Best Made Videos® April 2019 Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter

Greetings everyone!  Reid here with Best Made Videos®. April was a fun month filled with a lot of travel, work and weddings! For Spring Break Dorothy and I headed down to San Antonio, Texas to spend some time on the Riverwalk. Downtown San Antonio is a killer spot to hang out because it features tons of great restaurants, bars, and even THE ALAMO. We had fun walking around the historic mission and getting our fill of some incredible southern American history!

April also found us heading back to one of our favorite wedding venues (and the site of Dorothy and my own wedding) Salty's on Alki for their first annual open house. All of the engaged couples who are planning to hold their wedding at Salty's were invited to a fun open house and food tasting. They could also interact with a bunch of different wedding vendors including photographers, DJs, wedding planners and even ME as a videographer! It was a great way to catch up with the Salty's team as well as get a chance to meet and interact with some awesome wedding couples. I can't wait to attend next year!


Dorothy and I headed back to Spokane (you might have read in our last newsletter that we trekked across the pass) for Lacy and Scott's wedding! These two got married right in front of the Spokane River at Chateau Rive. Having not attended a wedding in about a year, my biggest takeaway was how quick everything happened. Even as a wedding guest I had a hard time talking to everyone I wanted to talk to while still getting to see all of the major reception moments like the first dance and bouquet/garter tosses. I could only IMAGINE how much more challenging it has to be for all of our brides and grooms trying to experience every aspect of their wedding day. It really made me realize (as if I had to be convinced lol) how IMPORTANT wedding videography is in helping you remember, recount, and relive your wedding day weeks and every years after the fact. Not only does videography help capture YOUR experience (as the bride or groom) but it also helps capture your GUESTS' experience as well. I have to imagine that many of our couples find solace is knowing that they have a group of professionals capturing their wedding day from beginning to end so they can preserve it and help remember it always!


We had a bunch of anniversaries to celebrate this month including Danijela's incredible wedding to Fedja at The Golf Club at Newcastle. I always make an effort to reach out and celebrate each one of our couples' anniversaries for a variety of reasons. Not only is it a great way to touch base and let them know that I'm still thinking about them, but it's also a great way for ME to help remember their wedding day and how much fun it was getting to celebrate with them. It's always an honor to hear from our couples about how they "just watched their highlight video again" or "are planning to sit down tonight to help celebrate their anniversary." Along with Danijela and Fedja's wedding, we also got to congratulate Erin and Matt, Rachel and Jon, Anna and Sebastian and Yana and Ben. Congratulations to all of our incredible couples!!!

I had the honor to receive the call again this year to help Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center produce and edit their fundraising video for their 2019 fundraising dinner. This video was played during their event as a way to inspire and motivate people to donate in order to support the next year of Little Bit's operation. It's always a blast getting to spend a few weeks out at their farm with some of their extraordinary staff and volunteers.

From their website - "Little Bit was founded in 1976 by a woman named Margaret Dunlap. Margaret had Multiple Sclerosis and found that being on the back of a horse slowed the advance of her disease. From our humble beginnings of one horse and five riders, we have grown to be one of the largest nationally accredited, industry-leading PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) International centers and one of the largest full-time therapeutic horsemanship programs in the United States. We offer Adaptive Riding and Hippotherapy, and serve 230 riders and patients each week with 22 horses and the help of more than 350 volunteers."

Last month I told you guys how one of my past wedding clients, Ron Fincher, had hired me to help produce a video showcasing his drumming skills. We finally wrapped on this awesome video and I'm so happy to get to share it with you now! It's so much fun getting to reconnect with past wedding clients and it's even more amazing when I get to help capture their passions in video form. Check out this video of Ron rocking the house down at a concert he played at in Tacoma!

We released a ton of new episodes of our podcast "Get to Know Your Wedding Pro" this month; including interviews with Aly and Krishna of Glitch Films, Mark Schaefer of Mark Schaefer Magic, Marilee Kimball of 321 FOTO and Simon Mendiola of Brooks Range Photography. We even re-aired our very first episode with ME to celebrate 50 episodes of the podcast!

Check out the entire podcast feed on: And please let me know if there is anybody that you would like to hear from in an upcoming wedding vendor interview!


Monthly Videography Tip!

Think about having your proposal filmed by a videographer!!
This time of year I always think about the one AMAZING time we got to head up to The Golf Club at Newcastle to film Connor's surprise proposal to Addie. Having no idea that the proposal was coming, the reaction that you see from Addie in the picture above (and in the proposal video) is 100% authentic. It's always a great idea to consider bringing along a photographer (and especially a videographer) to help capture the moment when you ask for your loved one's hand in marriage. You're already going to be telling the story a million times anyway, if you have the video it makes sharing your special moment just THAT much easier!!!


My job wouldn't be complete without including a nice image of ROSIE!  Rosie was having a lazy Wednesday morning hanging out with her heating blanket in bed!  Love that little friend...

Thank you all for checking out our monthly newsletter!  April is almost over and we are getting packed up to record a wedding ceremony down in Buckley tomorrow afternoon! Our wedding season officially starts next weekend for Marie and Jason's wedding over in Port Angeles. As always, thanks again for your support, I'm off to edit some more wedding videos and to update our blog.  Have a good one!
- Reid