Chan - Hayashi Wedding Video

Chan - Hayashi Wedding on 7/29/17 at The Seattle Tennis Club in Seattle, Wa

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"I feel so incredibly lucky that I was able to book Best Made Videos for my wedding! They are the total package - super easy to work with (I've never met anyone who responds as quickly), totally professional (I'm pretty camera shy but they made me feel so comfortable and I completely forgot they were even there), fast (they turned around our videos before we even returned from the honeymoon), talented (they captured every important moment perfectly), and provide the best value (other companies charge an arm and a leg and I can't believe how much we get for the prices they charge). I cannot thank Reid, Joe, and the team enough! Thank you for capturing our day so perfectly and ensuring we get to enjoy it all for years to come."

On a sweltering, sun-soaked July day just begging you to go to the beach (visitors to the city will still be devastatingly chilled by the crisp waters even during the summer) the Chan-Hayashi Wedding got kicked off early in the day by the waters of Lake Washington at the Seattle Tennis Club. The magnificent estate can play host to just about everyone you could think of, and they provide full catering too!

Getting ready for their big day, Rebecca’s side had to perform surgery to untangle her necklace, which had somehow jumbled up like a pair of earbuds left in your pocket for too long, resulting in a big cheer. With flowers in her hair, a strapless dress and a long train, Rebecca stunned everyone, especially Justin when they met for their first look out on the docks. As the water lapped up on shore and the sun beamed down on them, it was truly a special time for the two. Shortly after, the entire bridal party lined up on the dock for a group photo.

Continuing around the estate, the party went along with all the silly poses and formations we had for them, and at one point even lifting Rebecca and Justin up individually. The poses continued for some time with everyone trying to stifle their contagious laughter. It was a great looking group with the men in their suave light-grey suits and the bridesmaids in periwinkle dresses.

The ceremony, held under a tented event space and overlooking the water, was touching on all accounts, especially the vows spoken by the bride and groom. The officiant also delivered some special lines that dug right into the heart strings. Following the big kiss that sealed the deal, the newly weds retreated for a tea ceremony with their parents and some more private photos with their merged families.

Heading on inside to the ballroom, the bride and groom arrived to cut the cake and perform their first dance—with elegant dip and all—before the rest of the guests joined in on the fun. Once the chandeliers dimmed and the party lights went on, the whole room was on their feet, dancing and partying the hot summer night away. At one point, someone even had a tie wrapped around their head. Now that’s a party!

When the day drew to an end, Rebecca and Justin headed back out to the shores for one last photo shoot as they stood on the shore, staring off into the distance at Mt. Rainier, these two were preparing to embark on the great journey of life together with the pinks and blues of the sky intermingling—one of the most beautiful sights you can witness on a summer night in Seattle.

Thanks again to Rebecca and Justin for choosing Best Made Videos to film your wedding! We hope that you had a wonderful six-month anniversary!

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– Scott Johnson

Venue – Seattle Tennis Club

Photography - Jen and Jody

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