Bullard Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Bullard Wedding on 8/11/18 at The Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland, Wa

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“We just watched our video and LOVE it! It captures the day so perfectly and reminds us how truly special it felt to be surrounded by so many loved ones. Our wedding was all about family and friends and your video reflects this so beautifully. After watching it, neither of us can imagine not having booked you. The video and all the candid clips of those we hold most dear are something we will deeply cherish. Cannot wait to pass this around to our families. Thank you so much again!”

“We wanted to have all the video clips from our day to remember it in full color. Having photos is great, but there's something really special about having the voices and laughter documented. Some may argue, but I now believe more than ever that hiring a videographer is just as important as a photographer. Both are so integral in capture the different aspects of your day. Reid was fantastic! By far our most responsive vendor and always willing to go above and beyond. He was a pleasure to be around and brought a stress free feel to the day. We absolutely love our video and have watched it so many times already--a treasured memory of the day. Could not recommend enough!”

Kirkland is the next door neighbor of Seattle that gets ignored the most. Just north of Seattle’s more popular neighbor, Bellevue, Kirkland is a delightful town that boasts significant waterfront views and cute little shops. But for those looking for something a little more decadent, the famous Woodmark Hotel should more than adequately fill that desire. No stranger to weddings, the Hotel offers basically everything you need from catering, floral design, photography, dessert and, if you really want to make it your one-stop-shop, you can even just have your honeymoon there as well! Now that’s a package deal!

The Bullards’ big day started with just a touch of clouds—but also champagne! It was a wonderful way to get the day started as the boys got all groomed and the ladies worked on getting Kimi looking like a princess. After a few more celebratory drinks to bolster the spirits for a long day, it was time for Kimi and John to have their first look.

On the landing of the hotel’s interior, Kimi descended from upstairs to greet her husband-to-be. Against a big bay window, the two looked picturesque as they shared a kiss. Getting shots of them from all angles was a blast as they just were happy to be there together. Then we made our way outside to the waterfront, where the clouds blocked out the hot summer sun but still shone through just enough for it to still feel pleasant. We really put them to the test—sending them out on a dock, getting John almost in the water, and even sitting them in the boat.

The rest of the crew came on out, with the guys looking particularly striking as they lined the dock, doing some silly poses and just giggling like bros. The ladies brought the smiles too, looking lovely with the backdrop of Lake Washington and Seattle behind them. But the fun had to stop for just a little while—it was time to get hitched!

Underneath a tent, overlooking the lake, John and Kimi met at the altar surrounded by all those they love. Kimi could hardly keep it together as she pushed on to the end of her vows, but it’s ok—we doubt we could either! John followed up with some hilarious, soul-churning vows that would make anyone swoon. Maybe he’d offer his services up?

And then, without further ado, the officiant gave the blessing for them to kiss and become one. With an “oh boy!” from Kimi, the two sealed their union. While everyone relaxed out by the water, the newlyweds took a quick little boat ride around the bay, enjoying a brief little taste of their honeymoon. They soon returned to reality as they arrived back for the reception to thunderous applause. Keeping the party alive outside until it was too dark, everyone eventually made their way back inside to continue on dancing the night away.

Thank you again to John and Kimi for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first two months have been going splendidly. Have any questions or comments? Leave them below!

Venue – Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa

Planning – Perfectly Posh Events: Seattle + Portland Wedding Planner

Photography – Manchik Photography

Videography – Best Made Videos

DJ – Injoy Entertainment

MUA – Erin Hunt Hair & Makeup

Floral – Sugar Pine

Coffee – Espresso Elegance

Rentals – CORT Party Rental

How did you guys meet?

Seattle Santacon 2010

Tell us about the proposal!

Hiked up Four Mile Trail in Yosemite. Breathless proposal.

Why did you choose your venue?

Kimi grew up in Kirkland. Beautiful spot on the water

What are you most excited to see in the video?

We’re most excited to see friends and family. Family is spread between East Coast, West Coast and Hawaii. Rare to get whole family in one location. With parents getting older this is a great reunion for everyone.

Kimi and John’s story in their own words:

We met in Seattle…

East Meets West—John, a recent transplant from Florida, was a frat-tank wearing young college graduate suffering sunshine withdrawal. Kimi, a Kirkland native, was enjoying being back home and vowed to never live somewhere hot and off the west (best) coast again. Their paths seemed destined for opposite directions, but fate—or some good friends—stepped in to change that.

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock – Thanks to some mutual friends, we met at the spirited Seattle festivity, SantaCon 2010. Sifting through the sea of red, we found each other. On our first date, we discussed the (in)famous Tigermom article, past trips to Prague, and our glamorous days as Latin students. It was a weird match, but one that just seemed to work from day one.

Seattle – San Antonio – Miami – Orlando – Washington DC – San Francisco – Oakland

Mind over Miles—Early into our relationship, John received a job offer in San Antonio and thus began our life as a long-distance couple. Over the past 7 years, our careers have taken us all over the country, sometimes together, sometimes separately. At times we’ve been 300 miles apart and at others 3,000.

Through it all, our commitment to each other only grew. The years of long distance made us the partnership we are today and we are so thankful for the challenges, adventures, and most of all, the support from our family and friends along the way. Our family is everything to us and we would not be here today without them. We would also like to acknowledge the second families we acquired along the journey. Those years gave us the most incredible friends all over the country who lent their support and helped us reach this point.