Satterfield Wedding Video

Satterfield Wedding on 7/16/17 at Laurel Creek Manor in Sumner, Wa

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“Our wedding day was truly the single most amazing day of my life. I wish it never had to end but at least I have this amazing video to relive it over and over again.

Thank you Reid for making our fairytale wedding something we can enjoy and share for the rest of our lives.”

“Reid was so amazing. He made a beautiful video of our wedding day that captured every part of our day. I would recommend him 100% and would choose him over and over again. He was great to work with leading up to the wedding and on the actual event. We had our video back so quickly with amazing quality.”

Summer is prime wedding season, especially in the Pacific Northwest where it rains about 99% of the year and seldom reaches over 80 degrees in some areas. You’re lucky to get a handful of nice days in as many months, and even luckier if they’re in a row. So that makes May through September particularly busy for us, but it makes for some of our most beautiful videos.

The days are warm and sunny, making outdoor weddings possible without it being sweltering hot for the wedding guests; the days are long, which allows for the reception to continue well after the sun sets; and there’s that golden hour aura that eventually creeps in that makes time stand still. It’s the combination of all of these elements that makes the Satterfield wedding one of our favorites from this past summer, though we’ll let the video do the talking.

As far as wedding venues go, Laurel Creek Manor looks and feels a little bit like home, which is wonderful on so many levels. For one, Kelly and Aaron’s first look took place on the walkway leading up to the gorgeous brown manor, almost like it was their home they were arriving at. It adds a personal, calming touch to the atmosphere that for some might ease the stress of the day knowing they’re somewhere comfortable and homey. As family watched from the window, the bride and groom were nothin but smiles for each other as they embraced and posed for photos.

The wedding ceremony, held behind the manor on their stunning estate, packed family on both sides of the aisle on a spectacularly sunny day. The groom, rocking a grey vest and coral(salmon?) tie, looked spiffy along with his groomsmen while the bride dropped jaws in a strapless dress as she walked down the aisle to Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors.” Flanked by a bridal party adorned in slate grey gowns, the colors popped everywhere as the officiant delivered a speech worthy of a box of tissues as he touched on how “every day moments” come together for one big experience, and we couldn’t agree more.

Spanning both in and outdoors, the reception got to partying with wine, beer and dancing. Barrels for tables, a photo booth complete with Star Wars mask, and dozens of stringed lights helped add a romantic and distinct touch to an already marvelous day. The estate couldn’t be more perfect for weddings like this where you get everyone under a clear sky for a night illuminated by smiles and the twinkling lights above.

As the day crept towards twilight, the party seemed like it was only getting started. Dancing to a live DJ, the bride and groom shared time with their family and friends, but their day got the perfect punctuation with a slow dance lit by the setting summer sun as the golden light shone on two of the happiest people you’ll ever see. Some days you don’t ever want to end, and this wedding day was one of them.

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Laurel Creek Manor

Photographer – Amy Nielson

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