Plummer Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Plummer Wedding on 10/20/18 at Dairyland in Snohomish, Wa

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“Reid this was absolutely beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! 

Reid was absolutely amazing! He was on top of everything, checking in as the day got closer and making sure to get as many details about us as possible. He was so great to work with and made everything so easy for me and my husband. I am so happy with everything he did for us and I still look back at our highlight video and tear up, so does my husband!! I highly recommend using this company!”

October (as with most of the Fall here in the Pacific Northwest) was unseasonably nice. It appears the weather gods are being nice to us for just a little bit before we probably get slammed with relentless rain from December onwards. But this wonderful October day took us out to our favorite venue with the most misleading name: Dairyland. I’ve said it before and I will (begrudgingly) say it again: Dairyland is not a cow-themed amusement park, as much as it should be. Hopefully the Plummers knew this before their big day!

We headed off to Snohomish for the wedding of Ashley and Cole, a summer romance that went the distance. While not as immaculately bright and cheery as one would like it (that’s asking for a lot in October), there was not a drop of rain to be seen or felt. We were even able to get out in the early morning and sip some beers and drinks in between getting ready and snapping photos.

Looking quite schnazzy in slate gray suits, the boys posed around the wooden structures around the farm. The ladies, on the other hand, stood out vibrantly against the grays and the browns in their red dresses. As smiles slowly became permanently fixed to their faces, it seemed just about time to go tie the knot!

Inside a charming barn space, with vaulted ceilings strung up with lights and chandeliers, it was wedding o’clock. Getting hit with a wave of emotion as he saw his bride approaching down the aisle, Cole looked like one happy fellow who was about to embark on a lifetime of even more happiness. Sharing their hearts with one another, as well as digging at each other’s sports teams, the happy bride and groom very quickly became husband and wife.

And with massive applause they exited out of the building to go do some of the bureaucratic stuff. Almost as if the weather knew that great happiness took place, we were greeted with a breathtaking afternoon bright with sun that brought out all of the Fall colors in such wonderful light. We got a chance to follow around the newlyweds as they wandered through the flowers and pastures of the ranch, though they would eventually have to be getting back.

The reception hall space at Dairyland is so inviting. With stark-white wood and the dazzling lights, it’s a romantic mixture of rustic and elegant, new, old and beautiful all in one. The dancing got off to a roaring start as the guests could barely stay seated any longer. A potentially dangerous start to the cake-cutting didn’t see any fingers go missing, but then it was back to more dancing with the boys really getting into it.

The night rushed by in the blink of an eye after that. It was such a wonderful time to be had with the Plummers. Thank you again to Cole and Ashley for picking Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first two months being married has been splendid!

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Venue – Dairyland

Photographer – Rachel Howerton

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – Melody Music

Catering – Java Haus Cafe and Catering

How did you guys meet?

We met at a cabin in Entiat, Washington on Memorial Day Weekend in 2011.  We both had several mutual friends there and we just started talking, but didn’t pursue anything until a couple weeks later.

Tell us about the proposal!

We went to Las Vegas with my parents for a weekend trip!  He wanted to meet up with my parents and do something fun, so we met in front of the Bellagio fountain.  He had read that they put on a cool show a couple of times a night, and little did I know what he was planning.  After talking to my dad as we got there (asking for his blessing) right after the show started he got down on one knee and proposed!  Of course I cried…but it meant more to me than I could have imagined because my dad passed away a couple of months after from cancer.  It was so special that he could be there for that moment.

Why did you choose your venue?

Who doesn’t love a beautiful white barn??  We loved the casual yet elegant rustic theme that Dairyland presented and we were so excited to be able to decorate it how we wanted.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The vows..and I am just so excited to marry Cole that it will be amazing to just relive our special day and watch us celebrate love with our friends and family.

Anything else?

I can’t wait!!

Ashley and Cole’s story in their own words:

Cole and I met through mutual friends, during a weekend we were both just planning to have a good time over in Lake Chelan.  At first we were just friends, but naturally clicked and not long after started hanging out more. It was one of the best summers I had ever had, only to have it end by me having to go off to school at WSU (Go Cougs!).  Several trips back home and visits we realized we were “doing the damn thing” and made it official! Luckily we only had to do long distance that first year because he joined me at school the next 2 years!

Once school was over we moved back home and in with our parents (not for long).  We had to learn what real adulting was and find jobs and figure out our next steps in life.  Finally we figured it out and moved in together and things have been great ever since! We have grown quite a bit, we have an adorable dog Cooper and two dorky yet devilish cats.  We have done home improvements, taken trips and vacations together, bought cars, experienced real life obstacles and loved each other even when we were angry with each other.

Like every relationship we have had our ups and downs but in the end it has made us stronger as individuals and as a couple and the future looks so bright!  

In September 2017 we went on a vacation with my parents to Sin City, VEGAS BABY!  This actually was the first time either of us had been since turning the legal drinking age.  It did not disappoint. We battled the crazy cigarette smoke, loud casinos, 100+ degree weather, and realized to walk the strip took forever with all of the people.  This was a special trip for me because earlier that year my dad had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Stomach cancer, so this was one of our last family trips. My parents showed us how to play blackjack at the table and I got to sit right next to my dad and soak up all of the fun and laughter (and losing money).  We also got to walk down to the Bellagio fountain where my life changed forever. As we were watching the fountain show I glanced over at my mom who was tearing up while Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on” was playing and I assumed it was due to my dad’s situation. So naturally I start tearing up while trying to tell myself it is a fun and happy trip and to not be sad.  Next thing I know Cole takes my hand and gets down on one knee…if I wasn’t crying before I sure was now! The euphoria I was feeling was indescribable. To be able to share that special moment in front of my parents, especially my dad, was something I will forever be thankful for.