Vladkya Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Vladyka Wedding on 6/30/18 at Trophy Lake Golf & Casting Club in Port Orchard, Wa

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Across the Puget Sound, our neighbor Port Orchard is a lovely little town that’s nestled in an inlet right across from Bremerton. A quick drive south and you might think you’ve gotten lost, but right off Lake Flora Road lies the Trophy Lake Golf and Casting Club. If you’ve seen our videos or articles before, you know we love golf courses because of their serenity. Nothing like a quiet game of golf (aside from the occasional “Fore!” or perhaps a swear word) to serve as a backdrop to a wedding as the courses themselves are finely manicured landscapes.

What makes Trophy Lake special, aside from its picturesque location, is the cool fact that you can actually learn to fly fish for trout there, though for our bride and groom they had already got their catches.

The Vladykas' wedding, which took place near the end of June, was a day of love, beauty and happiness. A relaxing day, with pizza, coffee, and a glimpse of the World Cup kept the spirits high. As the boys got ready with their suits and ties, the ladies got their dresses on and hair done together at a nearby rental house. With goofy socks, the boys were really happy to show them off.

Once they were all ready, it was time to head to the links, though not for a round of golf! Looking like a bunch of studs, the boys had plenty of fun frolicking in the grass, playing leap frog and giving each other piggyback rides. Soon it was time for the first look, and what a first look it was! Meeting on a little bridge spanning a creek, Alee approached from behind as Alex turned to greet her from across the bridge. In an almost too-symbolic moment, he crossed the raging river to meet his bride-to-be. Posing in front of waterfalls and around the rest of the course, it was a wonderfully romantic session before the rest of the group came on in.

What came next was an utterly colorful wedding with more colors than the rainbow to be seen. Following poignant vows detailing their six-year history and how they met in college, the two were in tears before the magic words came: “you may kiss the bride.” And so they did, and the rest was history.

Venturing off to sign paperwork and pose for family photos, the newlyweds were the pinnacle of happiness. Inside the event space, complete with draping, lights, and enough drinks and food to keep everyone satiated, the reception even had board games for everyone to play. Those went away very quickly once the actual dancing started, and then everyone got on the floor and let loose their best moves. A goofy cake-cutting followed by a hilarious garter dance kept the energy blasting through the night.

Soon the night came to an end, but what a glorious day it was! Thank you to Alee and Alex for picking Best Made Videos to shoot their wedding! We hope you have a happy one-month anniversary!

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Venue - Trophy Lake Golf and Casting

Photography - Betty Globa Photography

Videography - Best Made Videos

DJ - Sounds Unlimited

Florist - Von Galt Flowers

Coordination / Catering - Trophy Lake Golf and Casting

Cake - Bella Bella Cupcakes

MUA - Elizabeth White

Hair - Tami's Hair Design

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Alee and Alex's story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We met in high school through an event called "Macho Volleyball". The girls' volleyball team coached boys that volunteered to play on the team. She was a coach and he was one of the volunteers.

Tell us about the proposal!

The proposal was disguised as a photoshoot. The bride's best friend had taken photos for us several times, so it wasn't anything new. The photoshoot happened on the beach in Edmonds, WA... in late November. Needless to say, it was cold. We would figure out poses and lighting with our jackets on, and then throw our jackets to the side, take the pictures, and quickly put our jackets back on. At one point, Alex didn't let us go back to grab our coats and just kept hanging onto me. Then, he said "How many days have we been together?". I was cold and a bit irritated that I wasn't being allowed to go put my jacket back on and replied "365 times 3.5, you do the math." As soon as the words came out of my mouth, it dawned on me what was happening. Alex finished what he had planned out in his head and then got down on one knee. Of course I said yes :)

Why did you choose your venue?

It's in Washington which is where home is for both of us. Also, there is a beautiful waterfall and trees surrounding the area. It's also a lighthearted, fun atmosphere like our relationship. Also, the venue was relatively all inclusive, so it was nice to not have to find external caterers and rentals.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Specifically, I'm most excited to see his reaction during our first look. I'm also really excited to see all of the little candid moments between us and those that are attending the wedding. Alex is most excited to see the first dance.