Favorite Wedding Cake Cutting Moments

by Scott Johnson

You’d think that at a celebrity wedding the most talked about factors would be the vows, the guests, or even the after-party. But at his recent wedding, rapper Gucci Mane aimed to make the biggest moment the cake cutting. Picture this: a $75,000, 10-foot tall cake decked out in 2,500 Swarovski crystals, 8,500 handmade sugar flowers, and made up of five flavors including red velvet, amaretto, carrot, banana nut and Jamaican rum. Surely that’s enough to talk about, right? Wrong: Gucci and his bride Keyshia Ka’oir took it a step further and decided that the best tool to cut this magnificent beast of a cake was an actual, honest-to-god sword. Check out the video for yourself below!


This got us thinking: what are our favorite cake-cutting wedding videos we’ve done? So we’ve compiled a list of the best and sweetest ones yet!


Mead Wedding, 10/21/17, Melrose Market Studios

Dakota and Taylor’s tearful union is one of our favorite vow exchanges as there wasn’t a single dry eye in the room. Their vows for each other touched everyone deeply—watch the video and try not the cry—but their cake cutting, shows their complete adorableness. The initial cut by Dakota has a piece fall off as she gives a shocked glance to the videographer while Taylor stands there with mouth agape. As Taylor delicately—and then not so delicately—shoves the piece of cake into Dakota’s mouth, she recoils and then preps for her turn. But right as she’s about to go in for the shot, Taylor grabs her hand and does the deed for her, ruining her attempts to smear his face with cake as he caps it off with a “oh shucks” shrug. The two go in for a kiss, only for him to nearly spit his cake into Dakota’s mouth. It’s romantic, silly, and completely genuine. There’s no denying the love between the bride and groom.

Vega Wedding, 10/29/16, Huber’s Gasthaus

While this wedding alone would…take the cake…for being one of our spookiest videos, RaKayla and Juan’s wedding also has one of the best wedding cakes ever. Rife with spell books, zombie babies, decorative skulls, animatronic hands and a black bridal gown, it’s not entirely surprising the bride and groom’s cake would be out of the norm as far as weddings go. The three-tiered cake, which looks like sewn-up flesh with blood ready to ooze out, is literally butchered by the bride and groom as they plunge the knife right into the top of the cake. Indeed, even the insides look like blood and guts, and what follows is one of the most adorable—yet slightly creepy—food fights we have ever seen as they smear the innards all over each other. Let us know what you think of the video: sweetly sick, or sickly sweet?

Mora Wedding, 02/26/16, Bainbridge Island

A picturesque wedding on the quaint Bainbridge Island is any videographer’s dream. The little town has some of the best venues for weddings in the region, mainly due to the breathtaking view of Seattle off in the distance. Though it was raining on their wedding day, it certainly didn’t damper any attitudes as the bride and groom were all smiles under the cover of their families’ umbrellas. Inside for the reception awaited a dove white, three-tiered cake contrasted by a lovely baby blue color scheme. When it’s time for their first bite, the bride and groom look as if they’re testing each other as if they’re afraid to go first, but it’s the groom who makes the first move and sticks it in the bride’s mouth, who reciprocates with a much more delicate face-smearing. And of course there’s the kiss that makes it all so much better.

Smith Wedding, 02/26/17, Rose Hill Community Center

You might find yourself dabbing your eyes at the tearful vows between bride and groom Ariella and Evan, but it’s the sweet and adorable cake cutting that gets to us. After delicately cutting the cake together, it looks as though Evan is going to carefully give a hesitant and curiously suspicious Ariella a hand-fed piece before he decides to shove it right in her mouth and smear it all over her face. The force-feeding is followed by a sweet kiss and a joke from Evan as they continue to cut their lovely three-tiered cake garnished by flowers. It’s silly wedding moments like these that are followed by sweetness that touch our heart. Plus, who doesn’t want cake on their face?


Cake is amazing on its own, but when you have two people who love each other so deeply that they don’t mind it getting smeared on their face in front of everyone they love—then that’s something truly special. These are our favorite cake cutting wedding videos. What are some of yours?