Briggs Wedding Video

Briggs Wedding on 10/15/16 at Historic 1625 in Tacoma, Wa

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"I am so happy I decided to book Best Made Videos! Reid was so great to work with. I was so torn about hiring a wedding videographer, I couldn't decide if that was something I wanted to do. Then a few months before the wedding I decided to go for it and I found Reid and he (thankfully) was not yet booked for my wedding date. I can't tell you how glad I am that I decided to have a videographer. It is so amazing to be able to watch a video of your wedding day. It gives you something that pictures can't. And Reid made us such a beautiful wedding video that I love watching it over and over again. If you are thinking about booking a videographer... trust me, you will be so happy you did and you can't go wrong with Reid of Best Made Videos."

This is a super fun, unique wedding video.  Alexis and Joe's moms were best friends years before they were born.  When one had a daughter and one had a son, they joked to each other that one day the two would marry.  Who would imagine that years later and life-long best friends already, that Alexis and Joe would marry each other in a day truly overflowing with love.  You see everybody else in their lives seemed to have been in on the joke from the beginning and they were all overwhelmed with joy that Alexis and Joe finally caught up with the program! 

To quote her maid of honor "Seriously, I hope it's ok that I pitch this story to Hollywood," because Alexis and Joe's love story is one for the ages, and it is the kind of story they base epic romance movies on.  Friends from birth and destined to be together, it only took them 20+ years to finally tie the knot!

I say this a lot but this is a one of a kind story, a one of a kind wedding and most importantly a one of a kind wedding video.  Enjoy!

Photographer – Courtney Bowlden Photography

Venue - Historic 1625

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