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Get to know your wedding pro®, a podcast by best made videos®

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 1 (Reid Johnson, Best Made Videos®)

Bio - Reid, the owner of Best Made Videos® is an Emmy nominated photojournalist / videographer with over 10 years of videography experience. Born and raised in Seattle he traveled east to Spokane, Washington to go to college. After graduating from Gonzaga University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Videography, he spent the next 8 years working for local NBC and FOX news affiliates in California and Washington.

In 2013 he decided to launch Best Made Videos® so he could focus more time on developing relationships with his clients and sharing their positive stories with the world. He has a long standing relationship with the Better Business Bureau, and has produced marketing videos for them as well as many local companies throughout the Pacific Northwest including Seattle Magazine and Blackpoint-IT. He lives in West Seattle, Wa. with his wife Dorothy (see our wedding video here) and 5 year old Dachshund Rosie. 

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 2 (Alan Chitlik, Puget Sound DJ)

Bio - I’ve been passionate about music my entire life. Always “THAT GUY” – making mix tapes, going to concerts and spending my spare time (and money) collecting music.

So in 1997, when my friend Annie’s wedding DJ cancelled three days before her wedding (!), she asked if I could take that musical knowledge and rescue her. I gulped a bit (well, really gulped a lot), but immediately agreed. The night turned out great. The music played. People danced. And a new era of my life began.

I began to DJ many of my friends’ weddings. It was the most rewarding thing I’d ever done. I loved it so much that I left my corporate job in 2004. Ever since, DJing has been my profession and my passion.


I was a newspaper reporter in my 20s. I covered everything from murder trials to county fair to billion-dollar financial transactions. The common thread in EVERY story, though, was that I listened intently so I could accurately report what people said. The skills from that experience still help me today. As we plan, I ask a lot of questions and actively listen to fully understand what people want from their events. Sometimes, good questions help me extract the perfect piece of information to introduce a member of the wedding party. Other times, I’ll interview a couple and include their own story in their own words in a unique first dance.

Bring on Seattle

Later, I spent a decade in the corporate world at the “Redmond Software Giant.” I ran all sorts of large events, including one with then-CEO Steve Ballmer as the featured speaker. I flew across the country doing software demos in front of passionate groups of users, which helped me hone my speaking skills.

Today, as an MC, I guide the evening with an unobtrusive touch. Guests will know what’s going on. What’s coming up. Who’s about to give a toast. They won’t miss ANY of your special moments. I bring the humor, but steer well clear of “Cheesy DJ” territory.


It often feels to me like the rest of my life was building up to prepare me for this career. I feel so fortunate that the things I’ve done have come together and fit so well. The big hug at the end of the night from a couple who just had an amazing wedding is incredibly satisfying.

I live in the Green Lake area of Seattle with my incredible wife Sarah and our 12-year-old twins, Jake and Lauren (collectively referred to as “The Tornados.”) So yes, both personally and professionally, I most certainly rock the minivan.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 3 (Stephanie Skeffington., Seattle Flashing Lights Photography

Bio - Oh hello!  I am Stephanie, the owner and lead photographer of Seattle Flashing Lights Photography, where I get to create amazing photos of amazing people and places! 

My journey has been a bit of a winding path, and it has been filled with awesome adventures.  I started my “career” studying to become a pilot (which I am – commercially rated and everything!)…so of course it would make sense that my logical steps would be from piloting to photography (I joke that I am actually making my way through the alphabet backwards…next, pharmaceuticals then onto Petroleum Control Panel Operator)…but the truth is my passion for photography has been brewing since as early as I can remember.  I got my first camera at age 8 and started taking pictures of everything I could and submitting my work to local competitions.  I continued to upgrade my equipment and my skills taking classes, researching new techniques and working hard in the field practicing different styles.  Photography is freeing to me, allowing me to catch moments in time, the truest emotions, the feelings of this world and tell stories without words.  It has brought me to some incredible places and has introduced me to even more incredible people – I truly love every second that I am behind my lenses!  Fun facts about me:

  • I am originally from Western Washington and my heart will always be in Seattle no matter where I go


  • I fell in-love with my college crush and we have been married for almost 6 years, he is really rad y’all!

    Matt & Steph on their 5th anniversary in Australia!

  • My puppy Nola is a scruffy terrier mix who I love an embarrassingly large amount (I sing to her all the time and have roughly 53 adorably dorky nicknames for her)


  • I lived in Prescott, AZ for about 5 years and also spent a summer abroad living in Paris, both were huge inspirations to my landscape and architecture photography styles

  • Travel is my other passion and luckily gets to go hand in hand with my photography!  I have been to every continent outside of Antarctica (which is totally on my list!) and over 30 countries and counting

    12 Apostles South Australia

  • I am an avid connoisseur of pizza and wine, often times enjoying both together

  • I tear up at every wedding I photograph, I am a huge fan of L.O.V.E.


I work with an amazing team of photographers that add so much creative talent, visual artistry and personality to our company! Our team is some of the best in the business and our top two focus areas are providing aw-inspiring, creatively artistic photos that you will always be excited about and offering top notch customer service! We promise to do our best to be flexible and easy going, while always giving you what YOU want through our creative stylings and working to achieve YOUR desired results in end products. Our customers inspire us and we always want you to walk away happy and will do everything we can to make that happen!  Our ideal clients are ones who trust our creative minds, love adventure, aren’t afraid to get dirty for the perfect shot and have a great time with us!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 4 (Heather and Ryan, Events by Heather and Ryan)

Bio - We are a husband and wife wedding photography studio based in the Seattle area.  We also service the island of Hawaii with an office on the Big Island.   Our studio provides creative and affordable wedding photography for our couples. Since 2007, we’ve personally photographed over 500 weddings around the area and around the world – and we bring that experience to every wedding we photograph.

Wedding planning is the single biggest planning event that most of us will undertake.  And your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendor choices you’ll choose.   Events by Heather & Ryan has become one of the most sought after wedding photography studios in the area.  We specialize in high quality and affordable wedding photography and videography services.   Our team uses a documentary style, story telling approach to every wedding.  Effectively understanding your vision and is key to getting the best wedding photographs.  Your wedding day is the story of your lives, and our goal is to capture and tell that story in a way that expresses emotion and and detail.  Just as photojournalism tells a story – documentary photography takes those same images and brings life to them and explains the story leading up to them in pictures.  The end result allows you to not only look at your pictures, but the essence captivates your imagination and allows you to relive your wedding through our photographs.

By selecting our studio for your wedding, our goal isn’t to simply take pictures at your wedding.  There are hundreds of photographers out there with varying degrees of professionalism ranging from amateur to professional who can do the same job for you without the personal attention.   Our goal and process is more refined.  Our ambition is to discover and understand your vision and expectations for your wedding photographs.  Knowing what’s important to you and how you want your story told is paramount.   The key to creating prized and cherished wedding photographs lies in knowing how you want to remember your wedding.  And the answer to that question is different and unique with every couple we meet and for every wedding we photograph.   It’s not the “what” question we want to answer.  It’s the “why”.  But in the end, it’s these kinds of details that ensure you’ll be happy with the high quality and personalized service we provide to you.   The better we know you, the better we’ll be able to photograph your wedding.   And in the end, our pictures will speak for themselves and you’re going to love what we give you.

Now for the fun stuff.  As your photographer, your experience with us doesn’t start or end the day of your wedding.  We’ll get to know you before the wedding, starting with the day we first meet.  We’ll be with you during your entire wedding and reception, capturing the most important – the most intimate moments for you so you can relive them years from now.  We’ll then carefully cull through, categorize and process each photograph through a vigorous post-production process.  The final photographs we provide to you will be unique and exclusive of each other.  Each photograph tells its own story, and our mission is to uncover that story for you.

We hope that your first encounter with our studio is only the beginning.  We’d like to develop a lifetime relationship with you so we can be your photographer of choice for the events in life that come along later, like pregnancies, anniversaries, newborn and infants, boudoir (for those special occasions) and more.  Our studio proudly offers family portrait photography as well.  If you’re looking for amazing wedding photography, then look no further.  Heather & Ryan provide Seattle and the Puget Sound area with the best wedding photography in the area.  Whether you’re having a small get together or a large 200+ guest wedding, we offer a unique approach that blends creative elements with the best experience designed to match your personality.  As you know, no two weddings are alike.  Your wedding day is the first chapter in the story of your lives together…and our job is to capture every aspect of your wedding day, from your interaction together down to the details and everything in between.  In the end, you’re left with something magical that can forever be cherished.

