Delalic Wedding Video

Delalic Wedding Video on 5/28/16 at Lord Hills Farm in Snohomish, Wa

"We love our video produced by Best Made Videos. They have been so accommodating, personable and easy to work with. The best part of our video is that they were able to record music provided at the wedding as the background music for our video. Thank you so much for all your hard work Reid and Jeff."

Talk about a unique wedding to cover, this recent wedding video is 14 hours of Bosnian wedding excitement edited down to 10 minutes!

Starting off with celebrating (with drinking and live music) in front of the bride's house, all the way through 5+ hours of dancing at the wedding reception at Lord Hills Farm, the fun was nonstop the entire day.

What I was most proud of with this wedding video edit is the fact that all of the music in the video was captured live as it occurred during the day.  From the band playing outside the bride's house, to family members singing and playing at the reception, both myself and the bride wanted this video to feel as culturally authentic as possible and I think that it delivers.

Jasmina was an absolutely stunning bride and it was such a pleasure to share her day with her. Surrounded by family and friends to certainly one of the best ways to spend your wedding day and I'm so glad that everything went off without a hitch.  It is so fun to be able to immerse myself in other wedding cultures and traditions.  It keeps me on my toes and proves that no two weddings are ever the same!  Check out their wedding video link to experience all the fun for yourself! 

Photographer - Azzura

Venue - Lord Hills Farm

Dress - Samila Boutique

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