Spiziri Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Spiziri Wedding on 9/8/18 at DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, Wa

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When you think of wine country, you think of Bordeaux in France, or Tuscany in Italy. Heck, you might even just think of Napa. But for us Washingtonians (who have, in recent years, gotten quite good at this wine game), we don’t need to venture very far at all, depending on which side of the state your own. For those of us on the west side, look no further than just a few miles out of Seattle–Woodinville to be exact–and you’ll be off sipping fancy wines by afternoon!

But even more wonderful than having a bevy of wine for your wedding, Washington’s own wine country is just as beautiful as any other in the world–and it’s also as peaceful and quaint. Probably even more so without all the tourists. The Spiziri’s landed on DeLille Cellars for their big day, an adorable vineyard that even has its own herd of sheep and alpaca. Just across the way from Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, we love this area for visits and weddings alike.

Some cloudy skies got us started off, though there were some shades of blue tucked in between the whites and the grays. The peaceful interior soothed the anxieties that come about with as much stress that a day like today brings. With such luck, once everyone was ready, so was the sun ready to pop its head out for the first look.

Around a charming little fountain, Andrew stood waiting for his bride. Some onlookers watched with glee as Christina came from behind. With a perfect kiss, it was off to take these two around the area. Posing amongst the grapes, barn and pond, it was such a sweet and serene time with these two as they eagerly smiled and posed anywhere we told them to.

By the time it was ready to get hitched, the sun really roasted some gray away as it started to light up the vineyard with its warm light. As everyone gathered in a clearing for the ceremony, the bride made her way to her fiance. Delivering heartwarming–and certainly tear-jerking–vows, the bride and groom shared their love for one another and everyone they knew. With just a few utterly magical words, they finally had permission to do what they’d been waiting so long to do: kiss and seal their union.

Traipsing around the area once again, it was time to get some even more romantic shots now with the sun high in the sky. Complete with a pond, the vineyard really goes above and beyond to give you plenty of picture-perfect locations. Heading back to the reception tent, pumping up the music even as they arrived, it was definitely time for celebration.

After the cake and food had all been absorbed into bellies, there was still plenty of time left to dance the night away. To leave in utmost style, the newlyweds made their way out with a flurry of sparklers to one heck of a ride, ready for their new lives.

Thank you again Christina and Andrew for picking Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope you’ve had an excellent three months already!

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Venue – DeLille Cellars

Photographer – Carol Harrold

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

DJ – Intergral DJs

Flowers, Catering, Coordination – Blue Ribbon 

Transportation – British Motor Coach

Andrew and Christina’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Christina and I met while she was in town looking for apartments before she moved up here and we attended a party at a mutual friends apartment. It was a pre-party for a concert at the home of someone she went to college with and that I knew through work.

Tell us about the proposal!

We were planning a vacation to somewhere with a beach and i convinced Christina to upgrade our plans to Maui. She agreed as long as I planned it which was perfect. After a long day of stops along the road to Hana we had dinner at Mamas Fish House just in time for the sunset. After dinner we walked out front to their private beach where I proposed under the lit tiki torches.

Why did you choose your venue?

Our close friends got married here and suggested it to us. After taking a tour it was an instant winner.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

I think we’re mainly interested in two aspects:
1) Having a video to capture the ceremony and speeches so we can send them to family members who are unable to make it

2) Capturing the beauty of the venue so we can always remember how special it was