Giandomenico Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Giandomenico Wedding on 7/28/18 at Camas Meadows Golf Course in Camas, Wa

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Any chance we can get to head over to a golf course is a chance we’re gonna take! This time, we got to head to a new one: Camas Meadows. If you’re scratching your head wondering where the heck Camas is, it’s because it’s tucked right next to Vancouver on the Columbia River; a stone’s throw away from Portland.

A bright, sunny day greeted us for the wedding of Katie and Seth. Clear skies, warm weather and that wonderful thwack of a golf ball reminded us we were right at home. Sipping coffee and watching The Waterboy got the laughs going before anybody was dressed, which was great news for the photos that would come later.

The ladies soon broke out the champagne while the guys started to look all dapper, especially Seth in his Superman socks! Before too long, the soon-to-be newly weds met out in the forest for their first look. As the sun broke through the branches and leaves, lighting just enough space under the foliage, the two greeted each other with a kiss. We followed them around for a bit before the rest of the gang joined in for group photos. The ladies looked lovely in their lavender dresses, while the guys mirrored them with their shirts.

The photos kept on coming, which was perfectly fine with us since it was so nice out. But eventually it was time for the wedding itself. Strolling along the course towards the little gazebo in which the two were to be married, the swagger of all the guys was almost intimidating. Tucked away in a little clearing, and partially covered by an awning, the bride and groom met to be married. Following a series of emotional vows, a heartening speech, and the long-awaited kiss, Katie and Seth were officially husband and wife.

Upon kissing the crowd erupted into applause. Taking his new wife arm in arm, they posed for more photos with the family and everyone else before hopping into their own little golf cart to go sign all the paperwork. It wasn’t too long before they reemerged over at the reception tent through a tunnel of arms. Then came the toasts and first dances, which then inspired more dancing.

At one point, it really felt like everyone at the wedding was dancing. Underneath chandeliers and the wiggling tent, the day turned to night as only the purple glowing lights illuminated the dance floor. To add a wonderfully touching conclusion to the evening, we were able to go get some golden hour shots with the newlyweds. With the sun setting on their big day, it was as romantic as could be. That is, until they returned back to the reception and were ushered out by a forest of sparklers held by their loved ones.

Thank you again to Katie and Seth for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first few weeks have gone fantastically!

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Venue – Camas Meadows Golf Club

Photographer – Shelley Marie Photo

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – Great Beginnings Dj Service

Floral – Awesome Flowers

Catering – Camas Meadows Golf Club

MUA – Powder Inc.Salon Mogano

Cake – Rosycakes

Katie and Seth’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

It all started with a swipe to the right! Seth and Katie met online. 

One day in January, Seth received a notification on his phone from Tinder (an app he thought he had deleted) saying, “New Year, new you! Swipe to find true love!” Intrigued, Seth opened the app and his attention was soon caught by a beautiful blonde wearing a Trail Blazers shirt. As he scrolled through her pictures,  read about her faith and her interests, he knew he had to say Hi! So he swiped right and anxiously awaited to see if he had caught her attention, too. 

Katie was hoping to find true love in January as well. She was on Tinder but was selective about who she spent her time getting to know. She came across this handsome glasses-wearing man and thought he was just too cute to let pass by. So she swiped right and waited for him to message her first (she’s old fashioned like that haha). 

Sure enough within minutes, she received a message from Seth. He introduced himself and spoke about his shared faith and values. He told her that he saw her Blazers shirt and thought she was “mad cute”  that he just had to say hi! 

Katie and Seth connected from the start (and it helped that he spelled all the words correctly, had proper grammar and used just the right amount of emoji’s.) After a few days of texting back and forth, they decided to meet that Saturday afternoon for a lunch date at Henry’s in the Pearl District of Portland. The date went incredibly well and they made plans to go on a second date the coming Friday. 

However, later that night Seth and Katie were texting when Seth admitted, he didn’t know if he could wait a whole week to see her again. So he asked if she was free earlier in the week. Sharing the same feelings, Katie responded saying she was in fact free and wondered if “tomorrow would be too soon for a second date!?” Seth agreed that the following day would be perfect! 

And the rest is history!!

Tell us about the proposal!

Seth was visiting his family in Coos Bay, Oregon for Thanksgiving. I drove down that Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with him and this family. We had talked about getting married so I had a feeling he would propose soon but I did not expect it that weekend! 

It had become a tradition in his family to go shooting (guns) the weekend of Thanksgiving with his dad, brother and good college friends. Seth’s Dad passed away almost 2 years ago but they have still kept with the tradition. So his two college friends had planned to be in Coos Bay that weekend, too. Unfortunately, Seth became sick with the flu on Thanksgiving and all through the weekend. It ended up working to his advantage because I definitely didn’t think he would be proposing that weekend. 

Saturday morning we woke up and everyone decided that they wanted to go to a really cool beach in Bandon, Oregon before going shooting. Seth wasn’t feeling well so he said he wanted to wait another 20 minutes or so before leaving.(It made sense!) His family and close friends headed to the beach and we decided we would meet them there. 

When we arrived at Face Rock Beach in Oregon, (where there is a giant rock that looks like the profile of a face), the thought had crossed my mind that this would be the perfect place to get engaged. However, I thought to myself… it’s not going to happen today! He’s sick. I should just enjoy the day and not put any added internal/subconscious pressure on the experience. haha boy was I in for a surprise! We walked down the beach and came around the corner of these two big rocks where there were rose petals scattered on the beach and a little table with a bouquet of flowers, two champagne floats and a bottle of Martinelli’s (my favorite!). Still it hadn’t click that this was for me and I remember think. “That’s so sweet someone is getting proposed to!” As we walked I was removed from my internal self talk with Seth smiling and saying, “You know what’s happening, right?!” I was so surprised that it was for me! We walked right up to the table and he got down on one knee, said my full name and asked me to marry him. And I said yes!! His family and friends were not far away, Seth motioned for them to come celebrate with us. 

We celebrated with them and FaceTimed my parents and family to tell them the good news! (They already knew because Seth had asked for their blessing a week or so prior.) We also commemorated the moment by carving our initials and the date we got engaged on this huge stump that was right near where he proposed. Now we have a special little beach we can go back to in Bandon. And we did end up keeping the tradition going and went shooting after we left the beach. I got engaged and shot a gun for the first time all in one day! haha

The Story Behind Our Catchphrase

You may see the phrase “So much more than so much” in some of our photos. This phrase started when we began telling each other, I love you.  One of us would often say, “I love you so much!” and the other replying with “So much more than so much!” It has become a phrase that we affectionately say to one another.  In fact, we liked it so much (…pun intended) that Seth had the words “So Much More” engraved inside the band of my engagement ring and we plan to have it engraved inside his wedding band as well.

Why did you choose your venue?

Because we liked it and wanted to get married near where we met.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

I am excited to see the First Look and the whole day really!