up copy) where it is stored in a fireproof safe until we have delivered your edited wedding video.


Step 3:

  • In addition to copying your wedding data to our hard drives, your wedding video data is also immediately uploaded to our cloud storage service which also serves as our means for delivering your final edited wedding videos.

Step 4:

  • Following delivery of your wedding videos your data is copied back onto two external hard drives (original and back up copy) where it is stored in our fireproof safe even after delivery of your final edited wedding videos.


Step 5:

  • Once each external hard drive has been filled, we copy that footage over to two different LTO-6 back up tapes. LTO or " Linear Tape-Open" is a tape based back up system which is designed for 15-30 years of archival storage (compared to 3 years for a traditional disk based back up solution). We keep two sets of LTO tape backups for each calendar year, one set is stored locally in our fireproof safe, the other set is stored off-site at a secured location.


So why does any of this matter???

Your wedding day can never be replicated or replaced.  The memories from that day and the footage that captures them is of paramount importance to me as a business owner.  I take the utmost care in protecting your data so it will exist for you always.  I know of no other local wedding videography company that spends the time, energy and money to protect your investment as we do. 

We shoot over 50 weddings every year as well as countless live events.  Our clients, both corporate and wedding, rely on us to make sure their footage is properly taken care of from start to finish.  This is what we do for a living.

We want to make sure your wedding footage is accessible to you forever!  Computers die, hard drives fail, and as we move into an age where everything is stored digitally, we all need to be diligent about backing up the things that matter to us the most.  

*Although no guarantees can be made, I believe this process gives us the best chance to retrieve your wedding video footage should anything ever happen to your footage after it is delivered to you.  *A $500 data retrieval fee will be applied should you need to access your footage after the 6 month download window following delivery of your wedding video.  This covers the cost and time associated with accessing our tape archival system and pulling out the necessary files.