Bizarre Wedding News - January 11, 2019

by Scott Johnson

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Welcome everyone to another wonderful installment of Bizarre Wedding News. Now that the Countdown of 2018 Favorites has concluded, we are well underway into a bright, fresh 2019. While we wait around for the sun to come out, let’s see what crazy stories have been going on in the world of weddings! This week we have got Tom Hanks, the quickest engagement ever, and none other than Aquaman himself. Let’s not beat around the bush any longer!

Our first story takes us all the way to Ghana for a wild wedding ceremony that saw the arrival of the wedding rings by drone! Aside from drones being completely controversial in the country of Ghana right now, as the New Patriotic Party’s Akufo-Addo led government hoping to use them to deliver blood and other medical supplies, a bride and groom were all too eager to delight their guests with a drone delivery of their rings.

If you watch the video, out of nowhere you hear a buzzing sound coming from the distance. The drone soared overhead and slowly dropped down so the best man could get the box free. I’m sure many people in the country can get behind this type of drone delivery, though the major concern over the medical supplies is the exorbitant prices it would cost in order to make it a reality. Nevertheless, we’re a fan of this one!

When some people get engaged, they remain that way for years! Think of Pam on The Office, waiting and waiting for Roy to get his crap together, all while Jim watched patiently from the sidelines. Well, actor Matthew David could potentially have broken the record for quickest wedding after an engagement, as he got married to his bride Kiley Casciano a matter of three hours after he popped the question.

The two, who are just gaga over each other, wasted little time in tying the knot, changing names, and sharing it all over Instagram for the world to see! Congratulations!

He may be busy doing press tours for the massively successful Aquaman right now, but over the holiday break Jason Momoa did a little photobombing while he was over in Hawaii. In Oahu, a couple was out on the beach getting married, when out of nowhere Jason showed up at the beach rocking some awesome striped shorts.

The couple asked him if he wouldn’t mind crashing their photo, and sure enough he was happy to do it. And even weirder, there was apparently a kid on the beach who had a trident that he was willing to let Momoa borrow to make the photobombing even more hilarious! Check out the article for all of the gut-busting pictures!

This last one isn’t entirely to do with weddings--mostly just a showcase of how amazing Tom Hanks is--but we thought we would feature it anyway because he often does this for weddings too! The weekend before Christmas, Tom and his wife Rita Wilson were out and about in California when they decided to stop on in at--you guessed it!--In-N-Out! Not only did they pose with fans for photos, but they treated a few of them to their meals and even sat and ate with them. The lucky ducks!

Tom Hanks is famous for showing up unannounced and being his perfectly genuine and happy self at a number of events, even a wedding back in 2016 where he took some shots with the newlyweds and wished them luck in their marriage. If you believe everyone flipped out at this--you are absolutely right!


And there you have folks! Check back in just a few days for some more Bizarre Wedding News! As always, if you have any articles you want to share, send them our way!