Phillips Wedding Video (2017)

Phillips Wedding on 7/15/17 at Greens Landing in Chelan, Wa

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“Our wedding day was truly the single most amazing day of my life. I wish it never had to end but at least I have this amazing video to relive it over and over again.

Thank you Reid for making our fairytale wedding something we can enjoy and share for the rest of our lives.”

“Reid was so amazing. He made a beautiful video of our wedding day that captured every part of our day. I would recommend him 100% and would choose him over and over again. He was great to work with leading up to the wedding and on the actual event. We had our video back so quickly with amazing quality.”

There’s something magical about the golden hour setting on a hot summer night as twilight slowly approaches that takes you back to some distant memory long forgotten. That childhood nostalgia crafts a most potently affecting spell, tickling a sense of curiosity and excitement for those days that would never end. It wouldn’t be surprising if that were exactly what made Kelly and Rylee decide to hold their wedding at the breathtaking Greens Landing out by Lake Chelan, Washington because that’s exactly what the venue does to you. I bet you could ask anyone who was in attendance–or those who watched the video–and they would say the entire wedding day was nothing short of pure, heart-fluttering magic.

Accompanied by a loving, tight-knit group of bridesmaids and groomsmen there to support and honor Rylee and Kelly, the day set off with the two getting ready separately before having the sweetest first look in the orchards located on the property. The bride and groom could barely take their eyes off each other as their excitement for what was to come could hardly be contained.  A heartfelt wedding ceremony full of love, laughter, and beaming smiles–unabashedly evident in the video– followed as the two shared their vows in front of everyone they love and finally became one.

The festivities kicked off immediately after the ceremony with Cornhole and ladder golf as everyone settled in for an unforgettable night of drinking, dancing, and being together. It’s easy to forget that weddings can often serve as a family reunion of sorts, and walking into this blindly you very well may have thought this was one. And, even if it wasn’t, there’s no denying the love and support this family and their friends has for each other. The dancing, playing, and partying seemed as though it could go on forever, so long as everyone was together.

Light and timing is crucial for any photographer or videographer, yet sometimes it lines up just right and you find something truly special—much like marriage itself. To cap off what was already a pitch-perfect wedding day, Kelly and Rylee had a serene Golden Hour dance overlooking Lake Chelan as the light dimmed to a glistening hue while the water shimmered in the distance. It’s so easy to say something is a “fairy tale moment,” but I don’t think you’d be able to find anyone who would deny this one the title, especially after having watched just the video. It was surely a dream for them, but for anyone interested in videography it was a superb lesson in using lighting to evoke poignant emotions. Sometimes things really are as good as they appear to be, and this was definitely one of those occasions where everything fell into line for the people who deserved it most.

If you would like to witness magic happening, do yourself a favor and watch the happy bride and groom share their love for each other and prepare to start their journey through life together.

- Scott Johnson

Venue – Greens Landing

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