Bizarre Wedding News - November 18, 2018

by Scott Johnson

Just when you think you are never going to hear from us again, we are here to pull you back in! That’s right! It’s time for another installment of our continuing series of weird, informative, bizarre and lovable wedding stories from around the world. The Wedding industry never ceases to amaze us (this week there is a story about new bar that opened up that is entirely wedding themed), so we love to keep sharing these stories with all of you. Buckle in folks, we’ve got 5 stories coming your way!

We’ll start off this week with something light and from a familiar face who somehow keeps popping up and making us laugh (quite literally, actually). I am talking about none other than Former President George W. Bush. Say what you will about his time in office, but post-presidency life for the big W. has proven to be pretty hilarious, particularly his public appearances. Remember him struggling with his poncho?

Well, on the day of his daughter, Barbara Bush’s, wedding, he just so happened to be in the exactly right place at the right time. As Jenna Bush Hager was trying to get a lovely shot with her twin, the former president sensed his particular set of skills would be useful in this moment, so he, well, jumped for it. And the results are rather magical: a photobomb with the former president looking his usual goofy self, celebrating the wedding of his daughter. Hey, he is a happy guy, you cannot deny him that!

On top of the countless books, movies, television shows and magazines dedicated to weddings and all the elements that go into one, we now have a bar that caters to those who love weddings and want to get drunk at a place that looks an awful lot like Paris or Vegas all rolled into one.

If this sounds crazy, it’s because it kind of is. But it also sounds pretty awesome at the same time. Called “Destination Wedding” this new bar in D.C. features a variety of alcoves and nooks, each with a particular famous wedding destination. Two writers went in as a “his-and-hers” combo to cover the place and came out describing it like a “real-life wedding board on Pinterest.” Now, I have never been on Pinterest, nor do I ever plan on it either, but I do know that their wedding boards can be quite…excessive…so this place must be really catered to the wedding-lovers.

Ultimately, the writers feel like it’s a little too much of a gimmick as there really is only a niche audience who would want to go there. Alas, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a cool place to stop for a drink or two—and it’s weddings, so we will gladly stop by if we’re ever in the area.

This story here goes out to all the Disney lovers. Imagine you’re at your wedding reception. You just got married to the love of your life and then…all of a sudden…Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel from The Little Mermaid) comes out and sings “Part of your World.” You’d probably go pretty ballistic, as does Disney super-fan Kyrsten Green in the video following her marriage to Chris Rowe back in September.

A rarity for Benson, she claims to have only ever sung at her own family’s weddings, probably because now everyone wants her to come. Just for one song. Please? Anyway, the video of the big surprise has already racked up around 7 million views.

We need to transition over to some more serious stuff now—but I promise we have something great for the final article. About a month ago, an article came out of Oregon that highlighted over 300 angry brides who have been trying to locate a man who has failed to give them their wedding videos. Like a ghost, Tregg Istre disappeared after running a rather successful company that received rather great reviews. Known as 63 Films & Photography, the business now boasts an F rating on the Better Business Bureau page for very good reason.

A few months after he filmed their wedding, Emily Youngblutt called Istre up to see where the video was—and he assured her she would get it. But she didn’t. The company has completely dodged all inquiries, and has left over 300 women without their wedding tapes. Nevertheless, many of the brides still remain happy that they are married—they just would like the product they coughed up so much money for.

The Philadelphia Flyers recently unveiled quite the mascot: Gritty. An orange, Muppet looking thing that looks like it got lost somewhere between Sesame Street and the barber shop. Since then, he has, for obvious reasons, taken the internet by storm.

His arrival has been so impactful, that even weddings are starting to feature him—right…on…their…cakes. That’s right, an article came out last month that featured a Gritty cake, crafted by Kia’s Cakes & Cafe, that was eaten at a wedding. Sure, orange wedding cakes might not be the most…normal. But you can’t deny the love for the Flyers (or just Gritty in general).


And there you have it folks, another week of fun wedding news As always, we are happy to take any articles and suggestions you find in your internet browsing. Heck, we might even give you a shoutout! Leave questions or comments below!