Misgano/Likes Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Misgano/Likes Wedding on 8/4/18 at The Northwest African American Museum in Seattle, Wa

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August was an unbearably hot month for us in Seattle—add on some smoke inhalation and it only makes it that much better. Luckily, we got to do some really amazing weddings, as it was peak wedding season, and in turn we got to go to some awesome new venues. First and foremost in the month of August we headed to NAAM (Northwest African American Museum), situated in Seattle’s Central District. What’s so cool about NAAM is it not only celebrates the Black experience in America (as well as the historically African American Central District), but it also has upwards of 40 affordable housing units.

But it also serves as a place where to people can be joined together in holy matrimony, so when you combine it all together: we love this place! A bright, clear day in Seattle greeted our soon-to-be newlyweds who started the day by reminiscing and making sure they looked like royalty.

We knew it was going to be a great day when Alex was sent off by her friends and family singing and dancing as she headed off towards her new future. Meeting for their first look outside the museum, Fitsum approached her man from behind who turned around and gave her a remarkable kiss. The excitement started to bubble over from there. Looking ever-so-lovingly at his bride, it was easy to feel the deep love between the two.

Once the family joined in for some group shots, it was almost like the blink of an eye before it was time to file in for the ceremony. Everyone was stoked for what was to come, so we didn’t want to dilly dally! Outside the museum underneath its iconic sculpture, Alex and Fitsum met for their wedding. The emotions swept over the entire crowd, particularly the groom, who stood with tears in his eyes as his bride approached him.

As the vows started to pour out, be sure to have a box of tissues close because they’re doozy. Alex went deep into their history to talk about the moment’s he fell in love with his bride, while Fitsum believes she truly cannot live with him now! There’s more to them, but you just have to watch it to see sincere love between them.

Getting the grooving started just in their walk back down the aisle, there was still plenty of more dancing and fun to come. After all the boring paperwork it was time to head back towards the museum for the reception. Inside, the banquet tables were lined with everyone they love before the newlyweds made their triumphant arrival. Sharing their first dance, looking longingly into each other’s eyes, the electricity was alive in the room. Soon everyone was following suit as slideshows of their past showed behind them.

The night just kept getting wilder and wilder with the music blasting and almost everyone in the room getting off their feet for big group dances. Watch all the way to the end for some really great party scenes with everyone just having a wonderful time. Too bad it all had to come to an end, though!

Thank you again to Fitsum and Alex for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope you have a wonderful two-month anniversary! Got a question or comment? Leave it below!

Venue – NAAM

Photographer – Sarah Harris

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – Alchemy Events

Catering – Crescent Moon Catering

Tell us about the proposal!

Alex proposed on Rattle Snake Ridge on a sunrise hike on January 15th, 2017.  

Why did you choose your venue?

The Northwest African American Museum preserves and celebrates the history of African Americans.  It holds deep meeting for both of us.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

We know the day is going to by really fast and there are moments we will miss or just may not recall.  Having the video will allow us to see those moments for years to come.

Fitsum and Alex’s story in their own words:

Our First Date, Our Beginning – October 23rd, 2014


Once upon a time, Alex asked Fitsum out to an ordinary coffee date of the century. Fitsum knew that Alex was sorta fun.  Just like any other coffee dates, she expected it to be just something to do on a Thursday evening. She somewhat suspected that he would be on the taller side but she didn’t know what she was up against.  She made her way to Cafe Vita located in Capitol Hill. As she entered the coffee shop, Alex was sitting at table patiently waiting. But he quickly stood up as soon as he saw her. That startled Fitsum and forced her to utter out, “OH MY GOD, YOU ARE A GIANT” as her first ever word to him.  Good thing Alex found it funny and still want to proceed with the date  

That evening was not ordinary after all. It was the begging of something beautiful    As most dates go, they chit chatted but spent way too much time conversing than they should’ve on a first date.  They both felt something pretty special and hoped they see each other again. And so they did and the rest is…well…. you will see at the wedding 

The BIG Ask?! January 15th, 2017


Alex popped the question on a beautiful Sunday morning.  He told Fitsum that they were going on a sunrise hike that she has always wanted to go on.  So to Fitsum, it was already going to be an amazing adventure. Little did she know it was about to be one of the most special day of her life.  They hiked up two miles on Rattle Snake Ridge. As they reached the top of the mountain, the sun was just rising. 

Fitsum was happily enjoying delicious sandwich that Alex prepped for the hike.  She looks to her right and Alex is on his knees saying very sweet things. With a half bite of a sandwich in her mouth, Fitsum was in disbelieve!  When she realized what was happening, she was so excited that the day has finally arrived. Alex had finally popped the question.  

The chilly morning has all of the sudden brought warmth, love and lifetime of happiness!! Oh yea, she said HELL YES!!