Kahlon Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Kahlon Wedding on 5/27/17 in Seattle, Wa

A big, beautiful May wedding saw the marriage of Kuljit and Amanpreet in a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony. A rarity for us, we were treated to a wondrous day full of color, music and a massive celebration the likes we hardly ever get to see. The day started off early with the bride and groom getting adorned in bangles and other jewelry. Donning a pink dastar, the groom looked slick with a contrasting beige and white suit. As the rest of the family joined in, it was only a small taste at the massive size of the wedding to come.

As they headed off to their ceremony, a prayer in the parking lot and some last minute touches made sure that everyone was ready to go. Entering the building, guests were greeted with food as they took their seats against the wall while the groom and his family made their way to the altar. Soon, the bride entered and sat cross-legged next to her groom. Surrounded on the floor by their family, the whole of the wedding was unlike anything we’d ever seen before.

Placing the ring on his bride’s finger, Amanpreet accepts gifts from family as they give him food and money. Those unfamiliar with Sikh weddings will surely find this to be a mesmerizingly beautiful experience. As the gifts and family kept coming, the newly weds smiled with happiness at the life they were about to begin together. Eventually, all the gifts stopped flowing but the food sure didn’t. We followed the newlyweds outside around the area as they posed amongst the trees on the bright spring day. The pinks and whites popping out against the lush green, the two looked the peak of blissful.

Heading back home for a quick pitstop and some more tradition, it wasn’t too long before we all left again to head to the reception. In a gorgeous event space, the lights flickered with every color and extravagant tables with sparking cloths welcomed the bride and groom who immediately went to cut the cake. Every member of the family had a chance to feed the bride and groom cake before Kuljit and Amanpreet began their first dance in front of everyone.

Not long after, the entire building was hopping with music and the sounds of clomping feet. A slightly higher angle reveals the large amount of people busting their moves on the dance floor. Check out the groom as he finally comes out of his shell and really starts pulling out the moves!

Thank you again to Kuljit and Amanpreet for choosing Best Made Videos to film their ceremony! It was truly an honor getting to witness a Sikh wedding, and we hope that everyone who watches this can truly appreciate the powerful, family-bound traditions that come along with one. We only hope that it isn’t our last! What a blast it was!

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Venue – Punjabi Palace

Photographer – Events by Heather and Ryan

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