Miller Wedding Video

Miller Wedding on 8/25/17 at Marionfield Farm in Arlington, Wa

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“Reid was an absolute dream come true! He helped us out incredibly last minute and I cannot say how happy I am we were able to work with him. He captured the most beautiful parts of our day and sent us our video remarkably fast. I honestly cannot talk this up enough, you will not regret booking with this company!”

It’s always nice to get out of the city, especially when it’s to one of the outlying farmlands around Seattle that many people forget actually existed. Sure it’s wonderful to be downtown with all of the Amazon techies, tourists and bikes speeding down the sidewalks, but head about forty-five minutes in any direction from the city and you’ll find yourself even further from the city life than you could possibly imagine. Up north lies Arlington, a great town just a few miles away from Marysville. To the south east of Arlington you’ll find Marionfield Farms, which is gently nestled between two bends in the South Fork Stillaguamish River (say that ten times fast).

It is here that the Millers held their wedding. Bright and early the day began. The guys sipped on various beers and had an educational lesson from the highly regarded “YouTube” in the art of tie tying. The gorgeous estate, which boasts a seriously cool barn that provided excellent contrast for hanging the wedding dress, has enough space to fill your entire family and even has a bridal cottage.

As the bride and groom got ready for their first look, smiling all the while, the excitement was almost palpable. When it was finally time for groom Jeff to get a look at his bride, he spun around and with a gleeful scream he greeted the love of his life. As we sent them through a litany of poses from silly to sincere to seriously, the camaraderie the bridal party shared became quite apparent. With the stunning grounds as a backdrop, there was no shortage of beautiful places to put the party.

An elegant ceremony followed, with an exuberant official declaring the bride and groom as man and wife. As the two shared their first kiss as a married couple, the sparks ignited once again. As everyone retired to the grounds for champagne and beer, the newly weds went off to sign papers before showing up at the reception to blasting music. You’d never think it from looking at the outside, but the interior of the barn event space is jaw dropping with purple and white lighting and enough room for everyone and their mothers to get on the floor and shake their booty. With a doughnut cake-cutting (and plenty more dozens to come) the two couldn’t take their eyes off each other for one minute.

As the night dwindled away and the lights turned down low, flashing sabers came out to illuminate the way for the dancers. Following the garter and bouquet tosses, the bride and groom retreated down some country roads for some personal photos that—had it just been a little bit darker—truly had the stars shining down on them.

Thanks again to Kayleigh and Jeff for picking Best Made Videos to film your wedding! We hope the first six months of marriage have been full of happiness and wonder. Have any questions? Concerns? Drop us a comment below and we’ll be sure to get to them!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Marionfield Farm


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