If you’d like to meet us up close and in person, or if you have questions about what our studio can do for you, please call or email us for more information.  We’d love to sit down over coffee to discuss your wedding or other photography goals.  Chances are, if you’re reading this, you like our work and you’ll love what we can do for you.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 5 (Danielle Yellam, VANity Photo Bus)

Bio - Our story is simple... I'm Danielle and my brother Michael and I have a passion for unique and original ideas! Together with his wife and their kids we turned our really cute 1959 VW van into a beautiful photo bus. We have had so much positive feedback and feel that VANity is the perfect compliment to ANY modern wedding, party or social event! To the hundreds of people we have met and connected with, thank you for making VANity Photo Bus a hit! We can't wait to see you at all of our events this year!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 6 (Claire Fernandez, Party on the Rocks)

Bio - Claire has been working in the event industry for four years as a Lead Hostess for The Invisible Hostess and a Bartender for the past two years. She is excited to form lasting relationships with clients and help fulfill their party needs!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 7 (Angela Strecker, Blue Wings Events)

Bio - Angela is authentic and honest plus with over 18 years of event management experience she brings knowledge, problem solving skills, emotional stability, and consistent service to all her clients. These advantages are all applied to situations in which she needs to resolve tasks and issues on event day, calm a mother, gently guide and counsel a couple, deal with vendor issues and sometimes be the mediator among guests and hosts!

Angela enjoys coffee, reading the morning paper and spending time with family and friends along with cool mornings out on the lake fishing with her dad.

For Angela her ownership into Blue Wings Events is not a hobby or side-job, but a full-time career, commitment, and dream.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 8 (Melissa Reiner, Hey Sweets)

Bio - Hey Sweets is owned and operated by Melissa Reiner and started back in 2013.  My love for party planning and baking turned into a great business venture.  There have been a few bumps in the road, but that has only pushed me to reach for higher goals.

I was born and raised in Monroe, WA.  My family has a long history of farming in Monroe.  My dad was raised on a dairy farm and his uncle Frank used to deliver bread to the people of Monroe.  My mom was raised on a Chicken farm in the Maltby area.  My husband's family raise Black Angus cattle.  I have a passion for small towns and strive to use quality ingredients in my desserts.

I married my best friend back in 2000.  We have 2 amazing boys that keep me busy when I am not baking.  Hey Sweets has allowed me to stay home and raise my boys while still perusing my passion to bake.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 9 (Yasmin Shirdel, Samila Boutique)

Bio - How it all began...

Samila Adabi, a former Miss Iran Pageant runner up, had plenty of upbringing in custom tailoring and experience with formal wear. Her mother, was the premier dress maker for the elite in Iran. Over time, she developed an exquisite eye for colors and styles and a sure sense for what many women desired. In 1995, Samila opened her first boutique in Bellevue. As early as 1997, the Seattle times recognized Samila Boutique as “top 5 woman’s apparel boutiques in Seattle”. From the 2000’s, Samila used her experience and style to solidify herself as the go to fashion expert and the destination store in the Northwest for Woman’s formal dresses; dressing woman for the Oscars, Grammy’s, Inauguration balls and much more.

In 2009, Samila’s daughter Yasmin Shirdel, followed in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, becoming the lead stylist and buyer of the Redmond boutique. Shortly thereafter, the boutique was moved into a larger 3,300 square foot showroom. In addition, a collection of couture dresses were hand selected and brought in from designer showrooms all over the world, Samila & Yasmin designed their own line of dresses called Samila Designs and the  boutique launched a new website and marketing campaigns in all social media platforms, bringing Samila Boutique into the homes of all the Women of the Northwest.

As of recently, Samila boutique has been featured on King 5 news morning show and the Seattle times for their formal wear expertise. It has also cemented itself as the destination for formal wear in the entire Northwest, showcasing over 5,000 unique dresses in the Redmond, Washington, showroom. Special occasions we dress for are: Prom,Galas, Homecoming, Military Balls, Second Wedding, Cocktail dresses, Wedding guest, winter formals, Cruises, holiday Parties, Pageants, Tolo and much more!

We have designed and built a brand new bridal suite, to showcase our three new Bridal collections and our off the rack bridal selection.  We will be featuring: Morilee, Madison James and Casablanca bridal!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 10 (Taryn Holmstrom, Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals)

Bio - Hi, I’m Taryn, Owner of Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals. In 2009 my husband proposed to me at Rosario Beach here in the Northwest and the planning process began. At this time, I was Special Education Teacher, a career I loved and saw myself pursuing. During the planning process I found this new creative outlet, designing my wedding. Seven months later the wedding took place, and what a beautiful event it was. After our wedding, I realized how much I loved the whole process and started Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals that summer.  A few years later, we had our first son. I realized I wanted to find a way to be more involved in his life and made the difficult decision to give up my teaching contract to stay home with him. It was the best decision I could have made. Here I am today, a mom of two young boys (Mason  and Liam) finding the balance between running this thriving business, being the best domestic engineer I can be, and enjoying those special moments with my family. Every day I wake up and have to pinch myself. Is this really my life? I can’t believe that I get to spend my days playing with my children and helping people create beautiful and meaningful events. We are so blessed!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 11 (Dan Manning, Dan Manning Photography)

Bio - Dan Manning is a wedding and portrait photographer based in historic downtown Snohomish. Dan worked as one of two photographers for a large Fortune 500 company before pursuing portrait and wedding photography full time. He loves documenting people's love stories and capturing their connection. Dan utilizes the beauty of the Pacific Northwest to create timeless images.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 12 (Candi Block, Thrifty Events and Yeti Yard Games)

Bio - I'm Candi Block, founder of Block Weddings & Events and creator of the online wedding planning course for couples, Wedding Building Blocks. I began this journey a few years ago with a little nudge from my sister and friends. I've always enjoyed event planning, but I honestly thought that everyone did. When my younger sister, Kelli, and I were planning my older sister's bridal and baby showers, Kelli confessed how much she hated event planning. I was surprised since I thought we both were having a good time planning out the invitations, looking over excel spreadsheets of RSVP responses and timelines, and decorating the venues together. Turns out, it was just me having fun, but I accepted her disdain and moved on. It wasn't until about a year later when a colleague and friend also pointed out that my enthusiasm for event planning was a bit higher than most, and I realized then that I should pursue this passion. 

Couples are excited to plan their weddings, but not everyone has a background in event planning. The good news is that it's a skill that can be learned. My passion is to share my industry knowledge, organizational skills, and event planning experience with those that are eager for guidance.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 13 (Torry Wahl, Raise A Glass Wedding and Event Planning)

Bio - Hello, my names Torry! I was raised in the shadow of Mt. Pilchuck, in Lake Stevens, Washington. This offered the quintessential Pacific Northwest childhood, which is reflected in my business aesthetic and personal style.

Upon graduating from Central Washington University with a degree in Psychology and Family Studies, I felt the pull to build my adult life back where I began.

When not working to make your wedding everything you have dreamed of, I am reading, baking, trying all the delicious restaurants and soaking up the minutes with friends, family and my two trusted pups. 

Planning a wedding can often times be fun, exciting and stressful. Raise a Glass emphasizes making memories, having fun and providing couples with a stress free day. Based out of Snohomish, WA I offer full, partial and Day Of Coordinating services at an affordable cost. 

My goal is that while I personally handle all the details behind the scene, participants can be completely submersed in their day. Raise a Glass offers clients peace of mind so they can optimize their time relaxing, socializing and enjoying the moment. I love the challenge of working with a vast range of budgets, styles and locations; fill out the contact form below and we can start the exciting journey of making your dream wedding a reality.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 14 (Rev. Ray Van Winkle, Rev Ray Van Winkle and Associates)

Bio - A Seattle "native" since 1982, Ray has been involved in the wedding industry most of his life, running a small catering company with his wife Stephanie, and later working for her floral design business. He credits her with seeing within him the potential to be a great wedding officiant.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 15 (Tony Schwartz, Tony Schwartz MC and DJ)

Bio - Me In A Nutshell: Sports, comedy, coffee, music, and entrepreneurship define me. During the week, I hustle hard and stay pretty quiet. But on weekends, I play quite loud.

My DJ career started at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. I earned my stripes DJing in fraternity basements, at house parties, and playing the opening set at local dive bars and “nightclubs” that were more like “Applebee’s, but with a dance floor.” Eventually, I graduated college and moved to the Seattle nightlife scene, where I quickly realized I hated DJing nightclubs.

But I loved to DJ, and I loved to perform in front of others.

So, while working in finance during the week, I booked private events for the weekend: school dances, birthday parties, corporate galas, holiday parties, and weddings. Of all the private events I played at, only weddings allowed me to DJ an open-format style with a license to mix creatively. Mastering “The Art of the Wedding DJ” became my obsession. I learned everything I could about planning awesome wedding receptions, how to be an event director and host, developed my Master of Ceremonies philosophy and style, and honed in my DJ skills.

I had found my niche, my passion, and the one thing that I looked forward to every weekend. And, I wanted to be really, really, really good at it.

While it was seemingly unfortunate at the time, I was told in 2009 by the company I worked for that they couldn’t offer me a permanent position after my temp-to-hire contract was up. So, I decided to take a risk and see if I could do what many said I couldn’t: make it as a full-time, professional DJ.

It was the best decision I ever made.

Fast forward to today: I have DJ’d at weddings up and down the West Coast, as well as shared the same stage with some pretty big names in the music industry. I’ve DJed for crowds up to 25,000 people, and I founded two more companies in the private events space: PLAY Event Rentals and The Puget Sound Photo Booth Co. My current aspirations are to DJ weddings and private events around the country and the world, as well as become the official tour DJ for one of my favorite country music artists.

