Chhim / Thim Wedding Video

Chhim / Thim Wedding on 8/22/15 in Des Moines, Wa

"Very responsive, flexible, and calm through a hectic day. The wedding was mostly not spoken in English, so all the ceremony must be challenging. Nothing ran as smooth or as scheduled, but Reid worked with the flow."

This video was one of the most interesting and complex I've had to do thus far in my wedding videography career.  A 4 + hour Cambodian wedding ceremony was something I have never experienced before.  I had to take great care to make sure I included all of the important customs, symbols, and traditions that took place even though I didn't necessarily know what they all meant.  Luckily (as I wrote about in an earlier post) a family member was nearby to guide me and explain what some of the things meant.  A language barrier like this one is difficult when it comes to editing, because you can't necessarily go along and cut and paste like you would in an English speaking ceremony.  You're worried about cutting off sentences or butting together phrases that don't make sense in context.  Luckily I had some great original Cambodian music that I could use in the background to help the video flow as I was unable to included much of the spoken words.  That audio is there however for the client in their raw video (which is something that many clients love to have and view on its own) but for editing a "highlight" video that the general public is going to view, in my opinion you just have to edit the actions and not worry so much about the dialogue.  At the end of the day the client was very happy and surprised with the quick turnaround, and ultimately that is all that matters!

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