I got a unique opportunity!

Salty's, West Seattle, Wa

Salty's, West Seattle, Wa

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, I GOT A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of filming a wonderful wedding at Salty's on Alki.  The wedding was for Paul and Shellie and I cannot WAIT to share their video with you all once they have the privilege to view it first.  They are a fun, easy going couple and their wedding video is absolutely one of my most favorite videos that I have had the chance to work on.

When I booked their wedding over six months ago, I didn't even know that you could get married at Salty's or at least I had never heard of anybody getting married there. I thought, “what a fun idea” and immediately became jealous that they would have such a unique venue to get married at.  Living just minutes away from Salty’s myself, once I discovered it could be used as a wedding venue (a venue with such a spectacular view) my fiancé and myself immediately put it in the list of potential places for us to get married.

Well as many of you may know, we are indeed going to get married at Salty's next August and we could not be more excited. What is extra cool about this whole experience is that fact that we got to work/attend a wedding last weekend at the same venue we will be getting married at next year.  It was a fantastic opportunity to basically give our venue a test run, finding out what we like and what we don’t like (nothing, lol because their wedding was pretty perfect).

Probably the BEST part of the whole experience was honestly just how great everything went at Shellie and Paul's wedding. I could very conceivably see myself going up to the event manager at Salty's and basically saying "yeah do that whole thing again the same way," just because of how much we liked every aspect of their wedding (venue specific things that is, i.e. dance floor placement, tables, DJ set up, etc.)  I can't think of too many couples who would ever have the same experience that we had, and for that I feel quite lucky!

I will be forever grateful to Shellie and Paul for obviously hiring me and allowing me the privilege to celebrate their amazing day with them, but also for allowing Dorothy to attend as well just so that we could get a first hand experience of our future venue in action.  Although we had already put the deposit down to hold the date, it certainly alleviated a lot of stress on our part to see how great the venue was and how much fun was possible to be had there.  We grow increasingly excited each day as we move forward to our wedding, and we cannot wait to celebrate with all our friends and family at Salty's on Alki next summer!

Thanks Shellie and Paul!

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