Seriously, I can’t believe that I get to call this a career. I’m truly blessed, completely grateful, honestly humbled, and totally thankful for all of the opportunities that DJing has brought me, as well as the experiences I’ve lived and people I’ve met.

I’m thankful to even be considered as your Wedding MC & DJ. If you like my mixes, if you enjoy watching my videos below, and if you want to create magic at the biggest party you will ever host, I would love to be your Master of Ceremonies & DJ.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 16 (Korrine Claxton Korrine C Makeup Artist and Esthetician)

Bio - Hello thank you for stopping by!  I have been a professional makeup artist and licensed Esthetician since 2007.  My background in skin care has really helped me be a better artist to my clients.  I am able to give my clients a beautiful look without masking your natural beauty.   We are all not made the same and I love enhancing each individuals special features. 

As your makeup artist my goal is to create a look that will be timeless.  I don't just apply your makeup I am there for you every step of the way.  Not only do I want you to be able to look at your pictures and remember how gorgeous you looked, but I also want you to remember how stress free your morning was and how much fun you had just being able to sip on mimosa's and hang out with your family and friends on your special day.  

When I am not working you will find me hanging out with my kids and husband we love going for drives and exploring Washington.  I love Zumba!  Don't be surprised if you have music playing while I am doing your makeup that I start dancing or singing, I don't do it on purpose, I just can't help myself.  I love antique stores there is something about seeing chippy furniture that I find soothing, my house has made a home for many chippy furniture.  To read more about me please go to my blog.

I look forward to working with you!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 17 (Jessica Vann-Campbell, Jessica Vann-Campbell Flowers)

Bio - I fell in love with all things floral twenty years ago when my aunt taught me how to arrange flowers and I've been working with couples to make their wedding flowers both beautiful and affordable ever since! 

I love creative additions to bouquets like fresh cotton or family heirlooms like a grandmother's brooch or the lace from a mother's dress. I am driven by a passion to provide a stress-free experience for all the couples I work with- many whom have also become friends.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 18 (Jen Owens, Jen Leslie Events)

Bio - Hello! I’m Jen, owner and lead designer at Jen Leslie Events. For me, event planning is a blend of skill and passion — I spent over 7 years as a corporate event planner, and as I turned my attention to weddings and special events, I was blown away by how much I enjoy combining my knack for organization with my love of creativity and design. With a strong network of trusted vendors in place from the very beginning, I’m proud to say we’ve built a reputation for serving our clients well. See our work here!

In my downtime, I enjoy hosting dinner parties with my husband, watching my son Blake discover the world, snuggling with our schnoodle Sage, traveling the world (South Africa is next on our list), discovering new red wines, and soaking up the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 19 (Stefanie Wright, Forever Events)

Bio - Planning a special event can be overwhelming!  As a Certified Event Specialist I love helping my clients make each event memorable and unique - without the stress of having to worry about the details on the day.  

Every event is special to the people planning it, and the guests experiencing it.  Over the past twelve years I have been able to turn my creative flair and passion for parties into a career with surprises around every corner.  I have helped plan small gatherings and large galas - from graduation parties to Hollywood charity auctions to outdoor garden weddings in a rainstorm!  Each event has been memorable in its own way, and I enjoy learning something new from each client or couple I work with.

I would love to bring your wedding or special event vision to life, and help you make memories that will last Forever.

Fun facts:

~I have a new man in my life, he calls me Mom!  My husband and I were delighted to welcome our first baby in the fall of 2014, and are enjoying the new adventure of being parents to our sweet baby boy.

~I love the sun!  My hubby and I moved to Washington in 2009 after living in Southern California for over ten years.  Born & raised in Las Vegas, I am a desert girl at heart and soak up the elusive summer sun whenever I get the chance.

~I love animals!  As a family we enjoy taking our beagle Cooper to the dog park, and chatting with our sassy cockateil SunnyBird.

~I love Halloween! It is definitely my favorite holiday, and I spend most of October volunteering for a charity haunted house and transforming my own home into a full blown walk through haunt.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 20 (Holly Goodman, Sablewood Paper Company)

Bio - Hi! I'm Holly, the calligrapher/designer/all-hats-wearing creative force behind Sablewood Paper Company.

Sablewood Paper Company is a custom wedding stationery and graphic design studio, specializing in wedding paper goods, wood signage, and small business branding. I work with brides who are looking for a sophisticated look for their wedding stationery, bespoke design, or something utterly unique. And with over 7 years in the graphic design industry, I'm able to create compelling brands and branding packages that stand out among the crowd.

It's important to me that you feel as comfortable with me as possible, so I'm going to give you a crash course on me:

  • I love movie scores and musicals. That's what I'm listening to 80% of the time.

  • My husband and I dated briefly in high school and didn't see each other for almost ten years. We reunited when I moved back to my hometown and we've been inseparable ever since.

  • I was raised a dog-lover, but I was gifted a kitten in college and I've been a cat person ever since. That kitten found his person in my dad so he lives at his house, but I have two fur babies with my husband now.

  • My favorite place in the world is Venice. Second favorite is my bed. (I'm kind of kidding about the second one.)

  • I really enjoy a warm cup of tea with honey.

  • My house is covered in books. I'm mostly into fiction and any series/trilogies, but I have been known to fall for one-off novels. 

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 21 (Ben Lucas, NOM Creative)

Bio - I'm Ben Lucas, a Seattle based commercial portrait and wedding photographer. I studied photography at the University of Washington, and have been in business for the last 8 years.

Early in my career, I worked with modeling agencies and casting directors learning everything about how our bodies work: posing, angles, micro-expressions. My shooting approach is very direct, taking that extra second to raise a good photo up to extraordinary. You're going to get the same detailed attention as the movie stars because you deserve it. Together, we'll make your Hollywood moment. Every photo that leaves my studio is going to be magazine cover quality. If you are looking for breathtaking artwork that will get people talking, then you've come to the right place.

My free time usually consists of going to the theater or snuggling my 120lb lap-dog, Bjørn. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to working with you.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 22 (Matthew Pacheco, Pacheco's Weddings and Events)

Bio - I first started out as a car detailing/house cleaning company based out of Federal Way. After several months of “hustling” and trying to make something happen I finally gave up because it wasn’t lucrative. It felt like I hit a wall and was convinced that all my motives for attaining success were wrong. One was that I kept myself busy in order to avoid the hard things in life – like my family. I became more self-aware during this season and decided to shift to weddings and events because of an opportunity I had to clean up after a friend’s wedding. I chose this as my niche. Once this process took place I became more focused to my vision as opposed to desperately trying to make something happen. Pacheco’s Weddings and Events represents a business functioning from a state of peace as opposed to corrupt morals and selfish ambition.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 23 (Meredith Mckee Ruth, Meredith McKee Photography)

Bio - Hello! I’m so glad you’re here! I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer based in Seattle, Washington (but I love to travel!) My style is true-to-life, bright & cheerful. I delight in natural lighting & creative composition and I love love. I believe that marriage is awesome, and I think it’s pretty cool that I get to capture people on the happiest days of their lives as my career.

My husband, Kevin, & I met volunteering in New Orleans back in 2010. I was head over heels for the guy and we married in our college town of Charlottesville, Virginia four years later. We decided to start an epic adventure together and moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2012 and are loving every minute of it.

We can most likely be found hitting up a brewery in Ballard with our puppy, Lemon*, or cooking up a meal with How I Met Your Mother playing in the background. Travel has been a part of our relationship from the start and we love exploring cultures near and far. Kevin and I are avid Sounders fans, snowboarders & amateur car-campers.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 24 (Rebecca Grant, New Creations Weddings)

Bio - Rebecca Grant

Principal Planner / Owner

  • Attended University of Hawaii's Travel Industry Management course specializing in Wedding Planning & Coordination.

  • Worked under one of the best wedding planners in Hawaii.

  • Seattle's only wedding planner specializing in Asian and Pacific Islander weddings (Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Korean, Vietnamese and Samoan).

  • Lives in Snohomish on a mini farm (11 chickens, 3 bee hives, 2 golden retrievers, 2 cats and a leased horse).

  • Favorite part of the wedding day: Watching the brides reaction when she sees herself in the mirror for the first time.

  • Fun facts:

    • Can often find her in the garden on days off.

    • Is double-jointed in both thumbs and can bend them behind her hands.

    • Can recreate almost any animal noise to the point where animals come over.

    • Has driven a race car and Lamborghini (she has a bit of a lead foot).

    • She does not like coffee even though her husband works for Starbucks.  Bring her a hot cocoa any day!

    • Married since 2010.

    • Favorite ice cream- peanut butter and chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

    • She laughs at her own jokes.  

    • Has never been to a Hawks game, but watches almost every game.  Would LOVE to go to a game!

    • Former Chapter Director for Wedding Network USA.

  • Venues she's dying to work at!

    • The Corson Building

    • The Admiral's House

    • Bella Luna Farms

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 25 (Markie Jones & Tiffany Matthews, Wink Wedding Collective)

Bio - Hey there! We are Markie and Tiffany, the co-founders and dreamers behind Wink Wedding Collective. If you're here, you're likely a couple who loves to have fun, and you want something more out of your wedding photography. While you know you'll need the "grandma portraits", you definitely want photos that are a little more out of the box and speak to your creative nature. We'd love to help you craft a wedding day full of smiles, laughter and maybe a few bad dad jokes along the way. 

