Bizarre Wedding News - April 16, 2019

By Scott Johnson

Photo Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Welcome everyone to another edition of Bizarre Wedding News! Wedding season is almost here and we are so very excited. We’ve got for great stories coming to you this week, and one in particular is going to be of interest to all of you Costco shoppers out there hoping to cut costs on weddings! Without any further ado, let’s get cracking!

We see so many stories about people losing wedding rings and it just breaks out hearts! This week is a little different: we found one where a ring has been found but the owner is still at large! While on a jog around his neighborhood, Oklahoma man John Daum noticed something shiny on the ground. It wasn’t gold or anything, but black and metallic. It was a wedding band.

Doing his due diligence, Daum posted about it to social media but came up with zero leads. His next step? Turning to the local news to help try and track it down. He described it as having “two cuts in it. This is roughed up, not shiny in the center, but just two rings around it.” There is also an inscription on the inside that will be used to test and make sure the claimant is actually the true owner! Best of luck!

Who doesn’t love Costco? From the free samples, to the pizza, chicken, booze, meats and bulk-sized toilet paper, it has it all. Southern Living realized this and wondered what you could get for your wedding day on the cheap and plentiful. The answer is quite a bit.

First and foremost: Wine. From their own name-brand wine to some of the more fancy European and Oceanic blends, there’s hundreds of bottles to choose from. With wine, then natural next step is snacks. If you’ve ever perused their snack section, you know it to be utterly overwhelming, especially when they always happen to have stuff you’ve never heard of!

They close off the list with a healthy tip for your feet: buy your insoles at Costco! Be sure to check out the article for the other purchases you should make in bulk!

We have to transition to some more upsetting news, now. Sandra Pryor, a Jacksonville bride, got married about a year ago at this point. Congratulations, right? Definitely! But she’s been desperately waiting for one key item: the video she paid thousands of dollars for. That’s right, Pryor does not have the video from her wedding day.

The company in question, CollabCreation Films, is rightfully sketchy. As of January, it was “permanently closed” according to Google. Apparently paying close to $3k for the video, she has never heard anything back a Mr. Kevin Remington. But the news station down there has, with an email supposedly from Remington himself claiming “we are working diligently to rectify any situation that is outstanding.”

Crazy, right? Here’s to hoping things get resolved!

Our final story will hopefully make up for the sadness of the last because it features a few hilarious tweets about weddings. Using the hashtag, WeddingFail, tracked down some of the funniest tweets about…you guessed it…wedding fails. One was just a series of unfortunate events from Emily Winslow Sigler, “my wedding day was perfect…Except for the fact that I ripped my dress, stepped on broken glass and dislocated my knee at the reception.”

Another one, likely to happen to all of us who aren’t good at public speaking, comes from Kelly Thornhill, “My husband said, “to love, honor and PERISH” instead of cherish! The judge gave him a do over!” Luckily they got the mulligan!


There you have it, folks! Be sure to check back in for more wedding news and weddings in general! Have a question or comment? Leave it below!