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Soto Wedding - Centralia Square Hotel, Centralia, Wa

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"He was super nice, helpful, and responded super fast! He was so funny and was never in the way with bulky cameras or getting in the way of people dancing. I love that we chose him!!!"

This was an interesting wedding for me because I had very little communication with the bride / groom before their actual wedding.  I got an email in late September from the bride titled "Wedding EMERGENCY!" where she informed me that the videographer they had previously hired was now unavailable for their date.  We emailed back and forth a few times, locked down the date, and really didn't communicate a ton more until the day of their wedding.

When  I knocked on the door last Saturday morning, I was greeted by an 19 year old bride, dressed in a bright blue onesie, you know the kind of pajamas with the footies in the bottom?  She was getting ready with one of her girlfriends and was BEYOND excited for me to arrive to begin filming her big day.  She was a little loud, a little scattered, but overall VERY excited to be getting married to her fiance and overall fantastic groom Fermin in a few hours.

Because she hired me for the full day, I was able to spend ample time with her and her family as they got ready.  This lead to me capturing some very special moments (her grandpa getting lost and her giving him directions, her overall inability to have mascara applied to her in her excited state) and just further solidifies my belief that longer videography coverage is always worth the extra investment.

What followed was a touching wedding ceremony and a fun afternoon of picture taking in downtown Olympia.  Fermin (her husband) was very hands on with the picture taking process, throwing out lots of potential locations and ideas that he thought might work out nicely.  I'm totally open and encouraging to grooms wanting to have involvement in the wedding photography and videography process.  It's usually not the case and it's a welcome surprise to have a groom be so excited about it all.

After picture taking we headed south to the Centralia Square Hotel for their reception.  Once we arrived, the bride and groom joined their family and friends, and engaged in a night of dancing, laughing, and even singing, when the bride serenaded her new husband to end the night.  It was a very touching moment and lead to a fantastic ending to an already fun and unique wedding video.  The wedding and especially the wedding video, could not have turned out better!

Venue - Centralia Square Hotel

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