Bizarre Wedding News - March 5, 2019

by Scott Johnson

Photo Credit - Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty; Frazer Harrison/Getty

Now that the streets are clear and the city is moving again (with hopes that we do not have any more freaking snow this year) we are back into the swing of things! We have just a few stories to tide you over this week regarding bridesmaids, thieves and Mr. Tim Tebow! Cozy up and get ready, we’re about to begin!

The second most important dress in any wedding is the bridesmaids’. Some brides really care about the finest details to these dresses (heck, some don’t even want to be topped if their bridesmaid looks better than them), while others let their girls have free rein to look as lovely as they want for their friend’s big day. An article from Elite Daily digs into the history of why bridesmaids typically wear the same dress. Rachel Shatto writes, “while may modern wedding traditions, like diamond engagement rings, were created by the wedding industry to harvest that wedding dollar,” the actual reason is truly ancient—literally!

Quoting an article from Mental Floss, “bridesmaids would not only dress like each other, but also just like the bride, covering the altar with nearly indistinguishable ladies.” Why, you ask? Well click the link above to find out!

This next story comes from across the pond, however it is rather disappointing (don’t worry, we have happy news in the next article) About a month ago, thieves broke into a house in Lodge Moor, Sheffield. In addition to cash, a signet ring and other jewelry, the worst part is they also stole an elderly man’s dead wife’s ring. The police and family have requested any information to be sent to them, and we really hope the thieves come through. Sadly, like many recent burgles, it has remained unsolved and unfound.

Remember Tim Tebow? The guy who would always kneel before things got totally political? Well he finally took a different kind of knee and proposed to his girlfriend, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters (a former Miss Universe) just a month ago. So while that in itself is a grand news story worthy of celebration, talks about their wedding have officially begun—and it’s sounding like it will be a destination wedding.

Leaving the planning entirely to his fiance, there is talks that the wedding could be held in the Caribbean. Not letting his friends and family miss out on the big day, he claims, “We’ll find a date that works for everyone,” however, “It will be her day though. I’m really ready to get married, like, any time now, but we can make sure that it’s exactly what she wants.”

Well would you look at that, he’s so excited and happy! Be sure to check the article for more details (and back here when we cover the wedding itself!)


There you have it for another fun week, folks! We hope the lost ring didn’t get you too far down in the dumps. Be sure to share your own stories or suggest and changes we can make below! See you all next time!