Meet Markie

Believe it or not, I have a quiet personality that makes me perfect for blending into the background of your wedding day. 99% of the time, you won’t even know I’m there, I swear I’m furniture, but I love bringing a creative spin to your wedding memories. Pulling from my bag of tricks (including copper pipes, crystals and random fallen leaves) I strive to bring the extra oomphf to your magical memories.

My other titles: Technology Guru | Viking Wrangler | Expert Reflector holder | Whimsical Word Person

4 things you should probably already know about me:
I can likely drink my own weight in PSL
I love to snuggle with my two kids, dogs and fiance
I wholeheartedly believe binge watching Netflix in leggings should be a sport
If you find me an epic location, I’m willing to drive hours for it

Meet Tiffany

Markie will tell you, I’m our Type A organized brain. I pride myself on keeping the photography during your wedding day running seamlessly with a photographic brain that allows me to remember the shot list without looking at it. I strive to always be on time or 30 minutes early, and my goal is to pump out those family formals at an incredible speed so  you can spend time snuggling with your new hubby.

Markie also calls me the: Marketing Mastermind | Top Shelf Reacher | Organization Guru | Rowdy Guest Bouncer

4 things to know about Me:
I enjoy a stiff drink and excellent Cabaret
My weeknights are spent wrangling 6 children and a super hot husband
Markie is amazed at my ability to always finds the best quilts at the thrift shop
I try to be witty and quick on my feet, and I love a good dad joke

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 26 (Jennifer Vandeventer, Elements NW Events & Weddings)

Bio - Elements NW Events & Weddings, LLC is an award-winning event production and wedding planning company owned and managed by Jennifer Vandeventer in the South Puget Sound area. It was voted Couple’s Choice by Wedding Wire from 2014-2018 and placed second in King 5’s Best of Western Washington competition. Elements NW Events & Weddings, LLC specializes in business events, community events, fundraisers, social events, and personalized weddings.

Meet the Owner

Jennifer Vandeventer ~ Founder. Principle Planner. Creative Strategist.

Areas of Expertise: Event Production, Styling, Visual Presentation, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Team Building & Management

Jennifer created the company with a strong commitment to ethical practices, fair pricing and strong desire to help people do more for less while achieving event success. Years later those values are still at the core of the company. With a background in marketing and advertising, it’s no surprise that Jennifer found her calling in creating an event planning company. Her career path provided her with the opportunity to work within multiple industries and learn a new level of event production. Jennifer’s skills and talent are only rivaled by the praise from her clients, which is evident by their testimonials. Jennifer has coordinated numerous events over the past 25 years. She has been through the planning process of events and weddings countless times, giving her experience that’s greatly valued when helping office staff plan events and brides-to-be plan their big day.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 27 (Juliet Horton, Everly)

Bio - Inspired by a love of glamorous parties and an obsession with efficiency, Juliet founded Everly to make wedding planning substantially easier so couples could get back to the rest of their lives. She believes every couple can have an amazing wedding without having to dedicate their lives to planning it.

Prior to founding Everly, Juliet spent years in the banking industry, where she developed a love for Excel and meticulous attention to detail, and in the tech industry, to which she attributes her enthusiasm for the customer experience.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She lives in Seattle.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 28 (Reneille Velez, Cake & Lace Events)

Bio - Hi, I'm Reneille and I'm your future best friend - oops, I mean, event planner! As passionate as I am about event planning, I'm even more passionate around making sure your day is nothing short of perfection. I am a full service event planner and designer, allowing my creativity and experience with modern communication and technology to deliver the most seamless planning experience to our clients. As I am available for service all over Washington and destination events, I'm also very flexible and easy to reach.

With an iPhone and tablet glued to my hip, I can promise nothing less than ultra-fast response time paired with an eye for elegant execution. My background of 11+ years specializes in sales, project management and event planning for large corporations in multiple industries. I am used to a fast paced environment, organizing vendors/contracts and providing the best customer experience in the market.

Let me run around in heels planning your big day - you go get married!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 29 (Lessie McFarlane, Lessie Blue Photography)

Bio - They say, if you love your work, you don’t work a day! This is because you find passion in what you do, and then it becomes your bread and butter! That statement couldn't be more truer for me… My goal is to photograph stories of love that reflect real, deep, and intimate moments. Real love truly inspires me. It moves me and allows me to dig deep into my soul to capture all the love that transpires throughout your wedding day. 

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 30 (Jaeda Reed, Jaeda Reed Photography)

Bio - At my heart I'm a creator, and have always felt a strong pull from artistic vocations. I graduated in 2013 from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting and have found that my background in the traditional arts lends a unique artistry to my photographic work. My goal is to help you capture your moments as more than just memories, but as beautiful works of art.

I currently live in Pierce County with a wonderful fiancé, two Corgis, five fish, and one tortoise.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 31 (Jamie Buckley, Jamie Buckley Photography)

Bio - I am Jamie, originally from Glasgow, Scotland I currently reside in Seattle, Washington with my husband and our pitbull, Loki. I've lived in Seattle for three years now and there's no place in the world I'd rather be. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and a gorgeous city skyline, I'm constantly inspired to create beautiful images.

I picked up my first "real" camera over a decade ago in the summer of 2007. I had birthday money that needed to be spent and my husband suggested I buy a camera. I'd always been creative but I'd never considered photography before that moment. Needless to say, my life changed forever the day I purchased my Canon Powershot S3.

Over the next few years I took ALL THE PHOTOS, then someone said I should try shooting people. Finally in 2014, I took the plunge and I haven't looked back since.

Four years later and I am more in love with photography than ever. It's such a delight to capture precious moments for people day in, day out. There's honestly nothing I'd rather be doing in life.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 32 (Lori Losee, Elegant Affairs)

Bio - Elegant Affairs was launched in 2005 by Lori Losee.  Lori realized her love for event planning at a young age.  This love was further solidified when she became a member of the Alpha Phi sorority at Washington State University.  It was that time that Lori was able to get her feet wet by planning charity and social events. Lori graduated from WSU with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. She worked in the newspaper world for four years before she began her new career in event planning.

It was after planning her own wedding to her college sweetheart in 2003, she realized that her heart was really in the wedding industry and Elegant Affairs was born. Her family has expanded to include her sons Grant and Jackson.

Lori brings a unique mix of business savvy and creative vision that has consistently translated to flawless, stylish and memorable events.  Her passion for weddings, attention to detail, and all around people skills, makes her the perfect addition to any couple's planning experience!

Fun Facts about me:
~I am the 1988 Hula Hoop Champion at the Puyallup Fair
~I love Disneyland, like almost an unhealthy obsession! I have never been to Disneyworld though.
~I have never had a sip of coffee (and yes I know I live in Starbucks home country)

Why do I love Weddings?
What don't I love about weddings? I still remember the first wedding I went to as a child and saw just how much fun they are. Then planning my own wedding to now help over 200 couples plan their big day makes me giddy. I am such a wedding nerd its not even funny. I love seeing my couples come together as one and join their families and friends and have a great party to celebrate.

Favorite Part of Wedding Planning?
Really getting to know my couples and growing our relationship even beyond wedding day and calling them my friends. I have been to countless baby showers and birthday parties and even Girls' Nights. Truly I have been blessed with the most amazing couples over the past 12 years.

Favorite Part of Wedding Day?
It has to be when I reveal the "reception" room to my couple for the first time, just them two. I love seeing all of the emotion when everything has come together. Lots of tears, smiles, laughter, thank yous and hugs. It just reminds me just how much I love my job.

Favorite Part of My Own Wedding Day?
Oh there were so many. One that really stands out is before I walked down the aisle, I got to talk to my grandfather who couldn't travel from Eastern Washington to my wedding and he told me good luck and that he loved me (and coming from this man he never shared his feelings so this was huge) and that was the first tear I shed that beautiful yet extremely hot June day.

What song did you walk down the aisle to?
I walked down to Canon in D. I learned how to play this song on the piano when I was younger and always knew I would walk down the aisle to this song. For my wedding there were four songs that I need to have at my wedding. The other three were All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera and Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof (this song was always sung at my parents wedding) and Ave Maria.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 33 (Chris Beck, Chinook Photography)

Originally from Alaska Chris is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Rockies.  In 2014 Chris' photos made Cosmopolitans list of top 14 Wedding Photographers in the World.  Chris runs 2 photography studios, one in Seattle, Washington and the other from Bragg Creek, Alberta. 

Chris' style has been described as "landscape infused".  Blending the best of the natural surroundings and thriving in any conditions, Chris' goal is to deliver jaw dropping images to clients to cherish for a lifetime.  

Chris is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America, and Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada. When not taking photos for clients you can find Chris traveling teaching photography.  Chris has taught photography classes to other photographers as a guide through Alaskan Photography Tours and Canon USA.  

When not traveling shooting weddings or teaching other photographers you can find him in the backcountry photographing wildlife in the Canadian Rockies and Alaska.  Chris lives in Bragg Creek, Alberta with his wife and 2 dogs.  

