Shubha and Mike's Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Shubha and Mike's Wedding on 8/5/18 at The Fremont Foundry in Seattle, Wa

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"Thanks so much for sharing these links. We are really enjoying reliving the day!"

Fremont is one of Seattle’s lesser discussed neighborhoods, especially when you consider the amount of sights to see. With the Fremont Troll, the Theo Chocolate Factory, the Solstice Parade, and then there’s also Gasworks Park not too far away, it’s no wonder 10 Things I Hate About You was partially filmed around here!

More important than these sights, however, is the Fremont Foundry—which is exactly why we found ourselves in the neighborhood just a few weeks ago. Originally a studio for flourishing artists in the 80s, it has now been transformed into more of an event space—especially for weddings. With multiple options for the ceremony, plenty of space, and awesome views, this is a great little venue.

For Shubha and Mike’s big day, we got a bright and early August start. There were plenty of laughs, good times and touching moments between Shubha and her mom as they got her ready for the big day. Before you could blink, both the bride and groom were all ready to meet up for their first look!

In a little courtyard, Mike stood ready and eager. From behind, Shubha tapped Mike on the shoulder. As he turned to greet her, a brilliant smile blossomed on his face as he saw his bride to be. Showing off his own attire, he got some pretty happy looks from his future wife. They exchanged heartwarming letters before we started putting them through all the poses we had in store for them.

Their reds and maroons showed up beautifully against the green and grays of the area. The two looked especially happy just walking around. It wasn’t too long before the rest of the family joined in for a few shots.

Soon, after their friends and family had signed the guest book, everyone made their way to the rooftop ceremony that looked out at the Aurora Bridge and around the rest of the neighborhood. Turning almost the shade of his attire, Mike beamed with excitement as his bride approached him from down the aisle.

With a series of touching vows, some stories, and a fable, the whole ceremony was just delightful. But nothing is more delightful than hearing “you can seal this declaration with a kiss,” and then seeing the union of man and wife become truly official.

If you thought everything else was already spectacular, the rest of the day proved even better. After the ceremony, they switched into a little more formal attire and posed for some photos around the area before heading back to the reception. With everyone on the rooftop underneath beautiful golden hour skies, the celebration felt just magical, especially their first dance.

The rest of the evening went by in such a blur that before you knew it the sun had crept behind the mountains and the lights switched on to illuminate the dance floor. That is, until the night had to come to an end.

Congrats again to Mike and Shubha! We hope your first month as a married couple has gone as fantastically as your wedding!

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Ceremony/Reception - Fremont Foundry Events

Photographer - JHui Photography

Videographer - Best Made Videos

Music - DJ Sean from Seattle Parties

HMUA - Off White Hair & Makeup

Caterer- Foodz Catering

Coordinator - Davi Sobatta from Foodz Catering