Favorite Wedding Venues Part 2

By Scott Johnson

Favorite Wedding Venues Part 2:

Welcome back everyone for the second half of our Favorite Venues article! Yesterday, we introduced you to the topic of wedding venues and just how important it is to find the perfect location for yourself and your guests. As all of us know in the Pacific Northwest, the month you pick your wedding to be is an especially tough choice—particularly if you’re hosting it outside—and even then a sunny July day could end up in rain clouds at the flip of a switch.

Don’t let that rain on your parade, though, because we’re here to give you some more of our favorites that might just influence you to do something extra special for your big day. Let’s finish it off!


Novelty Hill—Januik Winery, Woodinville, Wa

If you’re not big on cities or churches, heading out to Washington’s very own “wine country” can lead you to any one of the dozens of vineyards that produce delectable wine all year round. But for us, Novelty Hill Januik Winery is our favorite. Promising “modern, intimate wedding celebrations,” the venue offers solitude and relaxation for the bride and groom after tying the knot and then plenty of space and games for the guests. Their Tree House serves as the Bride’s preparation room while the Cellar Room can be used for the document signing or the rehearsal dinner for up to 26 guests. It also can serve as the prep room for the men to get ready before the ceremony.

Their dinner menu is something else, however, as it promises everything from fresh oysters to Thai Style Meatballs, a Croque Madame, Porchetta, Pasta, Pizza, Albacore and more! The Ko Wedding, recognized from our Favorite Recipients Video, shows just how sleek and contemporary the estate really is. Beautiful architecture married with natural beauty of the region as seen in the Bolen video, is a truly rare combination—but those always make the best marriages, don’t they?

Historic 1625, Tacoma Wa

About 45 minutes south of Seattle, Tacoma has recently become one of the more favorable cities of the Pacific Northwest considering the skyrocketing prices for just a studio apartment on Capitol Hill. But on top of that, the Historic 1625 remains one of the best wedding venues in the city. The event space, which has seen a massive remodel, is built with slate floors, barrel-vaulted ceilings, and “dramatic lighting” to make for a wholly unforgettable experience even if you’re just there as a guest.

With the ability to accommodate as many as 350 guests, the gorgeous venue will supply all of the chairs and tables needed along with free onsite parking for guests, though it’s only just a few minutes away from downtown. Additional amenities include changing rooms for the bride and groom’s parties and air conditioning and heat depending on the time of year.

The Briggs and Sanchez weddings showcase how classy and unique the space it. At a glance, it looks like an old factory you’d pass by and not even peak in its big bay window—but if you did you would find an astonishingly beautiful interior that shows a real sophistication.

Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Seattle Wa

While it may be a little difficult to have your own wedding here if you aren’t a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Demetrios is nonetheless one of our favorite venues. We’ve featured the weddings held here before—primarily because it is such a unique venue and culture to witness firsthand--but it has officially earned its spot on a list!

According to their site, “Marriage is a ‘mystery’ that involves human love and divine love, the very sign and image of God’s presence with humanity.” It is a deeply spiritual connection that not everyone shares, but for those that do then this is absolutely the place to make it official.

However, not just anybody can get married here. Those who wish to wed there must not only be members of the church, but also be in “good standing,” have kept up to date on their pledges, and they are also required to complete a program of Pre-Marital Counseling, which is extremely common in regards to religious marriages.

The Tsoulouhas wedding beautifully demonstrates the majesty of the church, especially the painted icons that encompass the interior. Even the ceremony itself is a moving, spiritual experience with the melodic chantings and fascinating proceedings. The Fotopoulos wedding gives an idea of just how gorgeous the exterior of the building is with its lined bricks of alternating colors and mosaics all around the central nave.

Monte Cristo Ballroom, Everett Wa

Every girl deserves to go to the ball, or at least says Jim Carrey in Yes Man, so why not pick your big day to be at an actual ballroom. The Monte Cristo, which proclaims to be the “most all-inclusive wedding venue” in Washington, delivers on that proclamation as “Approximately 82% of what you need for your Wedding is provided in-house.” Promising to save you not only time, but more importantly money, there is an almost overwhelming amount of options to be decided upon.

You will receive private tours and tastings, access to wedding planners, a DJ, Butler, an entire culinary staff and just about the best service you’ll ever receive. The towering Foyer and Mezzanine, where your wedding and dancing will be held, is astonishing. While the elegant Ballroom gives a royal feel for your entire gusts with simply stunning interior design. Weddings like the McLaughlin’s are a marvel to watch, especially with the ceremony in front of one of the coolest old fireplaces we’ve ever seen!

It’s no surprise, as you’ll see in both the McLaughlin and McDonald weddings, that at the end of the day—the ballroom really is the best for dancing the night away. It rightfully earns its name with just a single look.


That’s it, folks! While we could go on and on about all of the gorgeous venues around the state, we just wanted to give you a little flavor of what’s out there! Let us know if you got married at any of them below!