Chris' work has been published in numerous publications to include Backpacker Magazine, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Seattle Bride and Groom, Alaska Bride and Groom, The Knot, UK Daily, Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan.  

In 2014 Chris' photos made Cosmopolitans list of top 14 Wedding Photographers in the World.  

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 34 (Jen Lagers, Jen Lagers Makeup, Hair, Styling)

Bio - Jen is a luxury licensed, Seattle makeup and hair artist, recognized for illuminating her client’s natural beauty for over 12 years. She takes pride in enhancing her client’s best features while creating a look that is tailored to their personality, lifestyle, and vision. Featured in print, television, and even the stages of fashion runway shows, Jen’s work has been celebrated globally.

She specializes in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, editorial, commercial, film and video production, celebrity, runway, and wedding makeup artistry. Jen is also available for red carpet, special events, and makeup lessons.

On her down time, Jen loves to enjoy the Seattle outdoors by kayaking or hiking with her family and their two-year old lab, Griffey. Jen loves the opportunity to travel around the world and considers France her second home.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 35 (Jessica Heriot, Jessica Heriot Photography)

Bio - HI THERE. I’M JESSICA…but most of my friends call me Jes. When I meet you, I’m probably going to give you a hug. I can’t help it, I’m a hugger. I’m seriously addicted to coffee and sparkling water. I could also probably eat chips and guacamole for lunch everyday because… guacamole. I love exploring the outdoors, as I am and always will be a PNW girl at heart.

What you may want to know about the photographer part of me… I’m a girl that loves to capture moments. All the silly, playful, intimate and REAL moments that make you YOU. I’d love to hear about your photo inquiry.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 36 (Katrina Allen, Love Booms Wedding and Event Design)

Bio - Love Blooms offers the convenience of many vendors within one company. We can virtually do it all. We offer event design, full service coordination, wedding planning, custom floral to fit your budget and theme, chalkboard art, décor rentals and full installation set up and teardown. Our goal is help you achieve your every wedding dream while making the planning process stress free. You can chose to hire us for all or just one! Whatever your need we are here to help! 

We care about quality customer service and work with every client to ensure their dream becomes reality. Love Blooms is based in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area and thrives on attention to detail and creativity. We provide quality services for a fraction of the cost.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 37 (Markie Jones, Markie Jones Photography)

Bio - Hi there brides! I'm Markie and I'm guessing you're here because you're looking for a Tacoma, Olympia or Seattle Wedding photographer! If you're a little on the off beat side, or just love to wear your Uggs year round (no judgement here!) you're in the right place! My work has been seen on Offbeat Bride, Zola, Aisle Memories and Pretty Pear Bride! While I'm a PNW girl at heart, I love being able to travel and no distance is too far! 

I'm blessed to be able to do what I love, and I love what I do! Planning a wedding is stressful and every bride needs a confidant and to be able to have someone to reach out to each step of the way. 

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 38 ("Melvin", Melvin's DJ Service)

Bio - I'm a high energy, professional, experienced wedding DJ and MC. I'm great at reading the mood of a room, and getting the crowd going. I have a long history in music and a degree in radio broadcasting. Do what you love, love what you do.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 39 (Dawn Boynton, Seattle Bride Hair)

Bio - Dawn Boynton started her career in her parents living room at the sweet young age of 5 years old! Braiding her mom’s hair and cutting her barbies, she ALWAYS knew what she wanted to do. She started Beauty School at 16 and graduated at 17.

She loves being apart of a wedding. Loves the fact that the bride sees HER right before she see the man she is about to marry… So she takes her job so very serious. She gives her all to listen and execute the perfect look for each bride. Each bride is different, each wedding is different and each day is different. This is what keeps Dawn passionate about her love for her “job”.  Dawn feels that hair and makeup is THE most important part of a wedding.  It is what enhances each brides natural beauty, something that radiates from the inside coming out. What a perfect day to unleash this… !

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 40 (Vivien Marsh, Letterology)

Bio - Hey there, I'm Vivien. Probably one of the funniest things is that I'm a scientist by day who follows strict protocols, but during my free time paint is splattered everywhere, ink stains somehow magically end up on my face, and I just let my creativity flow through my brushes and pens. I love hand-lettering and soft, delicate, romantic details. Basically all things pretty! I'm always improving my techniques and styles. I love seeing my art and creations come together and being enjoyed by others. Other than hand-lettering, I love to cook, hike, snuggle up on the couch with a good book, and attempt hairbrush karaoke. Follow me on Instagram: letterologypdx

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 41 (Candi Lirette, Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist)

Bio - For Candi, it’s not just about doing hair. It’s about whom she works with, for and whom she’s around. Ola is her happy place because she truly loves what she does. Candi is passionate about the creative process, which she is fond of bringing into Ola. Whether its painting the iconic leopard wall, designing an Ola t-shirt or organizing events through the salon, she’s an integral part of the Ola team. Graduating from Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, she came to Ola to complete her advanced training; she recently completed the Susie Powers balayage training. Offering haircuts and color, her specialties are in men’s cuts, special occasion hair & makeup. Her favorite things to do in the salon are big changes, makeovers and taking before and after photos. Candi wants her clients to know that she will really listen. She’s here to make your hair easy for you, not just at Ola, but at home too. Candi is available Tuesday through Saturday at Ola West Seattle.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 42 (Matt Clements Jr., Best Made Videos®)

Bio - Matt Clements Jr. was born overseas and raised in Spokane, WA and later Seattle. Currently, Matt is finishing up work on a short film in Los Angeles, but can’t wait to get back up to the Pacific Northwest to help capture your most memorable wedding day.

When he was in 7th grade, he once turned in a video project in place of a written essay for extra credit. That video was shot on the family camcorder and inventively “edited” together using a VHS recorder he also used to save his favorite cartoons.

Matt studied film at Central Washington University and has been shooting and editing for over six years. He’s received awards for writing, directing and editing on a handful of short films. Matt hopes to edit several feature length films to be screened in a theater or streamed to a tv near you.

When he is not shooting and editing videos, Matt plays video games with his equally nerdy other half, Katie. The two of them stream their play sessions online for a small audience of like minded geeky kin.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 43 (McKenzie Wilson, Fun Frames Photo Booth)

Bio - I am a passionate business woman dedicated to creating community through the shared experience of a photo booth. With my crew, we do this by designing and creating personalized photo booths for events, whether it be for individuals and companies. We are supporters of the global photo booth/photography community, obsessed with simplicity and practicality, and are inspired by the people we get to interact with.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 44 (Rion McConnehey, My Perfect Bartender)

Bio - My Perfect Bartender is the perfect complement to almost any event gathering that wants to provide drinks no matter how large or how small! 

I am a fully licensed and insured hard working bartender that takes great care of my couples and I make sure to save you as much money as possible. I'll tell you exactly how much alcohol is needed for your big day so you aren't overbuying. I have all of my own equipment from portable bars to keg accessories to garnish trays which are included in my base package! So you don't have to worry about rentals or delivery fees!

I offer competitive pricing and work hard to ensure that bartending is something you do not have to worry about on your special day. I'll make sure the whole night that my couples are taken care of and a drink is always in hand. Dads and grooms usually become my best friend by the end of the night!

My services also include complete set up and clean up in my base package. Contact me to learn more about the services I offer. 

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 45 (Rosalynn and Ernestine, My Perfect Wedding Assistant)

Bio - When planning your wedding, you spend countless hours on the details, decisions, and every meaningful touch. After so much intention and effort, the question becomes, “who will make sure everything goes according to plan? 

At My Perfect Wedding Assistant aka the Bride's B*tch we specialize in month of coordination services! Our team works our their butts off to make our client's day extraordinarily special and we truly enjoy every single minute of it. Weddings are not our job, they are our passion! 

We are your Go-to Gals & Guys, Question-Answerers, Crisis-Solvers, Tie-Breakers, Decision-Makers & Shoulders to cry on! We will make sure the operations of your big day are as smooth as a baby's bottom! 

We work hard to make sure our couples and their families can truly be guests at the wedding. You tell us your vision and we make it happen!

We understand the stress that couples are under during the wedding planning process and our mission is to eliminate as much as we can! Rather than focusing on every little detail of your wedding, we want you to focus on enjoying every moment of every little detail!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 46 (Melodi Ramquist, 1000 Stories Events)

Bio - You know how most stories end with “happily ever after”? For a lot of people, their wedding day commemorates the beginning of their happily ever after. And like any great story, your big day is going to lead to 1000 other stories. Or more. Who’s counting?

I invite you to tell me your story, and together we can write your new beginning. Enjoy the party as your vision comes to life while I expertly handle the logistics, overseeing the vendors, assisting your guests, and keeping the event running on time.

You have a budget. GREAT! Some people think that hiring a Professional Planner is a luxury, when, in actuality, a planner can save you time, the worry of making mistakes, and get you more value for your money!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 47 (Phebe Rossi, Nuflours)

Bio - Phebe Rossi founded Nuflours with the simple philosophy that everyone deserves delicious, satisfying gluten free pastries, breads, and cakes. She began the business in 2011, baking out of a rented commercial kitchen space in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, and selling products at area farmers’ markets and coffee shops.

