Bricker Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Bricker Wedding on 10/13/18 at The Bellevue Club in Bellevue, Wa

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The Bellevue Club holds a special place in our hearts here at Best Made Videos®. We grew up coming to swim here, play basketball and attend camps. Since then, the Bellevue Club has been reshaped and renovated to become quite magnificent with 200,000 of athletic facilities, a luxury hotel and spa, and several restaurants that have to-die-for food. But it’s the Olympic Ballroom that takes centerstage with its sophisticated design, giving the impression of true class. Did I mention the menu of caramelized apples and gorgonzola? Filet Mignon? Mini grilled cheese sandwiches? Now my stomach is grumbling…

The Bricker wedding in the middle of October was blessed with unseasonably sunny skies. A morning of board games, makeup and throwing back a couple cold ones eased everyone into the groove, though the emotions were already started to peek through as evidence by Kendall. A first look along a wooden walkway showed off Donald’s dapper white suit, and soon the two were exploring the peaceful little area behind the Club.

It was such a great day to be exploring outside, especially with the leaves scattered across the ground and the multitude of colors in the trees. The boys got up to some literal horseplay, while the ladies looked like knockouts in their black gowns. Eventually we made our way back around to the entrance for some family photos–only for it to be time for the ceremony.

Back inside, the bride and groom met at the altar flanked by their parties. The intimate space was still big enough to fit all the guests, while the officiant delivered some truly inspiring words of wisdom. With some moist eyes in the room, the bride and groom officially kissed and became husband and wife.

Making their way to sip some champagne and take care of bureaucracy, the bride and groom posed for some portraits in the utterly suave backrooms. Everyone else filed into the reception hall, lit by neon purple lights, for some refreshments before the true celebration started. Soon, the newlyweds emerged and the lights dimmed way down for their first dance.

And then in the blink of an eye, the lights started flashing and soon everyone was joining in on the fun. A photo booth with extremely silly masks and costumes provided some…unforgettable…memories for those not wanting to shake their booties. Serving its purpose to a T, the Olympic Ballroom was such a blast to spend time in, and definitely provided more than enough space for everyone at the wedding.

Decadent cakes and pastries helped give some energy to those too tired from dancing, and a hilarious garter and bouquet toss helped pave way for who might be getting wed next! Eventually, the night had to come to a close, but that only means it’s just the beginning of something new and special.

Thank you again to Kendall and Donald for picking Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first two months have gone by wonderfully. Have any questions or comments? Leave them below!

Venue – Bellevue Club Hotel

Photographer – Jenny Storment Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

DJ – Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Florals – Cugini Florists & Fine Gifts

Hair / MUA – Pacific Artistry

Desserts – Chef Anne Marie

Kendall and Donald’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We were next door neighbors in college at Central Washington University!

Tell us about the proposal!

Donald and I went to London for the weekend and he proposed to me on a boat, on the Serpentine in Hyde Park. It was very romantic!

Why did you choose your venue?

We like the ability of the venue to alter lighting to fit the mood, the space for holding a cocktail hour, and the size of the ballroom. the hotel/club is awesome because there are also activities for guests and wedding party that are staying. outside offers good photo opportunities as well.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Everyone having a great time and Donald and I looking happy and in love!

Wedding Party

Cassie Cabuag – Maid of Honor

I met Cassie at a college party 10 years ago in October. The two of us had the biggest hair in the room and it was love at first sight. She has been my soulmate ever since (yes, I can have two) and she actually introduced me to 3 of my bridesmaids. She lights up any room she walks into and always has a smile on her face. Cassie has been such an amazing and supportive friend over the years, cheering Donald and I on in absolutely everything we do, and I am so fortunate to have her as my Maid of Honor.

Terris Bricker – Bridesmaid

Terris is my future sister-in-law (even though we already tell everyone we are sisters) and has basically been the sister I never had. This girl has a heart the size of Texas, which is suiting as that is where she was born and raised. She is tough as nails and the girl that I want by my side in any sort of crisis situation, which believe it or not, we have encountered together before! One of our favorite hobbies include sipping red wine and watching reality TV, at which point she responds to Terri Jo. I am so thrilled that she also became part of the Bricker family!

