FlatBike Kickstarter / Promo Video

"FlatBike - Biking Made Easier"

This was certainly a fun little video to put together.  I met Bob (the client and male actor in the video) a few months ago.  Bob had a ton of fun ideas when it came to improvements that could be made to improve bicycles for everyday people.  Rotating handlebars (so you can store a bike flat), foldable bikes (so you can carry your bike in the back of the car), and even removable bike pedals (so you can walk safely along side you bicycle) are all little improvements that can be implemented into the everyday consumer bicycle.  It's my understanding that a lot of these "improvements" have existed for a little while now, but nobody has taken them all together to establish a sort of "brand" like Bob plans to do with FlatBike, thus the need for the video. I believe it is his intention to show the consumer the need for each of these products, and then work to implement his own designs and products in this emerging industry.

In terms of actually putting the video together, it's nice to work on something where you can show a little creativity.  Whether it was strapping a lawn mower onto the top size of a car and driving it down the road, or driving 5 or 6 times over a speed hump (not a bump...lol)  in an attempt to get a bike to "naturally" fall off of a bike rack, it was a fun day's work and something that was just really fun to do.  Being able to deliver the final video to the client by day's end (probably 3 hours after we wrapped shooting) is always something I'm proud of as well!

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