Nuflours currently serves the Seattle area with a single location in Capitol Hill, and provides pastries and breads wholesale throughout the region.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 48 (Aly and Krishna, Glitch Films)

Bio - Relive the magic, not just the moments.

We're Aly and Krishna, and we want to help you remember the greatest parts of your day.

We capture the cheers, tears, and dance moves of those you love, allowing you to relive your wedding day story months and years later.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 49 (Mark Schaefer, Mark Schaefer Magic)

Bio - Mark’s mission is to provide a clean, interactive magic experience that will make guests feel like the magic actually “happened to them” as opposed to merely being part of the audience. He really engages with the audience, forming a personal connection.  This tends to get them to engage right back and deepen their appreciation for his performance. His most common feedback is that people come back over and over to see “him” and not just his magic effects.

Mark began his magic career in Phoenix in the mid 90’s, He was able to hone his craft as a stage magician before moving on to sleight of hand and close-up magic. He has been fascinated with this art ever since he was 13 years old which is widely considered the purest form of magic.

Mark now provides a world-class close-up magic, incorporating card and coin effects, everyday objects, and mentalism into his act.

Mark became interested in magic when a family member showed him a trick at just 13 years old. Upon seeing that trick, Mark began to find ways to raise money to go to the local magic shop and further his knowledge.  Mark then expanded his love for magic when meeting his mentor, Rene.

Rene began to help Mark build a stage act which included a dove act, illusions and more.  This act to allowed Mark to perform in various venues across the Southwest including large performances in Las Vegas.  During this time Mark continued to hone his close-up act that developed into his specialty today.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 51 (Marilee Kimball, 321 FOTO)

Bio - The Ultra Luxe model was designed to satisfy classic photo booth aficionados. Lovers of vintage, you know why these old school booths are so coveted and regarded. There is something special about the space behind the curtain. Perfect for individuals, couples, and groups fit into this booth! Prints are classic photo booth strips, in black & white or color.

The Studio is a modern photo set, with an open backdrop rather than enclosed curtains. As a spotlighted scene in a space, we needed better designs than were available so we had them custom made. We curated an exclusive collection of backdrops, working with local & international artists.  Studio features lightning fast prints, custom interfaces, filters, and tons of flexible features.

Our designs are fixated on luxury boutique events, and have blossomed into something way more inclusive than we had imagined. People decidedly love our service. Our flexible booths allow us to service intimate gatherings to large scale events. 321 Foto has been activating spaces throughout the Pacific Northwest with almost a decade of photo booth experience. We are artists and designers. Let’s get creative. Conceptual. Custom. Fun. It’s what we do. Seriously, since 2008.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 52 (Simon Mendiola, Brooks Range Photography)

Bio - Simon and Chris met at a wedding show in Seattle a few years ago.  As professional wedding photographers Simon and Chris decided to merge and form Brooks Range Photography.  We often describe our work as landscape infused wedding photography.  As professional photographers you can see our work in Cosmopolitan, Alaska Bride and Groom, Huffington Post, The Knot and many more.  

We love creating wedding images we know will hang on your wall for years to come.  Our goal is to provide you with so many images you have a hard time choosing just one to hang on your mantle.  Our ideal client is someone that values photography, and is perhaps a photographer at heart themselves.  Our photos are originals. We use traditional methods that produce the most sharp, vivid and colorful images making them a timeless work of art.  

When not shooting weddings you can find Simon out in public as the worlds #1 Seattle Seahawks fan.  Simon also has been lucky enough to photograph some of Seattle's hottest up and coming bands.  Simon resides in Seattle.  

Chris' photography passion is wildlife and landscape photography.  He has several photos sold in galleries in Juneau and Anchorage Alaska.  When not photographing brides you can find him in the backcountry of Alaska, Washington and his new home near Banff National Park in Alberta Canada with his wife.  You can visit his Canadian site at

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 53 (Michael Joers, Ben Bridge)

Bio - The American Gem Society (AGS) was founded in 1934 by a small group of leading jewelers. Their goal was to create an organization that could help protect the jewelry-buying public from fraud and false advertising. Today, we’re proud to say their vision has become a reality.

Approximately 3,400 jewelers, retailers, suppliers, individual titleholders and affiliates have joined the American Gem Society and have dedicated themselves to consumer protection, ethical business practices, and development and maintenance of superior gemological skills and knowledge.

Only one in twenty jewelers have met the exacting requirements necessary for membership. To join the AGS, every member must go through a peer-reviewed application process followed by an annual recertification exam. This process ensures that every AGS member you meet is at the top of their game, and more importantly, each one has pledged to protect you, the consumer.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 54 (Danny Goldfarb, waSOUND)

Bio - Our philosophy - Your wedding should express your personalities and special relationship. By playing your favorite music and customizing the evening's events, we help your wedding reflect you. We also value your friends and family. As MC for your event, we announce activities to smooth transitions and ensure no one misses you cut the cake or that special first dance.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 55 (Karmel Ackerman, The Barn at Holly Farm)

Bio - Weddings, as you wed at The Barn at Holly Farm, you will have a choice of many locations around the property to say your “I Dos” – from intimate to grand.

From a rustic Farm Yard with chickens, goats and alpacas to the intimate Memory Making Maple Tree or our grand upper barn and our Tall Trees Farm Field. You can truly customize your experience.

Whatever location you choose, you cannot go wrong.  If you need help, we can provide assistance to guide you through the process to ensure that your wedding fulfills your dreams.

Celebrations, whether your celebration is a themed dinner, shower, birthday, baptism, quinceañera, hoedown, reunion or anniversary, it is limited only by your imagination.

You can do it all with your team or our staff can assist to whatever degree you prefer.  Of course we will always provide an event host for all of our guests events.  We can bring in a band for a rock n roll bash, our dance instructor for a private dance or group line instruction or host a team of knights for a medieval feast.  It’s your choice – it’s your night.

You may want to add to our rustic barn to reflect your personal style or head in a different direction to create a luxurious chiffon and lace event.

Corporate Events, tired of the same old offsite venue?  The Barn at Holly Farm is the perfect venue to host your team-building events, award ceremony, dinner party, themed event or gala.

At Holly Farm you will be delighted to find a wonderful rural farm experience right here, On the Edge of Urban.

Our venue is available for your team building events, award ceremonies, wine and beer tasting events, dinner parties, themed event, gala or even your entire company picnic for employees and their families. Inquire about our Medieval and Shipwreck themes for your whole property picnics!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 56 (Rebecca, Kate and Ashley, Salty's on Alki)

Bio - As a local critic said, Salty’s is “One of the world’s great view restaurants.” Salty’s Waterfront Seafood Grills in Seattle is truly in a class by itself. We bend over backwards to please you with our award-winning fresh Northwest seafood cuisine and attentive friendly service. Salty’s, with sweeping views of Elliott Bay and the Seattle city skyline, is like no other restaurant in Seattle. Whether enjoying live Dungeness crab and Maine lobster (swimming in our lobby) to our world-famous Alaskan salmon and halibut in season, oysters and clams from Northwest beaches, steak, pasta, chicken or luncheon salads and sandwiches, you will find many choices on our menus to please the most discriminating palate. To complement your meal, order wine from an extensive list of outstanding Northwest and world-class selections. Our award-winning Sunday Brunch — on Saturdays, too — is like none you’ve ever seen elsewhere.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 57 (Jelena Krzeszowski, JBK Weddings and Events)

Bio - My very Serbian family was big on traditional names and as a result I was blessed with a name that most struggle to pronounce. When I was dreaming about starting my business I knew I had to be identified by my initials to make it easier for everyone and thus JBK Weddings & Events was born. 

I did my first wedding when I was 15 years old.  A family acquaintance came here from Bosnia during the war and wanted to marry the love of her life.  They didn't have much money at the time so my mother offered our home to host their wedding.  I immediately jumped to do the decor and all of the planning. Not even knowing anything about cake decorating, I took it upon myself to make their wedding cake from scratch. I simply wanted every detail of their wedding to be perfect. On the day of the wedding, the couple came in and saw everything I had done and the overjoyed look on their faces is what made me realize that I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

Here I am two decades later; running my own wedding and event planning business.   I love what I do because it gives me the chance to be creative and the opportunity to make people happy. I always think of the couple from my first wedding.  The look of joy they gave me is what I look for in every couple I work with and at every event I plan. All of my clients are unique and have different wants, needs and a variety of budgets.  Each day at the "office" is always different, and I thrive on the challenge to make every event a dream come true for my clients.  I invite you to meet with me and tell me about the fairy-tale you envision, I will do everything I can to make it happen. 

