Favorite Wedding Bridal Parties

by Scott Johnson

Favorite Wedding Bridal Parties:

Surrounding yourself with a trusting and loving bridal party is one of the many keys to success for your wedding. They help you coordinate, support you, and guide you along the way to your new journey in life. Of course, some of them may be goofy and do things that surprise and confuse you. Other times, they might infuriate you. We hope for the latter. 

A recent article from Awkward Mom details how the maid-of-honor photobombed the bride-to-be’s photoshoot with the groom. As the couple stood looking pretty in their attire out in nature, Sharilyn Wester took it upon herself—when the opportunity arose—to have a little fun with her best friend. As the photographer asked her to assist with the veil, she went for some pretty hilarious poses along the way, but in the end all of the photos look like pure fun and happiness. Check out the photos for yourself for some laughs!

We love this type of camaraderie, so we dug through our video archives for our favorite bridal party moments.


Nelson Wedding, 07/01/17, Chihuly Garden

You wouldn’t expect to have to duel anyone in 2017 to get the woman of your dreams like the Old West so romanticizes, but you know how things go. For Adam, who was already featured in our “Best Wedding Video Surprises” post for obsessively cleaning his suit, this was probably the last thing on his mind.

As the groom and his brother are posing for their photos, they both pull out finger pistols and the duel begins. The entire exchange lasts about fifteen seconds as the two stare intensely into each other’s eyes. The duel ends with Adam pulling the trigger and sending his foe off on his way so he can take the spotlight for himself. It’s a kind of moment only siblings can have; they are the ones who know you the most.

Sturdivant Wedding, 07/24/16, Sodo Park

Everybody has that one friend who is always looking for a way to tease or embarrass you. The Sturdivant’s seem to have quite a few, or at least so it appears in their wedding video. They’re that person in your life who loves teasing and pushing your buttons, and they come in many different forms.

They’re simply doing it for love and support, just like they do multiple times throughout the Sturdivant’s wedding video. During the first look, as the bride enters the gazebo surrounded by friends and family, multiple guests out of nowhere start heckling the groom who takes it all in stride as he goofily turns around to see his lady. Hilarious to listen to, it really shows the bond they all share. Later on, even more goofiness follows with the family photo shoot as they exhibit silly poses with wide smiles. Of course, the ceremony itself—specifically the kiss—also featured a bit of commentary. Right before the big moment, a distinct and resounding, “Get it,” rings out.

They got it.

Anderson Wedding, 07/21/17, Swans Trail Farms

With so much worrying about yourself, you’d assume that everyone else would be able to back you up and make sure they have the basic necessities. As groom Zachary is getting ready for his wedding, the photographer is heard saying, “So, who forgot their pants?” To which the slightly embarrassed groomsman says, “well, they should be in the car.” Unfortunately it turns out that no pants were brought, as the groom realizes the extent of the problem. There’s no denying the absolute frustration in moments like this, but people make mistakes.

Fortunately, a pair of dark jeans stood in nicely for the photo shoot, otherwise this wedding would’ve looked like it was heading in an entirely different direction. Later on, the groom and his buddies even drop their pants to expose their underwear, which is even more funny considering the guy almost had to do the wedding in his boxers.

Pablo Wedding, 08/05/17, Cedar Springs

Like in the Awkward Mom article, there’s just something that happens to people during weddings that gets them in a silly, goofy spirit—like literally all of the groomsmen in the video. As groom Tim and his buddies pose for photos in one of our favorite photo shoots ever (even featuring a hip-hop album cover), they’re hurling funny lines like “I’m gonna suck my stomach in,” and posing like husband and wife with a near-kiss and all. This is the bridal party you want around you; all of your best friends who tease and celebrate along with you as you get ready for your big day. Though, we can’t help but wonder what the bride thought of all these men trying to steal her husband.

Klehr Wedding, 06/17/17, Wenatchee, Wa

A wedding with bouncy castles is something you probably never knew you wanted. What better way to celebrate a soaring day than flying through the air like a kid at the carnival. But for this bridal party, this wasn’t the only flight to take place today. While posing for photos, the groomsmen lift the bride off her feet and hold her across their interlocked arms, swinging her like they’re about to launch her. She’s nothing but laughs, otherwise this wouldn’t have probably made the video. The bridesmaids would then get retaliation by literally tossing the groom into the air, and both flights landed safely.

Cizmar Wedding, 09/05/15, Suncadia Resort

A dapper gathering of groomsmen leads to a striking photo shoot as they pose with fingers pointed to the sky followed by, you guessed it, shots. The buddies who drink together, stay together it seems, and these groomsmen really seem to have quite the bond. Later on, they even help save the day from a sinking dock as the bridal party posed for photos on a wobbly walkway that couldn’t support their weight. But their drunk dancing and push ups really seal the deal of their companionship. We hope the bride knows she’s gonna have to share.


The people in your bridal party can prove to be your best of friends, especially those who truly understand your personality. Sure they might not be absolutely 100% reliable at times, but they stand by your side on the biggest day of your life. We’d love to hear some of your bridal party stories, so please share below!