Sherry Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Sherry Wedding on 6/8/19 in Ravensdale, Wa

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Have any of you King Countians ever heard of Ravensdale? I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t–it’s pretty small. With a population of just over 1,000, the entire town is about as big as your high school. On a good day, it’s only about an hour outside of Seattle, which makes for a wonderful day trip. In the case of the Sherrys, well, it was the perfect location for an intimate, private wedding on a piece of property that had been in the family for years.

It was gray and cloudy to get the day off, which is typical for early June (remember, it was still Spring here!) The not-so-sunny morning made it perfect for taking some shots to bolster courage and warm the appendages. Taking care to get ready and look absolutely dapper, the boys got their bow ties on perfectly (even if they were a few shots in).

Sipping shots out of mini-solo cups and cracking open a few beers got the blood running before gathering for group shots in the clearings between the trees. The soon-to-be newlyweds were bubbling with excitement before we could even get a picture of the two. Once all of the shenanigans were out of their systems, it was time to wrangle up the wedding party for the big ceremony!

Situated in an opening surrounded by trees, the ceremony was just in time for the sun to start poking its head through the clouds. With the guests seated under a massive canopy, the bride, groom and their party stood at an adorable, elevated altar fashioned out of wood. With light grays and a almost-seafoam green dresses, the party looked just as suave as the bride and groom. Rocking Converse, the groom made his way down the aisle where he waited eagerly for his bride.

If there is any indication of a wonderful ceremony, it is the amount of laughter that arises from it. Now typically you don’t want laughs at a wedding, unless it fits perfectly with the couple. Some are just too serious and straightforward, but the Sherrys were giggly and oh-so excited to get hitched. When all was said and done, the two shared their sealing kiss and became husband and wife.

With plenty of space to roam around afterwards, it was time for an extravaganza of a reception. Multiple tents and tables were set up for food and beverages. While the party got even more silly with their newlywed photos (we took extra time to get some solo shots of the happy couple walking down some nearby train tracks) as the rest of the guests were having fun on the jungle gym and sipping their worries away.

When the newlyweds returned, it was definitely time to start the party. With what seemed like an endless amount of food to fill our bellies, the newlyweds shared a hopelessly romantic first dance in the wooden barn, decked out with a chandelier and all.

And then it was over far too quickly; as they say, this one was for the history books! Thank you again to Cheyenne and Tim for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first month of marriage has gone magically.

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Venue – Cheyenne’s Grandparent’s Property

Photographer – Jen and Jody Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Catering – The Apogee Pub and Eatery

DJ – Jeff Schellhase

Rentals – Anna’s Party Rentals

Cake – My Friend Diane

Cheyenne and Tim’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We met in college through our athletic department, we were both student athletes

Tell us about the proposal!

We went hiking outside of Columbus, GA (at Pine Mountain technically) to a waterfall, and that is where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Why did you choose your venue?

This is actually my grandparent’s property, I grew up “camping” here, and my grandfather has since built it into a beautiful place for a wedding!

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The speeches!

Wedding Party

Flower Girls: Alyena, Kendall, Camryn, Raelynn, Farryn, and Gizelle

Ring Bearers: Carson and Hudson

Gus Greenside


As Cheyenne’s longest standing friend (and brother), he enjoys bird hunting, driving Cheyenne crazy, and feeding his herd of pigs.

Cat Sherry


Often called Sherry rather than her first name, Cat has put up with all of Tim’s nonsense for the past 25 years, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a Beverage Connoisseur, animal lover, and gym rat.

Sarissa Lammers


Saved Cheyenne with Thai dates, chocolate and Grey’s Anatomy binges during college, enjoys making fun of Tim.

Soren Butler


Soren and Tim were rivals-turned-roommates after competing against each other growing up and being roomed together in college. Soren has put up with Tim and his craziness in life and in athletics.

Kayla Contreras


Cheyenne’s high school mini-me, running buddy, Kayla is going to school in North Carolina and enjoys ice cream and Cheyenne’s dog Carlos

Luke Johnson


Luke is a PA native and loves the outdoors. He is a beer enthusiast and brings the party to any room he enters!

Kyle Froese


This guy was fool enough to literally take care of Cheyenne (and Sarissa) through four years of college

Lauren Todaro


Lauren, commonly referred to as LP, is full of fire, loves cats, and recently married her best friend!



Cheyenne’s family mini-me, likes to make sarcastic comments, and enjoys Olive Garden

Tim Soushek


Although a cousin of the bride, Tim gets along with everyone and enjoys teasing gators, long walks to the kitchen, and a cold brew.



Cheyenne’s cousin and Olivia’s brother, Logan enjoys Fortnight, fighting with Gus, and french fries with steak

Alyssa Larsen


Alyssa and Tim met and became friends over their love of coffee and and dogs!

Asne Hoveid


A Norwegian native, Asne helped both Cheyenne and Tim cause plenty of trouble in college. And as the only person in the bridal party from another country, she brings the life to every party

Nathan Taylor


Nathan, commonly known as Nay Nay, is a Texas native and loves helicopter rides, strolls through the biology lab, and making fun of his friends.