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 58 (Gabrielle Dowding, Black Swan Events)

Bio - When you think of your wedding, what do you see? Do you picture a candlelit ballroom, glamorous and opulent? Perhaps you envision an heirloom garden in full bloom, or a vineyard lush in the autumn harvest. Beachside or fireside, in a cathedral or in your own back yard, your wedding day should reflect your style, your romance, and your traditions. Every couple has a story. Helping clients define that vision, then translating it into a unique celebration infused with their personality is what Black Swan does. Director Gabrielle Dowding works personally with every couple on each step of planning and production. She will help you select the perfect site, incorporate meaningful details, and customize an award winning Dream Team of professionals so you, your family and your friends will be free to relax and enjoy your wedding. We invite you to bring your vision, skills, talents, and passion to the table. Together we will create an event that celebrates your story. Let’s create something brilliant! Congratulations on love well found!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 59 (Amanda and Steven Lloyd, Lloyd Photographers)

Bio - We are so glad you're here! We remember what it was like on our wedding day. We remember how it felt to be in front of the camera. We weren't sure what to expect. But we were in love, getting married & we wanted beautiful photos! These photos will tell your love story. They're the thing that you'll have forever to remember your wedding day! We're a husband and wife photography team and your experience is incredibly important to us.

Meet Amanda - I'm a dreamer. I grew up with a huge love for photography, people, and interior design (Joanna Gaines is my Spirit Animal). My grandfather taught me about photography back before I could barely understand it all and for that I will always be forever grateful. Being a "mom boss" means getting Maddux, 5, to school, then checking emails and snuggling our sweet baby, Avery, while editing, blogging and everything in-between! I love adventure, travel and a good challenge. Shooting over 300 weddings in 8 seasons has taught me so much about culture, family and travel. Weddings have taken us to Italy, Hawaii, Mexico and California, and of course the beautiful PNW.

I've been head over heels for Steven since I was a Senior in high school and last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary! I am huge on communication, and am always there for you for guidance through the entire process of the wedding- more than just for photos. I truly care about what is most important to you.  I remember what it was like to be a bride, and I want the day to be an incredible experience for you!

To my brides to be! When I think about our style of photography, I describe it as story telling. My favorite part of being a husband + wife team is that Steven and I are able to split up during certain times of the day, so that I can focus on the Bride and Steven the Groom! At the beginning of the day, I'm right there with you and the girls. From photographing your details & the final stages of getting ready, to the reactions on everyone's faces when you're all ready, the pretty details that you spent so much time planning (hello, Pinterest!), to the Grooms' reaction when he sees you for the first time on your wedding day. I love the candid moments.

The photos of the guests and friends you haven't seen in years, them cutting a rug on the dance floor, the moments you didn't know happened until you get your photos back, and everything in between. The complete experience is more important to us than anything. Steven and I become friends to our couples, not just the person documenting their story, but people who care deeply about making it an incredible experience for you, the love of of your life and your family and friends.

Meet Steven - I joined Amanda full time 4 seasons ago after 12 years in the service. It was an incredible journey helping the business grow from behind the scenes all these years, but it was finally time to retire the Army uniform and join the business full time! It's been quite the adventure and I've never looked back. For me, being able to devote my time to my family and the growth of our business has been so rewarding. Outside of wedding season you'll find me planning a camping trip, getting out on the boat or finding a new hike! I love a good IPA and am a devoted 12! When Amanda and I got married I was the typical groom-

I was nervous about having my photo taken and at first wasn't overjoyed about the experience. I take extra pride in making the experience for our couples the complete opposite of that. A fun, light-hearted memorable experience (in a good way!) On our blog,  Amanda writes our wedding day blog posts, while I've been putting together the Groom's Guide to Wedding Day over on the blog, so definitely be sure to check that out! 

By now we're sure you're realizing that the planning process can be slightly overwhelming. A husband and wife team has so many benefits, but a huge one is that I'm able to put my focus on the Groom! I'm there with a positive and fun attitude, there to document the candids of the Groom with his Groomsmen. From before he sees his bride, to the shoes, cufflinks, pocket watch, to the final moments of getting ready, & the anticipation of seeing your beautiful bride for the first time on wedding day.

Alongside Amanda, I focus on additional perspectives, candids & those moments you aren't even aware I'm shooting until you look through your final gallery! The Grooms story unravels just as importantly as the brides and it's my focus to document this perspective. 

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 60 (Kellie Blair, Historic 1625)

Bio - Celebrations are meant to be special. Our unique and elegant venue is a special place for your celebratory event. Historic 1625 is the perfect backdrop for the event of your dreams! With over 6,000 square feet of natural slate floors, warm brick walls, and a stunning exposed beam ceiling, Historic 1625 sets the stage for an elegant day you will never forget. Our award-winning venue is thoughtfully laid out to meet your every need. Every rental comes with: two elegantly appointed and spacious changing suites, adjustable lighting to set the atmosphere, climate control for the comfort of your guests, automated blinds on our picture windows for privacy, ample free parking on-site, ability to purchase own alcohol with no corkage fees, recently remodeled handicap accessible bathrooms, and an expansive catering area.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 61 (Janis Flagg, Greatest of Days)

Bio - Who We Are & What We "Do" Best

Greatest of Days specializes in creating a unique team of vendors after listening intently to what you envision for planning your event. Our goal is to make connections for you with vendors that fit your personality, style and budget. You won't get a generic preferred vendor list! You will get access to a variety of potential vendors who we suggest based upon your vision. We aim to match ideal vendors and ideal clients. As a result, a winning team on your side and happy guests! A gift to your guests who will pass the word about a wonderful event that has your name written all over it!

Our goal is to have the same positive outcome from Celebration of Life events. We strive to create an event that will concentrate on your loved one's greatest of days to reflect their personality and everything that made them who they were. All emotions are accepted and we believe that there is no correct way or length of time to grieve. We provide a loving and open environment with complimentary consultations to make our clients feel comfortable in pouring out what ever is on their hearts.

We've been in business since 2007 and have planned many weddings, anniversary celebrations, family reunions, milestone birthdays, and even celebration of life events for years before that. It was the type of thing where friends and family would automatically look in my direction when an event needed to be planned.

At a wedding I helped coordinate and design in 2007, a few guests asked if I did wedding coordinating for a living, and that's when I realized it was time to make that dream come true.

We dove into researching everything we could before coordinating events professionally. The rest is history! Because we love what we do, we have added more business event components and offerings, Celebration of Life events and educational services.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 62 (Stephen Morton, DJ Stephen the Stylist)

Bio - “The Life of the Party”

Always down to have a good time! With 20 years of experience in entertainment DJ/MC Stephen has done it all. From lead singer in a band, stand up comic, karaoke jockey, sports announcer, motivational speaker, auctioneer, there is no limit once the mic is in his hands. His love of music and people allow you to sit back and enjoy while Stephen takes charge

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 63 (Jessica Burnett, Seven of Hearts Photography)

Bio - I’m often asked why I chose Seven of Hearts as my brand name. It’s because it’s was my grandparents brand for their farm. This was my way of honoring my family and carrying the brand on without starting a farm. The farm life just isn’t for me.

I’m goofy and fun loving. I’m bouncy and energetic. I have found that my personality will directly impact how comfortable my clients are. You stop worrying about how weird you look when you’re more focused on how goofy I am! Not to mention, the genuine smiles and laughter I then get to capture!  Trust me, I have goofy mastered.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 64 (Kayla Heffner, Seatown Sweets)

Bio - My love for baking began at a very young age when I would bake with my grandmother at Christmas making frosted sugar cookies. Time spent baking are some of my earliest memories. As I got older I learned how to bake on my own with cake mixes and I also had fun playing with melting chocolate and molds. I would also make little goody bags for my friends in school for holidays and enjoyed giving them more than receiving them. 

I studied Communications and Advertising at Washington State University but it wasn't until I got my first apartment and KitchenAid mixer, that I rediscovered my passion for baking. During this time, a website called Pinterest was invented, so the possibilities were endless. Some of my favorite recipes I still use today are from Pinterest. 

For several years, I would taking local baking classes, test recipes and blog about them. Through this process, I discovered my craft for buttercream and learned that custom made desserts are hard to come by. That is where the idea for Seatown Sweets came into fruition.  

Nothing makes me happier than baking smiles for people and sharing my desserts. That is where I get the true joy out of my business. I hope you enjoy my website and I look forward to baking for you soon. 

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 65 (John Kiepke, J Kiepke Photography)

Bio - I believe that every couple deserves the right photographer for their wedding day. My passion as a wedding photographer is about creating beautiful memories of your journey. The ability to capture the raw emotion exuded between two people who are madly in love is why I love what I do.

My goal is to capture that raw emotion and tell the story of your wedding day with it.

There are so many once-in-a-lifetime moments in every wedding. These are the photos I strive to capture for you. This is what makes me my happiest: capturing unique memories for clients that I end up calling my friends.

Because above all, I want to create a genuine relationship with all my couples. It's very important to me to get to know you before your wedding day.  To me, being your photographer isn't just one day of taking pictures - it’s often a year-long friendship that lasts well past your wedding itself.

To tell you a little about myself, I grew up on the Oregon coast, so it’s a very special place to me.  I love the Pacific Northwest and all the beautiful things we are blessed with here. In my free time I love to go on hikes or walks with my dog Max. When the weather is bad and I still wanna bust a move, I head to my favorite roller rink at Oaks Park and go roller skating.  I also love to cook, and seafood is my favorite!

If you feel like my work and personality speaks to you, please feel free to reach out to me! I would love to hear more about you and your story.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 66 (Peter Wright, Wright Weddings)

Bio - What would it mean to you if your Wedding Celebration could be as unique as you are?

