Faoro Wedding Video

Faoro Wedding on 9/2/17 at Ashe and Alder in Arlington, Wa

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"Jeremy and I are a very laid back couple; the moment we met Reid it was clear he would be exactly the same way, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Reid and Jeff with Best Made Videos were an absolute blast and pleasure to work with. The moment they showed up at our venue they went to work, but you could tell they enjoyed their job. They were joking with everyone and blending in with the crowds, while capturing all of the most important moments and making it look easy. The communication from the time of booking through the delivery of the videos was prompt and organized. He was very realistic about what could and couldn't be done with video so that we weren't surprised when getting the footage back. There was a time when we weren't sure about having a videographer and we could not be happier that we were given Reid's information and encouraged to have live video of our day. We got the video back within days of our wedding and have relived it several times already. Best Made Videos could not come more highly recommended from us! They are amazing!"

September is where things in the Pacific Northwest get a little tricky. While it’s still technically “summer,” the fresh greenness that once covered all of the trees starts to fade and is slowly replaced by yellows and oranges—which is a sight in itself. But for weddings, it proves to be the home stretch for the season. The weather grows slightly colder with the smell of rain electrifying the air, and the days no longer remain as bright as they once did. Luckily, for the Faoro Wedding, it still looked and felt like your average summer day.

Heading on up to Arlington again, this time we took up shop at the Ashe & Alder wedding venue that boasts some truly exquisite views of the surrounding mountains. With a sense of seclusion from the city—which lies just an hour south—the venue is absolutely extraordinary and does everything it can to accommodate its guests.

Getting ready with the bright sun blasting in through the windows was enough to keep the morning moving along with the excitement of what was to come. As the bride and groom read their respective letters to each other (convinced they both wrote the same one) their love starts to become apparent—they both get choked up by the words written by their love.

Without a doubt, shooting around the venue was a sheer pleasure. With the bright sun illuminating the day, the groomsmen gathered for some group photos while the ladies continued to get ready. Before too long, bride Stefanie headed out with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to meet her soon-to-be husband Jeremy who was waiting in the shade beneath a grove of trees. Wiping a tear from his eye, he greets his bride with passion and happiness. Their portraits are simply adorable (we had a blast working with Mike and Karen of Unique Moments Photography) —but when everyone gathers for a big group photo things really go wild. A match of tug-of-war leaves the groom being pulled back and almost face-planting into the ground! Nobody was hurt, and it made for some wonderful shots—and certainly a story to tell.

As everyone gathered for the ceremony itself, the sun glaring over the mountains behind the alter, the magnificent view perfectly framed the momentous occasion. With some touching vows, a few inside jokes, and the sass of the officiant as he says “you may kiss my sister,” the years-in-the-making relationship finally took the big leap as the two became one.

With such a large property, you’d have to imagine that there would be plenty of space for games, drinking and dancing—and boy was there. As the sun crept its way behind the hills, the trees lit up with stringed lights as the grounds all of a sudden became a fairy tale in the woods. It was truly a magical night full of laughs, dancing, and love.

Before long, the bride and groom made their way out to the fields again where they posed against the golden sky, ready for the future together.

Thanks again to Jeremy and Stefanie for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We had a blast and hope you are having a wonderful year. Let us know below if you have any suggestions or recommendations!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Ashe and Alder

Photographer – Unique Moments Photography

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