Faber Wedding Video

Faber Wedding on 7/9/15 at the Robinswood House in Bellevue, Wa

Music Courtesy of Good Co. Music

"Reid was such an amazing videographer! His professional manner, creativity, and skill were all fantastic. We met before the wedding to discuss what we wanted in a video (and what we didn't want!). The day of he was on time, extremely organized, and everywhere. He had a great eye for catching beautiful moments and was very sneaky and considerate. We didn't feel like we were being followed around by a camera, even when we were! The final video was gorgeous and sweet and the perfect keepsake for all the best moments of our wedding. :)"

What a fantastically fun wedding this turned out to be for such an amazing couple.  I booked this wedding at least 9 months or so in advance.  I remember it was one of the first times I had to "blindly" meet a couple and try to book them for a wedding.  I approached it like a sales call, nervous that I would mess up the pitch and lose the booking.  Little did I know what for the most part, if a couple is going to drive somewhere to meet you at 5pm on a weeknight, there's a fairly good chance they're going to sign the contract with you!  lol

I had my fiancé come along for support, I figured if they didn't like me perhaps her charm and personality would win them over. They were warm and welcoming and we got along together great.  They ran down all the fun little extras they were planning for their wedding, they were both huge comic book and board game fans and wanted to find a way to incorporate these special things into their big day.  I remember listening to all their big ideas (personalized legos for the guests, a board game at every table) and wondering how many of these idea would actually come into fruition once their wedding actually came around.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into their venue, the Robinswood House in Bellevue, that not only were there board games at EVERY table, but they were in the process of setting up their legos right next to their Captain America gift basket.  To top it all off they had a live "swing" band doing covers of all of their favorite songs, a huge plus for a wedding videographer!

The wedding was a smaller affair, with maybe 50 or 60 people present.  Laughter and good times were certainly in the air as the couple went table to table greeting all of their guests. 

Their photographer was another plus as they hired Steven Dangerfield a gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting at a couple of networking events.  He and I had a blast documenting every wonderful aspect of the day.  We finished the evening off with an intimate photoshoot out in the fields, with the couple laughing and dancing all the way.  The sun was setting behind the trees as we finished up and the couple walked back to rejoin the reception.  Seeing them hold hands and joke amongst each other as they walked off in the distance, I could see how truly in love they were, and I found great joy knowing that I couple help document one of the most important days of their life, and share a little bit of their joy as well!

Photographer - Steven Dangerfield

Venue - Robinswood House

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