What if all your closest friends and family could experience love & connection, joy & laughter (ok, possibly some weeping too) and everyone around you wishing this night could last forever... it CAN be that way!

Join me and together we can rule the galax--no wait, that's not right... Join me and together we will create a once in a lifetime Wedding Experience custom tailored JUST FOR YOU!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 67 (Kyle Lawrence, Spectrum Events)

Bio - Spectrum Events Services Seattle is a licensed mobile bar and event staffing/planning company. We’ve been serving our customers for over 5 years working at weddings, events and corporate functions in the Seattle area and beyond. Customer service is our #1 priority when working for you and your guests!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 68 (Mikaela Carnes, Sugar & Spice Events)

Bio - Sugar & Spice is a Seattle-based event management company rooted in the amazing spaces of the Pacific Northwest. I started Sugar & Spice after 10 years in the catering and event management business, and at this point managing even complex events is second nature to me. I'm adaptable and creative, but I'm also killer with spreadsheets and lists and keeping logistics in order.

I love to play host and find great satisfaction in bringing together details to make every event memorable. Whether it be an intimate gathering, elaborate wedding, or fun-loving company picnic, my team thrives on events that flow successfully and look AMAZING. 

My goal for each and every event is to manage the details so that the true hosts can enjoy every element of their event. 

Outside of Sugar & Spice I have managed venues, lead catering teams, dressed the self-conscious, crossed the Pacific on a slow boat to San Pedro, and broadened my horizons.

I'd love to meet you and talk about your event, and how the Sugar & Spice team might be able to assist. Your special day is our everyday ... let us absorb some of the stress! 

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 69 (Irene Jones, IJ Photo)

Bio - My own story is nothing special. Like so many people I grew up in middle class America, went to college, and I spend way too much time watching TV and movies.

For me, my obsession with movies and my passion for photography come from the same place. I have been known to use photography metaphors in everyday conversation and I often categorize the chapters of my life into theatrical genres. Here’s a few examples:

My “coming of age story” begins Christmas morning 1990. That was the year I received my first camera. Because there were no interchangeable lenses, there was no need to worry about f-stops or shutter speeds. The film was 12mm wide and everything I photographed was out of focus. That camera has long since been retired, but my love of light and composition is unwavering. Today I have been shooting professionally for over a decade and it never gets old. Each time I look through my viewfinder there is always a new story to tell.

My “romantic comedy years” began when I met my husband Caleb. We were high school seniors who both worked at the local movie theater; he sold tickets and I served popcorn. I did everything I could think of to get him to notice me. I came in on my days off, spent my breaks sitting on the floor of the box office, and once I even put a garbage can on my head. Despite all of my goofy antics he agreed to go out with me and just a few years later it was his turn to go out on a limb (sort-of-speak) and he proposed.

The next decade was our “buddy comedy years”. Caleb worked his way through school while I started a portrait studio and gave birth to three kids. Life was busy, complicated, and stressful. Yet we always had each other and we had a lot of laughs.

December 2011 could only be categorized as a “drama”. I was hospitalized after a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding nearly killed me. The months that followed changed everything. I found myself confronted with the hard reality that my busy lifestyle was physically damaging my body, and putting strain on my family in ways I hadn’t realized. After a lot of soul searching and prayer I closed my portrait studio (Irene Jones Seattle Photography) and began focusing on what really mattered. Like all the best dramatic movies, my story has a moral lesson. I learned that I am not defined by what I do for work. I am defined by how my work helps others.

Which brings us to present day. I am healthy again; which is a blessing I didn’t expect. With my new found perspective, a more balanced lifestyle, and a desire to help those in need, I am embarking on what I hope to later refer to as my “bio-pic” years. With camera in hand and my family at my side I’m ready for what the future holds.

If you’d like to learn more about working with me please visit my blog now to find out all about the charities I work with and how your investment in family portraiture can bless the lives of others worldwide.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 70 (Mike Tabolsky, Mike Tabolsky Photography)

Bio - Hello! My name is Mike and I'm least, my wife tells me so. Having recently moved to the Seattle area, I look forward to new adventures with new clients. For over 20 years Los Angeles was my canvas, capturing everyday moments and stealing hundreds of smiles through events, headshots, family photos, engagement session and weddings. I've had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people and their families while capturing their special moments and being an important part of their life milestones. I hold each client close to my heart and look forward to the same experiences in the Pacific Northwest. 

I am available for booking all types of events and portrait sessions, and wedding photography has been my main focus for several years. Wedding photography is a significant part of my professional portfolio, and it allows me to explore my passion for capturing that special moment through creativity and my love of people. When working with a couple, my priority is to listen and to understand their needs and expectations. This is their special day and the moments they will remember forever. Being able to capture these memories is an honor and a privilege. 

I look forward to working with you, your memories and capturing YOUR life milestones!

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 71 (Rebecca Peters, Reb Peters Press)

Bio - Reb Peters Press is run by Rebecca Peters whose background is in fine art and printmaking. She earned her degree at the San Francisco Art Institute in printmaking in 2000 and then started working as an intaglio printer, helping to edition works of art for a handful of fine artists. 

She opened Reb Peters Press in 2009 with one 10x15 Chandler and Price press in Oakland before moving to Portland. She absolutely loves designing, printing, and working with a variety of people.

When not in the print shop, she's rock climbing, reading, swing dancing, playing with plants, and goofing off. She is also one of those rare people who likes dogs and cats equally (don’t tell her cats).

Write us to make an appointment if you'd like to stop by and visit the shop in NE Portland.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 72 (Emily Keeney, Emily Keeney Photography)

Bio - Hi, I'm Emily. I’m glad you found me.

In my heart of hearts, I believe that your photographer should not be just another vendor, someone to provide a cold service and neat product in a pretty box. You’re not here for that. I want to know you, to grow a relationship, and to connect with a mutual trust. I have one of your most precious days, and you have my heart in giving it to me.

I’m not one for waiting in the wings for a perfect moment or pose. Life happens in between, and the details are the glue that holds your life together. I look for hands, eyes, wait for breath. These moments are what make you feel a rush as you look over your gallery for the first time, the day behind you but your heart remembering how it felt.

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro® - Episode 73 (Nadia Padzensky, Nadia Joyce Photography)

Bio - Hallo! As you probably gathered, I’m Nadia. I’m constantly telling people how important their stories are, and I’m always humbled whenever they ask me to help tell those stories. It’s cliche, but it’s true: Everyone has a story - or stories, because let’s be honest, we’ve all got a few under our belts. How we want to share our adventures is entirely up to us. I usually prefer to tell other people’s stories in images, but for myself, I’m going to share in words.

I grew up in northern Idaho, an only child to a single mother. We had dogs, always. Lots of dogs (border collies, most of them). We also had very little money, but the things I really remember about growing up were all happy despite that fact. We always had good food (homemade casseroles and amazing baked goods because my mom is the best) and all other necessities. I never had a Nintendo or too many fancy toys, and play time usually consisted of wandering around the neighborhood with other kids either having water fights or playing games of tag. It was an awesome childhood, and I am privileged to have had it. It also meant I spent a lot of time outdoors, in nature, playing “pretend” and imagining up other worlds and fantastical stories. This particular fact has forever shaped who I am and, ultimately, how I approach photography.

When I was little I thought I would be a teacher when I grew up. Then eventually I thought I’d be a veterinarian. However, I’d picked up a camera around the age of 7 and never really put it down. I was the annoying friend who was constantly photographing everyone at high school parties and events. Everything, from the mundane to the ridiculous, got documented in my teen years. When high school came to an end I had two choices: go to veterinary school in southeast Washington state, or pursue an art degree in western Washington state. I’m grateful everyday that I chose the latter.

I attended The Evergreen State College from 2005-2009, studying photography, philosophy, science, and writing. Photography was always my main focus, but I got to apply it in so many incredibly creative ways because of the variety of topics I was studying. It helped that the Evergreen campus is set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a multitude of forests, mountains, and beaches. I never ran out of amazing scenery to serve as a backdrop to whatever new techniques and photographic adventures I delved into, and I got to continue my love affair with the outdoors on the regular.

2009 was the year I photographed my first wedding. It was terrifying. But it also exposed me to this wonderful world of documenting love stories. There was something magical about the raw emotion of a wedding day, and I felt so humbled to be the one preserving those moments. I was hooked instantly, and I’ve not looked back.

I’ve traveled a lot since 2009. My business officially started in Olympia, WA in 2010. In 2011 I moved to Eugene, OR. Then in 2013, I moved to Thailand. In 2014, I came back stateside and landed in Portland, OR with my now husband. I love this place and it’s where I’ll be from here on out. That said, my husband and I both love traveling, and it will remain a constant in our lives (and my business) for as long as we’re able.

Combining my love of telling stories through photographs with my passion for travel and the outdoors is something that I will forever be grateful for the privilege of doing. This work grants me opportunities to see amazing places, meet amazing people, and chronicle amazing tales.

I’m dying to hear your love story and to help you document it. Reach out, and I’ll treat you to a cup of tea or a glass of wine while we plan an adventure deserving of your story.