Wedding News Roundup 4/9/18

by Scott Johnson

Welcome back to another rousing edition of Wedding News Roundup! Every so often, we pick up on the latest and greatest in the wild world of weddings. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always filled with love, these stories remind us of all of the wonderful weirdness that can spring forth from weddings. We’ve got three stories coming at you this week, so let’s get started!


Owl Ring Bearer Attacks Audience

Coming from the Nerdist, this story is actually quite a hoot. Back in March, Jeni Arrowsmith and Mark Wood got married at Peckforton Castle in Northwest England–which, in many regards, already makes for a great wedding because who wouldn’t want to get married in a castle?

Yet instead of sticking to your regular options when it comes to ring-bearing (typically an adorable little kid, a dog, or the best man), these two thought that having an honest-to-god owl would be the most perfect idea. I’m sure things went well in rehearsal, probably because there wasn’t nearly the same amount of people, but for the real deal it got a little freaked. Hesitant to leave the handler’s arm, the owl finally zipped down the aisle and landed on the groom. Within seconds, the owl had lost its cool and proceeded to swoop towards the audience, resulting in a large amount of gasps, laughter and one man even falling out of his chair.

But wait: there’s even a video! Check the link and witness the hilarity ensue!

"Killer Clown" Photobombing

In the past, we’ve seen some pretty hilarious wedding photos and the silly things friends and family do to make them even more special. Remember Pennywise getting photoshopped into some shots? Well, this one takes it even further. Vincent Alexander found it to be a pretty humorous idea to have his brother dress up in a sinister clown costume and stand behind him and his wife, Manda. He then got the approval of the photographer, who assisted him in keeping it an absolute secret from Manda, who discovered the surprise a full year later on their first anniversary as a married couple.

Vincent even filmed her reaction of receiving the photo, to which Manda was pleasantly surprised with. Don’t worry, they still took some lovely photos that totally make up for the terrifying clown in just the one. Be sure to check the link for all of the photos and reaction video!

Dad Trolls Daughter With Sign at Proposal

The etiquette of asking a father for permission to marry his daughter feels as old as weddings themselves. Though times have changed and the idea of “giving away a daughter” feels a little antiquated by today’s standards, parents should always be a part of the picture in a wedding, though when it comes to proposals perhaps not always.

That didn’t stop Jake Barron, father to Allison, from pulling off a hilarious prank at his daughter’s engagement to Levi Bliss. While the future son-in-law was quite close to Allison’s father, often hanging out together without Allison in tow, Jake found it to be a funny idea to show up at the proposal with a sign reading “Say No.” Of course it was all one big joke, but as he stood up on the hill with the sign there’s no way you can’t laugh when you hear the story. You might even cry a little. Read the article to see the sign for yourself!


And there you have it! Check back later for more Wedding News Roundup. As always, if you have a story you’d like to share or found a funny article we could feature later on, please drop us a comment below! We’d really appreciate it!