Middleton Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Middleton Wedding on 5/27/18 at Indian Summer Golf and Country Club in Olympia, Wa

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"A lot of people think a videographer is an unnecessary expense for your wedding day, but I’m here to politely, yet forcefully suggest that you NEED a wedding videographer and you need it to be Best Made Videos. You are going to spend months on every little detail of this day but what no one tells you is that while everyone else is enjoying your string quartet, admiring your flowers, and snatching up the favors that your family spent hours putting together, you’re not going to get to enjoy that moment with them and you’re probably never even going to hear it/ see it/ live it at all because you’re busy getting married! Butttt, if you get a videographer, specifically Best Made Videos, you can relive that moment and watch how much everyone loved that cake you never got a slice of or how much your grandma was getting down on the dance floor. You’ll see how everyone looked at you and your spouse and that’s something that can’t be captured just in a picture or in a memory. You also get this magical moment of how you felt that day and we all know feelings are fleeting, so now when I’m irritated that my husband left the toilet seat up, I can watch our wedding video and remember why I love him so much and how we felt on our big day! Also, Reid and his team are very cool people. Reid is not going to be one of your high maintenance vendors, he shows up, does a great job, and you won’t even know you’re being videotaped all day. It literally felt like we had one of our friends hanging out with us all day. He also got our video back to us in less than a couple weeks which allows you to enjoy it before you’re even out of the post wedding daze. I don’t think my husband knew we were going to have a videographer before our wedding weekend and it’s one of his favorite things from the wedding, we watch it over and over again! Pictures are amazing, but a video is something you get to take with you and cherish forever, so find some funds in your budget to get Best Made Videos! Thank you Best Made Videos!!!"

I don’t know about you, but there’s something magically serene about being on a golf course. Surrounded by greens of the trees and grass, as well as the almost haunting silence (save for the occasional sound of a club smacking the ball, or said ball flying through the trees), golf courses hold a natural beauty that few realize. Which is exactly why it makes so much sense to have a wedding at a golf course, especially one like Indian Summer down in Olympia. With packages that feature cake service, all the necessary equipment, and the ability to host every other event during your wedding celebration, Indian Summer is a pitch-perfect place to get married.

The Middleton’s headed down to Olympia for their Memorial Day Weekend wedding. A wonderfully sunny day is perfect for either golf or a wedding, so it all came together for their big day at the course. A fun morning of makeup, food, champagne and dazzling jewelry greeted our bride and groom. The nerves that come with such a big day with so many revolving pieces needed to be taken off somehow, after all.

With a first look coming, Jessica and AJ needed to be looking their absolute best or one another. When it was time to meet each other outside of the clubhouse, AJ looked just the right mixture of excited and terrified while Jessica just beamed with excitement as she approached her husband-to-be from behind.

Pausing for a moment, just to increase the anticipation, he finally turned around and his hands immediately reached to his face in disbelief of the beauty of his bride. You would’ve thought he was on the verge of passing out; luckily he didn’t, otherwise we would not have been able to get such lovely photos of them frolicking around the course. Dancing a bit, taking a ride in a golf cart, and posing with the rest of the party occupied their time before it was almost the moment they had been waiting for.

In a little clearing surrounded by trees and filled with dozens of chairs, a band played for everyone to approach the altar. And then it was time for the bride. After a joyous ceremony that was simply stunning just to look at, the bride and groom finally kissed and became husband and wife. At the end of the aisle, they snuck in just one more kiss for good measure.

Drinks and appetizers followed, and the lavish event felt like a touch of royalty (especially with the tiara worn by the bride). The family posed for more photos while the guests mingled inside the clubhouse. Eventually, after signing the paperwork, the newlyweds showed up for their first dance and dinner. With plenty of food, wine, and a massive amount of cake, everyone’s bellies were quite pleased.

Dancing and partying carried the night along until the sun was set and it was finally time to head off on new adventures. Thanks again to Jessica and AJ for such a blast of a day and for choosing Best Made Videos to film it! We hope your first month of marriage is going great!

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Venue / Caterer – Indian Summer Golf & Country Club

Photographer – Megan Montalvo Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – Tony Schwartz

Flowers and Event Design – Sweet n Design

Photo Booth – The Puget Sound Photo Booth Co.

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Jessica and AJ’s story in their own words:

AJ & Jessica’s Love Story

AJ & Jessica first met at their Alma Mater, University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. Jessica and her friend Betsy (Haverkost) Cantrell took an Economics class called Gender & The Economy with Professor Kate Sterling. AJ took the class with a couple of his Track friends because it fit with their sports schedules and counted towards his Economics minor. The class wasn’t all that memorable besides Professor Sterling’s great hair and AJ’s fierce feminist interjections, but somewhere along the way, Jessica and AJ became friends. AJ was a hardworking two-sport athlete and Jessica was an ambitious, albeit overly outgoing Alpha Phi; one thing the two had in common was that they were constantly surrounded by their friends. It should come as no surprise then that it was their friends that brought AJ & Jessica together. In Spring 2009, Jessica met up with Jenny (Russell) Drutman and other girlfriends at the Rock for pizza and AJ was there with his friends as well. Soon after, AJ invited Jessica to watch him at his track meet and took her out to the movies. Jessica soon decided that he was the fun loving, kind-hearted teddy bear she’d been looking for, especially after he baked a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for a movie date. AJ introduced Jessica to ranch dressing with pizza and football Sundays, and Jessica coerced AJ into loving Nordstrom, brunch dates, and even prissy dogs like Copper. Eventually AJ’s inner sorority girl emerged and surprisingly, Jessica learned more about sports and cuts of steak than anyone could have ever possibly imagined. Fast forward to 2010, AJ received an offer to play football in Europe and Jessica set off for law school at Gonzaga. Despite the distance, AJ and Jessica talked daily and individually worked towards their goals. AJ and Jessica continued on like that, AJ worked towards a career in Strength & Conditioning and Jessica worked to complete her law degree. In 2013, it seemed like Jessica and AJ might finally be in the same place again, but AJ was offered a Graduate Assistantship at University of Redlands so AJ moved to Redlands, CA and Jessica passed the Washington State Bar exam and began working for her family’s construction business. AJ graduated with a Masters in Management and began interning at University of Southern California, then University of Nevada Las Vegas and was eventually hired by his mentor at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. Everything was falling into place, but both AJ and Jessica were always a lot happier when they were together! So on a sunny day in 2017, AJ asked Jessica to marry him and both of them couldn’t be happier about it! While they’re excited about the wedding, they’re even more excited to be married and spend everyday together!

Tell us about the proposal!

AJ proposed at the Nest in Seattle surrounded by our best friends and family. Everyone knew the surprise except for me! It was a great day.

Why did you choose your venue?

It is large enough for our wedding and the location is convenient.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

All of the moments I missed!