Kari Edwards – Bridesmaid

I met Kari at CWU and she has remained one of my closest friends ever since. We have an incredible amount of common interests, including our passions for health, fitness, and nutrition, and the names of our first cars! I was so thankful to have her in all of my classes, as well as cramming for finals at the library until 2 am, sharing a table and a bag of Sour Patch Kids. From Ellensburg to Seattle to Scottsdale, I have loved living and laughing in all these places with Kari by my side.

Whitney Lawrence – Bridesmaid

I also met Whitney at CWU! No matter what, she never fails to put a smile on my face and keep me laughing at all times. She is always up for an adventure and makes any of our boring situations more fun by simply being herself. She actually got me my first job in Arizona and is responsible for many of the fun memories I have of Scottsdale. Together we share a love for fashion, travel, and baked goods that others will never understand. I am so lucky to have her by my side on our big day!

Nina Lucason – Bridesmaid

Nina is another girlfriend from Central and I am so lucky to have her. After the group moved on from Ellensburg, all we had left was Wing Central, the Starlight, and each other. We have shared so many memories together including hot-rodding around town in her Slug Bug (formerly known as the Lovebug), long-boarding, and too many sleepovers in my 350-square-foot studio apartment. Nina marches to the beat of her own drum, and fortunately I get to march with her, as she also lives in Dallas.

Ryan Orphan – Best Man

Having known Ryan since kindergarten, he easily qualifies as one of my oldest friends. Since then, we have attended the same elementary, junior high, high school, and university. After serving in the US Army, Ryan and his wife Mikayla moved to Honolulu, HI where he is a student teacher and enroute to becoming a high school math teacher.

Alex Bricker – Groomsman

I could not be more excited to have my brother by my side on my wedding day. His wife Terris will be one of the bridesmaids, their daughter Weslynn will be our flower girl, and their son Gunner our ring bearer; a true family affair. After serving in the US Marine Corps (and a tour in Afghanistan), Alex and Terris moved to Charleston SC where Alex joined the city of Charleston’s police force. Alex and Terris will soon be even closer to us in Texas, as Alex will be joining the Rockwall County Sheriff’s department this summer.

Trevor Swynenburg – Groomsman

Trevor and I have been beer drinking buddies for almost seven years now, and I am excited he will be joining me as a groomsman. Trevor is one of the funniest people I know, and I am fortunate to not only get to call him my brother-in-law, but also a friend. Trevor is a driving instructor and supervisor at Pierce Transit.

Tyler Vlasak – Groomsman

Tyler has been a good friend since high school and we lived together before I moved to Arizona. As roommates, we solidified our friendship by “customizing” air hockey tables, arguing politics, and using trigonometry to find the optimal TV placement. Tyler is a Seattle-area real estate agent.

Dan Ottenad – Groomsman

Dan has been one of my best friends since seventh grade when he was the “new kid” at Lakeridge. We attended the same schools all the way through university and I can’t imagine not having Dan alongside to celebrate my wedding. Dan is also one of my primary golf buddies, and I’d like to think my career record against him is close to even. When you see Dan at the wedding be sure to congratulate him, as he and Kristen will be getting married just four weeks prior to Kendall and I! Dan is a talented graphic designer and web developer.

Andy Schwartz – Groomsman

I have known Andy since high school, when he still went by his old nickname of “Smiley” (I’m not sure I knew his real name until junior year!). Despite my moving south, Andy has remained one of my best friends and I am grateful for the times when we can get together in Arizona and Seattle. Andy is a manager at a marketing firm in Seattle.

Alex Gatlin – Groomsman

Alex is another groomsman I’ve known since elementary school. He taught me to snowboard, and we’ve spent plenty of time together tracking fresh snow in the Alpental backcountry. Alex is an award winning artist and works as a graphic designer. He and his wife Erika recently welcomed a baby boy!