Bizarre Wedding News - November 15, 2018

Photo Credit - Austin Fire Department

By Scott Johnson

Don’t let the cold, dreary days get you down when there’s so much weird and wonderful wedding news out there to be seen! That’s right, it’s time for another series of stories from the world of weddings! This week we’ve got some stories that will make you angry, laugh and wonder about if having a lavish wedding is worth it. Hopefully it will be enough to chase the rain and clouds away from your fall day! Let’s get to it:

The wedding dress is, in many ways, one of the most important aspects of a wedding. There have been movies, songs and probably a dozen TV shows that focus on wedding dresses, so they’re a pretty big deal. Alas, one weekend in September, a car thief just so happened to pick a seamstress’ car full of lovely dresses—but more importantly a single wedding dress. And then it was gone.

Some people are just awful in this world, and this car thief is but another of one of those losers who want to ruin people’s happiness. The seamstress then had to call the bride and inform her of the horrible news, which is by no means a fun thing to do. She is now pleading with the thief to return the dresses, particularly the wedding dress as it would lead to some major relief and happiness. Here’s to hoping that the thief comes through and decides to make some sort of amends.

Near the end of September, floods struck near Austin, Texas. With the water coming quicker and quicker, many fled for higher ground. With it still being wedding season, one wedding party had to be rescued from their venue Casa Rio De Colores. Around 60 people in all had to be rescued by the Austin Fire Department as within what felt like minutes, flood waters rushed through the area. What’s even scarier is this happened in the middle of the night—certainly not something anyone would want to wake up to!

The tents around the area also collapsed, with some having to cut through them in order to escape. The water grew so high and fast, it even swept away cars along with all of the rest of their personal belongings. Luckily, nobody was injured and everyone got away safely. We hope that their wedding day went a little more smoothly than the night before.

We’ve talked a lot about celebrity weddings, mostly in regards to the ludicrous amounts of money they spend to make their big day happen, but today we get into the little weird oddities of them too. With so much money flying around, there’s surely some pretty crazy facts no?

Take Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who had a 224 foot-long marble table put in for their wedding so they could all see the Florence skyline. Or what about David and Victoria Beckham, who bought out an entire Irish castle for their wedding? Queen Bey herself had 70,000 of her favorite flower flown in from Thailand to decorate Jay Z’s apartment.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who we so miss as a couple, spent around $100,000 on just security to ensure that the wedding was seen only by those invited. This fee also covered the airspace around the area, too. Now that’s coverage.

One of the funniest things on the list, especially those with tight wallets, is that at Kim Kardashian’s other wedding, the cheapest item on the registry was just a mere $1,115. Surely you’re thinking of some marvelous china or nice silverware. Nope. Just a clock. Check out the article for more weirdness!

While we’re on that same subject…what about some of the weirdest celebrity weddings as a whole? Vogue published a great list of some of the strangest and more unconventional celeb ceremonies that includes some really awesome people.

For instance, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, one of the last bastions of true celebrity love, had a barebones wedding at a courthouse. The total cost according to Shepard? Around $142. Now that is being tight with your money!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick got married in ’97, but nobody was really expecting it. They had invited their family and friends over for just an average old cocktail party, but out of nowhere they transformed it into a wedding. Maybe they were ahead of the game on that one!

At only the age of 19, Olivia Wilde married Italian filmmaker Tao Ruspoli. Where did they get engaged, you ask? Why, none other than Burning Man of course. Their wedding then must’ve been at some lavish Italian villa, right? Nope, it was in an abandoned school bus in Virginia.

I mean, you do you, I guess.

There’s gotta be this movie out there somewhere, or maybe I’m just thinking of The Wedding Date. Regardless, it’s not as hokey as you might think! In the article, Tiffany Wright is interviewed about her company called The Undercover Bridesmaid.

In some ways a wedding planner, but more simply a “wedding-doer,” she takes care of all the menial grunt work like sending out invitations and in some cases will actually end up going as a bridesmaid—fake story and all!

We have one more celebrity story for you all, this one comes from the beautiful Sofia Vergara, who is married to the equally as appealing Joe Manganiello. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, she talked about her marriage and their upcoming third wedding anniversary. Dishing on her husband’s game-day rituals for the Pittsburg Steelers, she says that he gets “all dressed up, like socks, underwear, shirt, everything, hat and rings and he’s aloe.” Here’s to a happy three years for them!


And there you have it for this week’s Wedding News Roundup! We hope you’ve been informed as much as entertained. Check back in again for more fun stories! And please share your own if you come across any!