Favorite Wedding Portraits Part 2

by Scott Johnson

Welcome back to our series of Favorite Wedding Portraits! Ever since we got into the business, we have had the privilege of capturing some truly elegant, romantic, and sincere moments throughout your wedding day. Most importantly--aside from the wedding itself--are the wedding portraits you take following the ceremony. This is the first time you pose for photos as newlyweds and as such it is one of the most special times in your life--so you gotta make it memorable!

As we discussed yesterday, some couples have opted out of scenic venues and breathtaking landscapes in favor of more personal locales. Walmart and Target have already played host to weddings and portraits, but did you know that one couple just got married inside the iconic White Castle? Though many of us up in the Pacific Northwest haven’t had the opportunity to try some of those legendary sliders, the restaurant chain held a contest that would let one happy couple get married at the Las Vegas branch. Adam and Whitney were said happy couple as they discovered the contest while celebrating their engagement in Tennessee.

Considered a “Royal Wedding,” the couple received a lavish wedding provided by the restaurant and even were treated to music, floral arrangements, and one monster of a wedding cake made out to look like a cheeseburger. It’s also important to note that in the last ten years, over 75 couples have been married inside a White Castle. So, you know, that’s always and option--and we’d be glad to shoot it!

Anyway, I’m getting hungry now so here’s the rest of our countdown for our Favorite Wedding Portraits!


Losic Wedding, 03/31/17, The Golf Club at Newcastle

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love going to the Golf Club at Newcacstle. You don’t need to know the difference between your irons, nor do you need to be Tiger Woods in order to enjoy the sweeping views of King County and beyond. Though we’ve shot a number of weddings (and a proposal) at the venue, the Losic Wedding is our favorite example of the majesty bestowed upon you once you reach the the viewing platforms. Following a storybook wedding, we wandered around the area with Danijela and Fedja as they planted kisses on one another in front of the staggering clubhouse. Shortly after, the newly weds wandered out onto the mounds overlooking Seattle, and though it was slightly overcast, the city peered out from behind the mist. Sure it’s great to see Seattle soaked with sun instead of rain, but that’s not really Seattle, now is it?

Vega Wedding, 10/29/16, Huber’s Gasthaus

Aside from already making our Best Themed Weddings, the Vega Halloween Wedding is simply one of the coolest ones we’ve had the pleasure of shooting. Just two days shy of the spookiest day of the year, the couple (dressed in all black) met down in Olympia for a seriously freaky wedding featuring a gruesome cake, terrifying decorations and an all around ghoul time. Anybody raised in the Pacific Northwest knows October is already creepy enough, especially with the sun setting so early (or never even coming out at all). When it was time to do the wedding portraits, we followed the newly weds out to a fittingly abandoned field that felt ripped out of a horror movie. Posing underneath grey skies, with a little bit of mist rolling in, and the trees dotted with reds and oranges, even Morticia and Gomez would be filled with jealousy upon the sight of these photos. Not all wedding photos need to be drenched in sunlight.

Berry-Reich Wedding, 08/10/17, Kitsap Memorial State Park

With an already sumptuous First Look that showed Kaylee and Conor posing underneath the towering trees of Kitsap Memorial State park, one would think there would be no way in topping the beauty. Yet, sure enough, there was. Following a fairytale wedding in the woods, the newlyweds made their way down to the waterfront right at sunset, the perfect golden hour. With the sun slowly descending behind the hills in the distance, the two were bubbly and smiling, planting kiss after kiss on one another as their big day came to an end. Walking up back into the woods with Conor holding Kaylee, nothing could have been more romantic.

Ainsley Wedding, 08/20/16, Axis Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square, especially during the summer, is a spectacular place to spend an afternoon. Free art galleries, century-old architecture and cobbled streets provide a significantly different vibe than the rest of the city. When the sun comes out, you may even see a wedding like the Ainsley’s that fills the streets with loving family members. On one of the many side-streets that criss-cross the neighborhood, the Ainsley’s tied the knot. Following their ceremony, we followed them around the area which was surprisingly empty for the weather that day--but that made it all the more special. Posing in front of the brick buildings and along roads under construction, it was the perfect meeting of old and new.

McDonald Wedding, 10/02/16, Monte Cristo Ballroom

Just a few blocks away from the waterfront in Everett, the Monte Cristo Ballroom offers up a regal venue for partners who want to get married indoors like a prince and princess. The marbled floors and dove white columns provide a touch of sophistication that one normally wouldn’t find in an outdoor venue. With their first look outside, Drew and Briannah posed against the buildings classical architecture before heading around to the more modern parts of the area. Following the ceremony, we headed outside once again to capture them in the street as the sun set perfectly down the road over the harbor. A splendid ending to a beautiful day.


And there you have it! Ten of our favorite Wedding Portraits! Thanks again to all of the newly weds featured in the countdown for choosing us to film their weddings and letting us share their special day with everyone!  Be sure to check back later in the year when we will update our blog with even MORE of our favorite wedding portrait moments.

Have any questions or suggestions on what we should do next? Ask us below!