Favorite Indoor Wedding Ceremonies 2018 Part 1

by Scott Johnson

Welcome everyone for another installment of our Favorites of 2018 Countdown! We have already covered our favorite new and repeat venues, so now we are going to bring you our picks for Favorite Indoor Wedding Ceremonies. Anybody who has ever set foot in the Pacific Northwest will know that rain is one of our worst enemies, and can prove to be wildly unpredictable. This results in a fair amount of indoor ceremonies, especially ones planned out years in advance, though I think our track record is holding strong on never having a wedding actually ruined by the rain.  

Without any further ado, let us get down to it and begin our countdown!

Plummer Wedding

Our first wedding comes from one of our favorite misnomers: Dairyland. We seriously hope they consider our idea to turn at least part of the farm into an amusement park, but for now we’ll settle for their awesome wedding barn. With a cold, gray day before us, we were more than ready to see the Plummers get hitched in a barn like the good ol’ days.

Providing ample space (I mean, it was originally meant for cows and horses, but don’t worry, they will not be apart of your wedding...unless you want them to be) the barn feels wholly inviting despite its previous function. A couple chandeliers and some strung-up lights illuminated the quaint interior, while some sun finally managed to break through the clouds and shine in through the window above where the bride and groom stood. The white paint with the dark brown wood really brings out some sharp contrasts in the design. After the wedding, the space was turned into a dance barn, with plenty of room to move around and swing the cake-cutting knife without hurting anyone!

Kirk Wedding

The Hotel Bellwether up in Bellingham already has become one of our Favorite New Wedding Venues of 2018 with its charming locale, stunning views and just great vibe in general. Nestled into a little bay up near the border of Canada, it really is an awesome place to just spend the day and hang out. But the Kirks held their big reception here, so we are fine with that, too. A fun morning posing around the are paved way for a sweet ceremony inside Assumption Church not too far away.

Simple and elegant, their ceremony filled the church with loved ones and friends. Creamy walls meeting some nice mahogany gave it a sleek and stylish feel. While the marble altar and stained glass windows were even more treats for the eyes. Flanked down the steps by their bridal party, the bride and groom sealed their union and became husband and wife.

Ohashi Wedding

Back at the Monte Cristo Ballroom (which you definitely saw in our Favorite Repeat Wedding Venues list), the Ohashi’s had such a spectacular wedding inside on a cloudy August day. Stepping into the marbled atrium, encircled with a balcony for onlookers to view from above, you get a sense that this building should have significantly more historical value than it does. Almost like a courthouse, but certainly whole lot more fun than one, the building provides plenty of places for photos and gatherings. The first look led us up to the balcony where the soon to be newlyweds could peer down to where they would shortly be wed.

A lovely purple theme led to some really visually appealing contrasts between the whites of the chairs and walls and the marble floor. The ceremony was one fit for royalty, and shortly after the space was transformed into its true function: a ballroom. The day sped on by, with the lights turning way down low, as everyone helped keep the room moving with dancing and celebration.

Culpepper Wedding

We were really excited to head down to McCaw Hall and MoPOP for the Culpepper wedding. If it surprises you that you can get married there, well you certainly can. And boy what a wedding it was! Flustered emotions and a sense of pure excitement led the bride and groom to the stage, where the bridal party stood waiting just off to the side. A lovely white curtain backed the soon-to-be newlyweds as they delivered tear-inducing vows that left everyone with wet eyes.

During their first look, we even got to go exploring around the building, especially into the theater. But the main entry hall served as the venue, and with tons of light streaking in through the massive windows, there was no way this wasn’t going to be a joyous occasion. Just wait until the groom makes his approach down the aisle for a rip-roaring good time!

Duell Wedding

Rounding out the first part of our countdown is the Duell Wedding. Back in June, right before the seasons switched from Spring to Summer, we saw the marriage between Bethany and Nate at St. Benedict’s up by Wallingford. A dazzling first look at Greenlake Park out in the sun (complete with a wide array of goofy poses, some of which we’d never seen before) led way for a tender, traditional Catholic ceremony inside the stunning church. It really was one of those days you wished you could somehow take the roof off the church and let the light and sun pour in.

Filling out the pews with their loved ones, the wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and god, and certainly left a few misty eyes. Once all was said and done, the newlyweds retreated down the aisle for some photos with the family and priest--oh and of course to sign and make their marriage legally official.


And there you have it for the first part of our Favorite Indoor Wedding Ceremonies of 2018. Check back in later to see the rest of the indoor wedding ceremonies that really stood out to us this year. Was your wedding indoors? Care to send some photos or maybe a video? We will gladly showcase it along with others! See you soon!