Van Cise Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Van Cise Wedding on 3/10/18 at Trinity Tree Farm in Issaquah, Wa

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A quick drive out of Seattle, though that really depends on what time of day you depart, lies the town of Issaquah that serves as one of the last few bastions before entering into Snoqualmie Pass along I-90. A little further south, just outside of town, you’ll find Trinity Tree Farm. When they’re not basking in the warm summer sun hosting weddings and events, they’re setting up shop to sell their own Christmas Trees come winter. With the ability to host up to 150 guests, and featuring stunning views of some of the state’s most beautiful mountains, this little nugget of land really brings you into nature.

With all the quiet of being out in the country, the Van Cise Wedding day got off to a quaint beginning. Despite having plenty to do to get ready, there was still enough time to get in a couple rounds of foosball and pool. The day kept on going before it was eventually time to meet for an utterly adorable first look.

Meeting out amongst the baby Christmas trees (it is March, after all), their fully blossomed love stood tall. With sunlight blasting through the trees, we found a wonderful little clearing to have everyone pose for group photos. Silliness and happiness ensued as the entire bridal party made their way out to make it special, though at one moment Taylor decided to play a prank and run off out of the area. He came back though, don’t worry.

When it was finally time to get hitched, a moment the bride and groom had been waiting over a decade for, everyone filed into the hall decked out with dangling lights and a chandelier. Eagerness overtook Taylor before the guests could give away Angelina, but then a heartwarming and tear-producing ceremony followed and officially sealed their storied love.

While the guests headed onto snacks, the newlyweds went back out to the fields where the sun had set, resulting in more romantic lighting. After some time, they decided to head back to the reception to greet all of their guests. With a mouth-watering assortment of desserts and food, they cut into their cake and kicked off the rest of the festivities.

Dancing followed with the lights twinkling high above, and then everyone else got onto the floor (even the babies and stuffed animals). There were some seriously impressive moves to be seen that night, and nobody was afraid to show off even their wildest moves.

To cap off a stellar day, the newlyweds were sent off in a tunnel of sparklers with all of their guests wishing them well. Hopping in a fancy car, the two drove off into the night and towards new beginnings.

Thank you again to Angelina and Taylor for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope the first few months of marriage has been nothing but happiness and joy.

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Venue - Trinity Tree Farm

Photographer - Erin and Ryan Button

Floral - From the Ground Up Floral

Caterer - Jacks BBQ

Bar - Bartenders Extraordinaire

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Angelina and Taylor's story in their own words:

Our Story

The Meet Cute

Angelina and Taylor met in middle school when they first "dated", which mostly consisted of holding hands between passing periods and him walking her home from school. They would periodically keep in touch throughout high school and college, usually prompted by Angelina's mom asking how "that Taylor Van Cise boy is doing", but didn't truly find their way back into each other's lives until shortly after Angelina's father had passed away. Taylor reached out to Angelina to offer comfort as well as reconnect and from then on they've been inseparable.

The Proposal

Unbeknownst to Angelina, family, and friends...Taylor had been planning the proposal for months. He had sought out a jeweler to create a custom engagement ring and had also discovered Angelina's Pinterest page to help in that endeavor. For the actual proposal Taylor had planned to go to ZooLights at Woodland Park Zoo and have a private meeting with Santa where coworkers would be arranged to photograph the event. But then the zoo caught on fire, setting everything back. Forced to course correct, Taylor then planned to go to Flaming Geyser State Park where their first date (this time around at least) had been and have another coworker kayak down the river to photograph him popping the question. But then the park was partially closed for construction, the ring wasn't done, and the weather also prevented kayak photography from being possible.

Then, on the night of December 22nd, Angelina and Taylor made their way to ZooLights at Woodland Park.The zoo that night ended up being too crowded and Taylor wasn't able to find a suitable moment or spot to ask while they were there. When they were on their way home, they decided to stop at Coulon Park to see the light display there as well. After arriving and taking in the lights for a while, and at the urging of Angelina who wore the incorrect shoes for extended periods of walking, they found a bench to sit and chat. Taylor began talking about how sometimes when he makes plans things tend to go awry because he seems to aim too grand. Then he asked Angelina if she would like to help him plan things forever. And eventually, through ugly-girl-crying, she said yes.

They then discovered, after announcing their engagement to parents and family, that it turns out that without even trying Taylor managed to plan and carry out the perfect proposal. Taylor's parents had gotten engaged at Woodland Park Zoo, while Angelina's had gotten engaged at Coulon Park.

Why did you choose your venue?

We both love the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and felt that the whole venue showcased that perfectly. The Lodge is also one of our favorite architecture and design styles so it seemed like the obvious choice. On top of all of that we love Christmas so the fact that it’s a functioning Christmas tree Farm was a really fun addition.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Being able to see the first look and us exchanging vows, we’ll both be living those moments but being able to go back and rewatch them will allow us to revisit those moments.