Eisenhauer Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Eisenhauer Wedding on 7/23/18 at Salty’s in West Seattle

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Salty’s holds a special place in the history of Best Made Videos: it’s where the founder and owner himself got married two years ago just last week! So you can imagine our excitement of heading back there to its delicious steak and seafood, it’s jaw-dropping view of Seattle, and the sweet, salty smell of saltwater and the ocean.

The Eisenhauers decided to opt for the Drone Package (which is totally something everyone should consider, especially when you have a venue like Salty’s that is just across the water from the city) which payed off magically. Swooping over the greens and blues of the Sound, the entire day we could tell was going to be as bright and colorful as the water. With the city flanked by the sunrise in the distance, we started to get ready for the big day.

It was a truly a day all about love, and the union of two people who love each other immensely. As the bride and groom got all dolled up, the boys had a chance to rock their Mariners jerseys before switching over to something a little more appropriate for a wedding, though we would hardly be the first to judge!

At a dock that looks all too familiar for us, the bride and groom greeted each other for their first look. Peering across the water with ferries and boats zipping by, it’s a breathtaking spot for simply just sightseeing; but for a first look it takes on an entirely new romantic degree.

Blushing and bashful, Nate almost burst into tears upon the sight of his bride to be. With the city looming in the distance, it was the perfect spot for the two to just walk around and us get shots of them. Soon the rest of the group joined in and had even more fun!

Heading off to Holy Rosary for the ceremony, the sun shone bright through the stained glass windows as we got a few moments of privacy with the bride and groom. But then everyone else arrived and it was time for the moment we had all been waiting for! After a beautiful ceremony with an inspiring speech from the priest, Nate and Caroline kissed and officially became husband and wife.

And then it was time to journey back to Salty’s where the event space downstairs would play host to the reception. With plenty to drink, more than enough to eat, and a romantic deck to take pictures and steal kisses on, it’s a quaint environment with the perfect sized dance floor.

With the reception in full swing, the day wore on to evening as the sun slowly disappeared from view. Dancing got everyone off their feet, while a photo booth provided plenty of entertainment for those not wanting to shake their booties. But soon the day had to come to an end, though not without a few more shots of the newlyweds looking off towards the city.

Thank you again to Nate and Caroline for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope the first few weeks of marriage have been magical!

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Ceremony – Holy Rosary, West Seattle

Reception – Salty’s

Planner – Adele Banasik

Photography – Carol Harrold

Videography – Best Made Videos

Florist – Loves Me Flowers

DJ – Kris McCoskery

Photo Booth – Drunken Pixel

Transportation – A&A Limosine

Caroline and Nate’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We both work at Peterson Sullivan, a public accounting firm in downtown Seattle.  Nathan started working there January 2014 and Caroline started January 2015. You can see a more detailed story on our website.

Tell us about the proposal!

We took a trip to Disneyland in June of 2017 with six of our closest work friends.  In the month leading up to this trip, Nathan started planning to ask Caroline to marry him. He secretly asked her parents for their blessing, went shopping for rings, purchased the perfect ring, and hid it from Caroline.  Then, the morning of our second day at the park, Nathan completely surprised Caroline and popped the question in front of the Mickey Mouse flowers at the entrance to the park.

Why did you choose your venue?

We chose to get married at Holy Rosary Church because Caroline’s parents got married there, Caroline attended grade school there, and Caroline’s mom still works there.  We chose Salty’s for the reception because it is close to the church, has amazing views of the Seattle skyline, and delicious food.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

A recap of our entire day, from getting ready, to our first look, to the wedding ceremony, to the reception at Salty’s.

Our Story

After graduating from Washington State University, Nathan started his career in public accounting at Peterson Sullivan in January 2014. A year later, Caroline began working at Peterson Sullivan as a tax senior. In a growing company of over 150 employees and a busy tax season underway, it was a few months before they took notice of each other. Can you see where this is going?

The big breakthrough came in November 2015. It was Trivia Night at Peterson Sullivan. The competition came down to one final question. Caroline’s team vs. Nathan’s team. In the end, Caroline’s team squeaked out the victory, and to this day, Nathan has yet to hear the end of it. After the big win, a group of co-workers decided to grab a drink at Elephant and Castle in downtown Seattle. As the night grew older, Nathan and Caroline started chatting and discovered that they lived just a few blocks from each other in Queen Anne. Obviously, Nathan asked Caroline for a ride home that night instead of taking the usual bus route.

After that night, Nathan started stopping by Caroline’s cube almost every day to visit and say hi. These short visits quickly grew into something more and two began dating. During the past two years together, Caroline and Nathan have enjoyed spending time with each other’s families, traveling, and making lots of great memories.

In June 2017, Caroline and Nathan planned a trip to Disneyland with six close friends to celebrate the end of another successful tax season. Prior to leaving for California, Nathan was able to take advantage of Caroline’s busy CPA exam study schedule to secretly plan out the perfect proposal, meet with Caroline’s parents to ask for their blessing, and pick out an engagement ring. On the third morning of their trip, Nathan completely surprised Caroline when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him in front their friends and hundreds of strangers. It truly is The Happiest Place on Earth!

Nathan and Caroline are so excited to have you join them this June for their wedding. They cannot wait to celebrate this special time in their lives with family and friends.

Wedding Party

Elizabeth Blanco

Maid of Honor

Lizzy is the younger sister of the bride.  Caroline has enjoyed having Lizzy involved with the wedding, bachelorette party, and bridal shower planning.  Caroline could not imagine having anyone else by her side as the Maid of Honor for her big day.

Gretchen Stanek


Caroline and Gretchen met in kindergarten at Holy Rosary School.  They have remained close friends ever since, even after Gretchen’s recent move to Switzerland with her family.  Caroline and Nathan are so excited for their visit back to the US this summer!

Angela Pauley


Caroline and Angela met during their college days at Western Washington University. After several accounting group projects together, they became quick friends.  Over the years they have shared many great memories, survived numerous tax seasons, and enjoyed countless happy hours together!

Sarah Eisenhauer


Sarah is the youngest sibling in the Eisenhauer family.  Despite only meeting Sarah a few short years ago when she started dating Nathan, Caroline has enjoyed making memories with her during family get-togethers, holidays, and vacations. Caroline is so excited to have Sarah be a part of the big day and to add another sister in her family!

Nick Eisenhauer

Best Man

Nick is the younger brother of the groom.  He currently resides in Iowa with his wife, Chelsey, and 6-month old son.  Despite the distance, their brotherly connection has remained unchanged. Nathan and Caroline cannot wait to have them back in Seattle for the wedding.

Brett Boyd


Brett met Nathan when he began working at Peterson Sullivan three years ago.  They bonded over their joy for golf, CPA-league softball, and traveling to Cooperstown to witness the Hall of Fame induction of Ken Griffey Jr.

Matt Frerker


Four years ago, Nathan met Matt during his first day at Peterson Sullivan.  They have been good friends since that day. Matt enjoys “buddy” outings with Nathan at Mariners games and traveling to other baseball stadiums around the country.

Rob Maxfield


Rob and Nathan started working at Peterson Sullivan on the same day in 2014.  One of their favorite events is the annual Peterson Sullivan golf tournament, where they have competed for and won the Team Spirit award 2 years in a row! Y-M-CPA!