Wedding Proposal Videography

by Scott Johnson

We here at Best Made Videos have seen a lot of weddings, and by a lot—we mean a lot. On the biggest day of your life we get there bright and early, ready to capture every magical moment that comes along. From getting ready with your friends, to the first look, all the way to your car driving off into the distance—we get it all. But many people often forget that the proposal itself—you know, the event that got you here in the first place—is sometimes just as special as the wedding day. But wedding proposals professionally captured on video is something that we don’t see too much of, which is why we offer special wedding proposal videography packages.

An article that came out shortly before Valentine’s Day in the New York Times discussed some common pitfalls with proposals—and one of the major takeaways is to not spend gobs of money on something extravagant like a hot-air balloon or skywriting. The other is to not be too cliche, like proposing on Valentine’s Day itself—come on, that’s an easy one to miss. Other missteps they say to avoid include not sticking the ring in food or anything of the sort and to simply focus on the cute things in your relationship and inside jokes—but without making it too extreme. Often times the best proposals, according to the article, are just the ones with the two lying in bed in their most comfortable, normal states. No frills, no exuberant amounts of money, just a quiet moment of love and reflection.

Since we want to be there to capture every special moment for you, we offer a special Proposal Package that includes social media posts, highlight video and a teaser for Instagram. With prices starting at $500, this package also includes a $200 credit towards your Wedding Package should you decide to keep us on for the big day!

Just ask Connor and Addie who picked Best Made Videos and shared their endearing proposal all the way up at Newcastle (a familiar stomping ground for us, and one of the most breathtaking spots in the region). In what is now a truly unbreakable tradition, Connor took Addie up to one of their usual spots—the hills at The Golf Club, where his sister works—to do what they normally do: take pictures before heading on in for dinner.

This time, however, was just a little different. A warm spring day, we watched them from a distance as he guided her out to the hills. The minute he dropped to his knee and her hand rushed to her mouth we knew it was sealed. As family looked on from the estate, the two shared a kiss and were officially engaged! Having hired a photographer as well, the family posed for photos and beamed with excitement!

At the end of the day, your proposal should be meaningful and speak to your relationship in some aspect. If that’s hiring a flock of doves, a fireworks show or a marching band to come trumpeting down your street—then go for it! But always remember that sometimes simplicity is the best and most touching proposal to stick to. Just popping down on one knee is enough to make most people swoon, so never underestimate it.


Drop us a line below if you’re interested in hearing more about our Proposal Package—or if you just liked the video we’d love to hear that too! Thanks for checking in!