Ohashi Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Ohashi Wedding on 8/26/18 at The Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom – songfreedom.com

“Reid is seriously the best! Both times we met (consultation and wedding day) he was upbeat, friendly, and showed a creative and authentic approach to his work. We both loved his ideas for showcasing our perfect day and are beyond thrilled with the results. Reid (and his fellow videographer) captured our magical day with everything we wanted. They were up for anything and good with improvising when needed. They were willing to help out with non videographer related things when needed (we had a speaker issue during dinner and announcements) and were very communicative throughout the entire process even post wedding (Reid is super quick to respond via email and social media). Thank you Reid and Best Made Videos for the amazing video! We will cherish it forever :)”

Seattle’s northern neighbor, Everett, is by no means a fun city to try and get to or from during the week. Horrendous traffic issues plague everyone on that I5 corridor during their weekly commutes–but on weekends, this rising city is definitely a great place to visit. Heading on up there at the end of August, we got to film a wedding at one of our favorite stomping grounds: Monte Cristo Ballroom!

As opposed to giving multiple options for your big day, Monte Cristo Ballroom simply gives you everything–and we mean everything. The full day of service, multiple rooms, a DJ for 7 hours, a photo booth, lighting, beer/wine and so much more. It also feels sleek and elegant, and it’s especially great for those opting to not risk an outdoor wedding. For ease of planning and removing stress, they certainly know how to make things just perfect!

The Ohashi’s wedding day was peacefully overcast, almost like a tease for fall. This prompted some Starbucks and a fittingly indoor wedding. Once the guys were all decked out in their grey vests, they popped the bubbly to celebrate…before switching on sports to kill the time. The ladies didn’t quite have such relaxations, but the hard work showed in spades.

After a morning of preparation and anticipation, bride Kaytie went to meet groom Ryan for their first look. Out on the street corner, Ryan stood anxiously waiting his bride-to-be. What he didn’t see (but now can) was that Kaytie was giving him silly faces and looks from behind! Upon turning around, Ryan embraced Kaytie with a cute little kiss. We got some more shots of the two roaming the area before we got the rest of the bridal party to join in on the fun.

It was time to make our way inside the Ballroom. With stark white/cream walls, marble floors and a backdrop adorned with a beautiful array of flowers, the venue itself feels like a palace instead of a ballroom. Following a touching ceremony, delivered by an exhilarating officiant, Kaytie and Ryan were finally able to seal their union with a kiss. The confetti started to fly and it was all like a fairy tale. The Ohashis were official.

Family photos followed as the two stood right where they had been married, but this time with their families right next to them. Arriving to the reception hall with applause, the rest of the evening started to fly by. Cutting their enviable cake, sharing their first dance as husband and wife, and getting the party started, Kaytie and Ryan were in a state of pure bliss.

Soon, the ballroom was being used for the exact purpose it was built for: dancing! The night sped by in a flicker of lights and camera flashes, and music that never seemed to end. Thank you again to Kaytie and Ryan for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding, we hope your two month anniversary goes splendidly!

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Venue - Monte Cristo Ballroom

Photographer - Jill Most

Videographer - Best Made Videos

Florals - JNJ Floral

MUA/Hair - Sarah Ren Makeup Artistry and Hair

Ryan and Kaytie’s story in their own words:

Ryan and Kaytie met through Match.com. Our Match profiles showed we have a lot in common and Ryan made the first move in reaching out to Kaytie for a first date. Ryan and Kaytie met in Auburn on June 20, 2016 at a sushi/teriyaki restaurant. Ryan and Kaytie talked a lot during dinner about Disney, Aladdin, and the Flash and Arrow TV shows. This led to a second date to see Finding Dory which led to more movie and dinner dates after work for us. The third date was a bowling alley in which Ryan really showed Kaytie no mercy. Ryan and Kaytie shared their first kiss and Kaytie was a good sport about Ryan’s lack of explaining his bowling background before the date.

In August 2016 Kaytie invited Ryan to go with her to New York, our first trip together. It was hot and humid but we really got to know each other while sight seeing and eating delicious New York pizza. After that we went on trips every month: Ryan’s Spartan race in Lake Tahoe in which Kaytie spent 6-7 hours watching and supporting Ryan throughout his race; we went to Las Vegas for a Korean concert in which only Kaytie actually attended; in January we went to Disneyland and California Adventure for Kaytie’s birthday (Ryan’s birthday and Christmas present for Kaytie); we went to Reno with Ryan’s family for the Superbowl; Ryan and Kaytie met Tom Felton at Comic Con in Seattle and the cast of Once Upon a Time in Canada; we went to Long Beach for Ryan’s birthday (Kaytie’s surprise birthday present for Ryan); and Disneyland and California Adventure again for Ryan and Kaytie’s one year anniversary. Ryan proposed first thing in the morning on our one year anniversary and Kaytie said “of course”. Ryan gave Kaytie a ring with little mickey mouses on it as a placeholder for the engagement ring so she could choose her own engagement ring. They ended the night with a fancy dinner at California Adventure and watching the World of Color show.

Who made the first move? How?

Ryan made the first move when he emailed Kaytie on Match.com

Who’s going to take out the trash?

We both take out the trash equally.

What was your most memorable date?

All of them!

What’s your favorite activity together?

Taking naps, watching tv, and cooking together.

Where are you going for your honeymoon?

Disney World

What’s the best meal you have eaten together?

Any when we’re together!

What’s the most memorable trip you have taken together?

Tie between our first trip together (New York) and our latest trip to Disneyland when we got engaged!