BlackPoint IT's 2015 Tech Fair

BlackPoint IT's 2015 Tech Fair in Bellevue, Wa

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This video was a lot of fun.  Moving out of the Summer months and into Fall, I've had way more opportunities lately to work on things non wedding related, which is nice every once and a while for a change.  BlackPoint IT hired me about 4 or so months ago to shoot some customer testimonials for them during their tech fair that took place at the Microsoft Civica Building last week.  They decided to also have me shoot and edit a short highlight video showing off some of the highlights of the tech fair.

Now I'll be the first to tell you that technology fairs are not necessarily the most exciting or visually stimulating events to shoot in the world.  It involves a lot of people standing around, either talking or listening to presentations.  I was fortunate that the group (BlackPoint IT) that hosted this event was full of rowdy (yet professional) employees who wanted to make sure everybody had a good time but also learned a thing or two in the process.  Their good will and lively spirit combined with some great food/drinks and around 50 different product giveaways, made this day a really fun event for everybody involved!  

I tried to use a few fun editing techniques as well as a great soundtrack (courtesy of The Music Bed ) and some fun "nat" pops of different various presentations to really keep up the momentum to make a stimulating and enjoyable highlight video.  Hope you enjoy!

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