Gichaya Wedding Video

Gichaya Wedding on 7/29/17 at STAR Center in Tacoma, Wa

Music courtesy of Alice Kimanzi and Ruth Wamuyu

Located in South Tacoma, STAR Center, an athletics and activities facility that covers a whopping 32,000 square-feet, may not appear to be your typical wedding venue. With bright gold and red paneling on the outside, it looks a little out of place surrounded by green trees and grass. But on the inside awaits everything soon-to-be newlyweds need: an events hall that holds at least 300 people and a wedding studio that can seat up to 130. Decked in white drapes and golden candlesticks, the space is perfect for a wedding.

Nearing the last day of July, Nyokabi and Karogo tied the knot after a three-year-long courtship that was all started by a loving aunt who set the two up—though not without a long hesitation from Karogo who took weeks to call up his future wife.

Getting ready for their big day, the bride and groom spent several hours prepping to look their very best. On Nyokabi’s side, she and her bridesmaids got all made up to look like royalty, sporting stunning yellow dresses (matched perfectly by the gents’ bow ties) that looked even more dazzling once they stepped out into the sun. Before heading off to the venue, what seemed like every member of Nyokabi’s family filled the hallways of where she was getting ready for a send-off that rivals those at the end of the wedding itself! They even draped a ceremonial rug down the stairs all the way to the car.

The boys looked equally as suave. Rocking purple suits (accented by the yellow ties) made for quite the appealing color combination. Strutting their stuff down the hallways, they played along with all of the silliness we asked from them. Heading into the “Voyage Studio” for the ceremony, their families filled just about every seat. Offsetting the white decorations with the purple and yellow made this such a vibrant experience, kudos on the decision!

After sealing their union with a kiss, the newlyweds made their way down the aisle as man and wife, busting out their dance moves that gave a little teaser of what was to come later at the reception all while beaming from ear to ear. The reception to follow saw a wonderful selection of foods to snack on and plenty of activities for the younger kids.

Posing outside for some more photos, the entire bridal party was just a sheer blast to hang out with as they tried to continually one-up the previous pose. Though it was the bride and groom who undeniably looked happiest with adorable, almost bashful smiles. Eventually they made their way back inside to get the dancing started. Complete with rehearsed moves, little routines and even a smoke machine (courtesy of Crimson Haze), the partying went on for hours.

Thanks again to Karogo and Nyokabi for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! It was such a blast being able to spend the day with your families. We hope the first year of your marriage is going wonderfully!

As always, let us know below if you have any questions or comments!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – STAR Center

Photographer – Lazzat Photography

DJ – Lighting / Smoke Machine

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