Biggest Wedding Cry Babies!

by Scott Johnson

Biggest Cry Babies:

Say what you will about Barack Obama and his politics, but regardless of how you vote, there’s no way you can deny the love he has for his wife, Michelle. Over eight years, Barack and Michelle were as much as a dynamic duo as Barack and Joe Biden (who has been led to tears by Obama’s words, too) and their marriage is—quite frankly—relationship goals.

Their love is so legendary it even inspired a movie called Southside with You, which follows them on their first date back in the 80s. Over the years he was in office, he would frequently speak about Michelle in the most endearing ways. Even in this video— which is less than two minutes long—he describes how much he has adored her for over 25 years and completely loses it. Calling her his best friend and describing her impact on America, he makes himself cry, he makes Michelle cry, and then even his daughter Malia sheds a tear.

Oh, and he makes all of us cry, too.

Just last month, on their 25th anniversary, he popped up on screen during a conference in Philadelphia that Michelle was attending for a sugary sweet message to his loving wife. He showers her with affection and words of love, calling her an “extraordinary partner” and a “saintly, wonderful, patient person.” Michelle teared up, obviously.

Everyone wants someone who talks to him or her like Barack talks to Michelle, and even more they want someone who cries when they talk about how much they love their partner. We’ve witnessed such couples, so we dug through our backlog of tear-jerking videos and found what we like to call our “Favorite Cry Babies.”

Pack some tissues, things are gonna get wet and weepy.


Soni Wedding, 08/31/17, The Golf Club at Newcastle

The Soni wedding was full of emotions throughout the entire day. The first look started it all as Christina and Tanuj met on the spectacular vantage point overlooking the course and outlying areas. When she approaches, his mouth drops open as his hands rush to his face. They embrace and some tears start to shed—and all he can do is look at her.

The tears didn’t stop there. Christina couldn’t keep the tears from falling during her vows, either. Tanuj kept it together pretty well during his, though, but right near the end he starts to choke up as she looked longingly in his eyes. While this wasn’t a completely emotional outburst, we just like the way his jaw drops like a sack of potatoes when he sees her for the first time—there’s no beating that.

Mortega Wedding, 08/26/17, Kitsap Conference Center

Although EJ is more widely known as “Magic Mike” from his reception dance moves for wife Jessica, he also takes the prize of biggest crybaby. Neither EJ nor his wife can keep straight faces in their vows as they both bawl their eyes out. The struggle was real, but so was the love.

Jessica loses it first. Talking about being each other’s biggest critics, she can hardly get the words out as the emotions overtake her. Then EJ tries to get going but he is left completely speechless as the officiant reassures him it's ok. Even though he has the words written out, it’s a trek just to speak them. Pausing after almost every sentence, his love for her is so overwhelming that he can’t even talk about it. We think that’s pretty darn wonderful.

Robak Wedding, 05/12/17, The Canal

Seconds into the Robak wedding video, it’s clear that Brett is a total mess. Trying to play it off as silly, he clears his throat and shuffles around uncomfortably before beginning his vows as his voice begins to crack and he takes increasingly large breaks—at one point he even requests some liquid courage. Tears fill his eyes as he powers through the speech with the determination of a teenager getting through their first in-class speech. Fanning himself with the words helped a little bit, but he just keeps the tears coming. It’s truly inspiring his love for her, and then Katie starts to lose it too.

But then Katie starts her vows—and oh man. She lasts a little longer, but then the sobs start as the two fall into total messes for each other. That’s what we love—because they love each other.

Williams Wedding, 07/01/16, DeLille Cellars

Crying isn’t something to be ashamed of, especially at weddings. They aren’t happy tears—not in the slightest. Even the very founder of Best Made Videos shed some tears at his wedding, though he’d never show any of the proof. It’s a highly emotional day in terms of the commitment and love alone, but add in the stress and everything and for some it’s just too overwhelming.

Jeff Williams caught the feels right when his bride-to-be Megan strutted down the aisle. A fun and easy-going photo shoot prior to the ceremony had Jeff in good spirits, but the second he got to the altar and saw his lady walking towards him, the tears started to flow. During the vows, Megan started to weep, too, so at least he wasn’t alone.

Leaoa Wedding, 11/04/16, Emerald Queen Casino Ballroom

As Tautalafua stood regal in a white tuxedo on the altar, waiting with his family for his bride to walk down the aisle, you might be intimidated by his size and stern look. You probably wouldn’t want to pick a fight with him based on his appearance, but in actuality he was suppressing some pretty powerful emotions. He is, after all, just a big teddy bear.He was already getting emotional as the music started to play, but as his wife walked through the doors he tried as hard as he could to keep a straight face. The closer she got, the harder it became for him to not lose it. Then you realize she’s starting to lose it, too. The kiss changed everything though, as the tears faded away into smiles.


Doing ok? Good. The only tears we like to talk about are the happy ones, and we’ve seen nothing but them at all of our weddings we’ve shot. Did you completely lose it at your wedding? Have a funny story? Let us know below!