Wangner Wedding Video

Wangner Wedding on 8/12/17 at Dairyland in Snohomish, Wa

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"Reid was absolutely amazing to work with!!! He made videoing our special day, flawless! He is very personable and responds promptly to any and every question we had. He also got us our clip video within a week and our full wedding videos shortly after!! We HIGHLY recommend Reid for your videographer!!"

For the uninitiated–and those who missed our Best Wedding Vows article–you might be surprised to learn that Dairyland is far from the milk theme park you imagined it to be. No, the only white you’ll be seeing her is the bride’s gown--because Dairyland is indeed a wedding venue. To the northeast of Seattle lies a fairly large area of farmland--wide open spaces that, in the right weather, can serve as the ultimate wedding venue. This is where Dairyland (along with Woodland Meadow Farms) lies, and for the last time there are no cows to serve as ring bearers!

The Wangner’s wedding was a glorious day of love, happiness and a touch of the country life. Kicking off the day with hair, billiards, and a game of giant Jenga the spirits were high and the tension was loose. With the tower crashing to the floor, resulting in a loud rumble, it was perhaps time to really get into preparing for the big day.

Gifted a killer golden watch from Erika, Kayla looked stylish in her grey suit without a jacket--which would’ve been pretty impressive on this hot summer day--while Erika rocked an elegant, shoulderless gown. Their first look, which was started with Erika tapping on Kayla’s shoulder and Kayla not immediately turning around, showed the silly, fun-loving nature of the couple. Adorable photos taken in a horse stable and around the venue were an absolute delight as we followed the wide-eyed couple around the estate while they never let go of each other once.

When the ceremony kicked off, I’m sure nobody was expecting the tremendously emotional vows that were delivered by Erika that reduced not only herself, but also Kayla and pretty much the entire audience--even the officiant was getting a little teary! Kayla, a little overwhelmed and certainly sure she couldn’t follow what Erika just said, responded with matching emotions, telling Erika she’s her “best friend for life.”

As guests loaded up on snacks, hung out with old friends and new, signed the wedding book and waited for the reception, the wedding party soon came dancing on into the event space. Cutting their red, messy cake they smear it all over each other before tyding one another up. Their first dance was full of giggles and smiles as they held each other tightly for the first time as a married couple.

The night wore on as they danced away in a barn lit by chandeliers. Once the disco lights turned on, and the DJ started thumping the music, everyone got off their feet to party until they couldn’t party no more. Kayla, removing her jacket, became the life of the party as she hit the middle of the dance floor--heck, they even danced on the table!

Congratulations to the Wangners! We hope the first six months of your marriage was joyous and wonderful! Thanks again for choosing Best Made Videos to shoot your ceremony!

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– Scott Johnson

Photography – Hannah Wahl

Venue – Dairyland

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