Favorite Wedding Reception Moments

by Scott Johnson

Favorite Wedding Reception Moments:

While the wedding itself might be the most important part of the big day, the reception to follow should be an unforgettable—or forgettable, if you do it right—event full of alcohol, food and a whole lot of dancing.

A recent article from Uproxx brought up the subject of which songs not to play for the dancing portion of the reception, with “Chicken Dance,” “Cha-Cha Slide” and “Macarena” filling up the top three from surveyed DJs (the first two appeared on over 20% of do-not-play lists.) Other obvious choices included “Turn Down for What,” “Baby Got Back” and “Hokey Pokey” while a few had the audacity of not wanting to play “Footloose” and “Uptown Funk.” Come on, guys.

All this talk of music, dancing and receptions got us thinking about the best reception moments we’ve witnessed, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites!


Mortega Wedding, 08/26/17, Kitsap Conference Center

The Mortega wedding, for the most part, was a traditional, formal affair. With the whole family there, the reception took a completely different turn as EJ donned a cowboy hat and started busting moves like Magic Mike himself. It definitely looks like someone practiced quite a bit as he removes Jessica’s garter, rocking moves you probably shouldn’t do in front of children. This would take first prize in our “Most Shocking” moments, but for now it remains prominently on this list.

Faoro Wedding, 09/02/17, Ashe and Alder

A crisp September day proved perfect for the Faoro wedding, with bride and groom Jeremy and Stefanie being ushered off by a forest of glow sticks held by their friends and family. It’s little moments like this, particularly at the end of the night, that have so much magic in them as they’re set against the twinkling lights under a dark sky. Fun, creative, and most importantly touching, this send-off ranks as one of our favorites.

McLaughlin Wedding, 09/24/17, The Monte Cristo Ballroom

A decadent wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom was capped off by some of the best dancing we have ever seen, as the best man tore up the floor with some seriously impressive moves…with a back-flip as the grand finale. We seldom see dancing like this, and can’t help but re-watch the clip over and over in awe of his skill. Check out the video for yourself and wonder why he can’t dance at all our weddings.

Manheim Wedding, 10/28/17, AXIS Pioneer Square

Danica and Phil’s wedding in Pioneer Square features one heck of a sing-along to none other than the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.” A song that nobody can deny knowing the lyrics to, “Wannabe” should be played daily by everyone, but here it came blasting on and so did the singing as the bride and her entourage started belting the lyrics right on the dance floor.

And, you can note that it didn’t appear in the Uproxx article.

Staggs Wedding, 08/29/15, The Edgewater House

The flower and garter tosses are lively—and sometimes aggressive—events that get all the ladies and gents together to catch their respective objects. For the most part they’re usually pretty similar, but football fan Shawn heard the beck and call of the NFL (literally, as the music played) and turned around to toss the garter like Tom Brady ready to throw a game-winning touchdown at the Super Bowl. A slow motion replay shows a young man at the back being the lucky one to catch the ball…er…garter for a touchdown.


Whether it’s an unforgettable dance, an epic sing-along, or just throwing the garter like a football, receptions lead to some pretty wild and spectacular memories. Sure the wedding ceremony is what everyone came for, but the reception is the cherry on top to the big day. Let us know of any favorite reception memories and maybe we’ll feature you later on!