Social media is fun!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, SOCIAL MEDIA IS FUN!

I was a little late getting into the whole Instagram business.  I didn't really understand why you could only post square photos (and apparently neither did many other people as the company recently changed that) and I didn't really see the point.  I've already blogged about my constant attempts to improve my social media game and I guess Instagram is another stepping stone to that.

I love the new trend of each wedding having their own unique hashtag for wedding guests to post photos to.  I think it's fun that the bride and groom will have an instant little snap shot of their day to check out via their phone after everything is said and done, whether they're back home or heading off to an amazing honeymoon.  I like sprinkling in little photos from myself throughout the day as well, so they'll get a "semi-pro" photographer's perspective to get some idea of how their photos and video will turn out.  It's a little teaser and I think it's great!

One of the most creative hashtags I've seen was from this last weekend.  The bride was marrying a gentleman who's last name was White.  Trying to think of the various hashtags you could use, "WhiteWedding, WhitesOnly..." you could see how this could quickly spiral out of control.  The one they settled on was #WhitesAfterLaborDay a play on their new last name and the fact that their wedding was occurring on Labor Day weekend.  It was thoughtful, creative and certainly unique and I really thought it fit the mood of the day perfectly.

It was fun for me to snap a couple of pictures of my own alongside the 2 pros they had doing the photography and it was especially fun to see many of the bridal party either favorite or repost the various pictures I had taken throughout the day.  It's just another way to add to the excitement and to make sure that not a single moment from a bride's wedding day goes undocumented! lol.

The bridal party was especially fun running around with their selfie stick and constantly trying to get photos of themselves with their best friend (the bride) in the background.  It's really enjoyable for me to see friends with such love and excitement for their girlfriend and she embarks upon her next big adventure.  It only adds to the mood for the day and I think encourages everyone (myself included) to really embrace the joy and to try to do the best work possible for everyone involved.  It's just another reason why I love working with couples on their wedding days and experiencing all the fun that comes with it!

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