Bizarre Wedding News - September 16, 2018

by Scott Johnson

Photo Credit - Stephanie Norman

Wait, is it really time for another Bizarre Wedding News? You bet your bottom it is! With Fall just around the corner, we’ve got loads of stories coming from the end of wedding season. Don’t worry, most of these are all pretty funny; there are some broken bones involved (which is rather new for us) and a few are just wonderful! So let’s get down to it!

We’ll start with the most intense one, just to get it out of the way. A few weeks ago in Boulder, Colorado, before a wedding ceremony up on Flagstaff Mountain, soon-to-be-newlyweds and their bridal party were riding a trolley-style bus. When, out of nowhere, it burst into flames and soon pretty much engulfed the entire vehicle. Luckily, everyone got out ok, as did the flowers. But perhaps the most crucial part of any wedding didn’t: the rings.

With the vehicle pretty much burned to oblivion, there wasn’t much hope that the rings would be found. Thankfully, some firefighters thought they’d give it another shot.

Lo and behold, they found they were mostly intact, buried under four feet of debris, with just some polishing needed to bring back near their original state. The firemen later showed up at the reception to present the rings to the newlyweds. Now that is a great ending!

Second in terms of “most intense,” for this week involves not one, but two broken feet. Now, there’s about a dozen and a half jokes to make here about “breaking a leg,” or “wow, she must’ve really been a runaway bride,” but the actual story is a little more silly than you’d expect. Bride Lyndsey Henderson has a certain affinity for the B*Witched song, ‘C’est la Vie,’ which everyone should have surely heard by now, since it’s twenty years old.

So loves it so much that she had learned the moves to dance at her first wedding reception the week prior, only to reprise the bit for her second reception the following week. The first time, it appears, was a rousing success. The second time…well…she jumped and landed on the sides of her feet, breaking three bones in her left foot and a hairline fracture in her right. It took her two days to realize the extent of the damage, but now she is fully on her way to recovery!

This next story comes to us all the way from down in South Africa, and it’s been blowing up the internet since it first came out at the end of August. You might remember that a few weeks ago we wrote about a moose crashing a wedding up in Alaska. Here in Washington there isn’t too much that could surprise you in terms of wildlife coming out of the trees. But for one lucky couple, they were greeted by a freaking GIRAFFE.

Tristan and Luke Karshagen had just wed at the Areena Riverside Resort when they were posing for photos in a wooded area. All of a sudden, Abby (that’s the giraffe) popped her head through to say high. Initially worried that she might be potentially dangerous, photographer Stephanie Norman was able to capture what is an iconic photo that people will surely strive to imitate. Stephanie reported to the local media “I was taking photos in an avenue of trees when suddenly this huge giraffe popped its head over the trees. Everybody was nervous and the bridesmaids hid in the bush, but he just loped calmly towards us and stood there and watched us. He just seemed inquisitive. Then he went to the bridesmaids, drooled on one of them and tried to get at their rose bouquets.” See it for yourself, but don’t get your hopes up in trying to recreate it!

Fortnite has taken the world by storm. I find it absolutely ridiculous that I’m even writing the word “Fortnite” for our website, but that’s what 2018 has come to. So much so, that the infamous “flossing” dance has seeped its way into just about every facet of pop culture. Now, it has made it’s arrival at weddings…in the form of a little eight-year-old who stole the spotlight from his parents who had just gotten married, and it took them days to realize it!

During the cake cutting, Stacey and Brian did what they were supposed to do. Stood, smiled, cut the cake, but what they couldn’t understand is why everybody was so amused and laughing. Well, turns out their young son Jay had been doing the dance behind them the entire time, much to the amusement of literally everyone in the room…except his parents…who had no idea whatsoever.

Jay then spent the rest of the wedding teaching everyone the slick dance moves. Which I’d have to say is pretty darn impressive for someone so young.

Our final story comes out of England, and it’s more about weddings in general. New research has revealed that many Brits choose not to follow age-old traditions for weddings anymore, instead opting for more unique and personalized ceremonies. According to the article, many are choosing not to get his-her rings, share their surnames, or even have bridal parties. It was found that an estimated 30% of Brits truly care about these traditions. It goes deeper into more traditions like asking the father for permission, having the father walk the bride down the aisle, getting married in churches, and more.

But this isn’t really entirely surprising. Times and traditions change. We see it with every wedding we go to. Some traditions need to die for new ones to take their place, though there will always be those who stick to centuries-old traditions to get married. Read the article to find out what else is fading into history!


And there you have it: another week of Bizarre Wedding News! We hope you enjoyed it, and as always: if you ever find any strange stories out there….send them our way!