Mortega Wedding Video

Mortega Wedding on 8/26/17 at Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton, Wa

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“Awwww we LOVE it!!!   Had us tearing up and laughing our butts off!”

There’s no denying that of most days you will experience in your lifetime, your wedding is by far one of those that has heightened emotions, a lot of stress, and the hope that everything turns out just as you’ve been planning for months. Now, a lot of these emotions come out in a variety of ways—uncontrollable giggles, a bit of the shakes, or simply the feeling as though you could burst into tears of joy at any…single…moment.

For the Mortegas’, it was the latter. From the very early hours of the day, both the bride and groom were on the verge of tears—it was, as the devastatingly emotional vows will describe, a day they had long been working towards, one that had been earned through years of hard work, compromise, and the belief that they could get through everything together.

As Jessica and EJ got ready separately, both finding something or other to get the tears flowing, they got primped and primed for their romantic first look right outside the Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton. During their first look EJ’s eyes light up when he turns to greet his bride-to-be, their happiness confirmed by their near-blinding smiles. We followed them around the are as they kissed under the trees and down by the waterfront—a gorgeous August day that captured the few remaining weeks of summer in its rays.

After the family got involved for some formal pictures, the rest of the bridal party got in—particularly the bridesmaids—for some fun and wild pictures. The groomsmen held nothing back either as they made us all chuckle with their poses. But then came the ceremony, with the altar looking over Port Orchard Bay as boats zipped across behind them, and it was here that all of the emotion poured out like a river. Both the bride and groom got choked up quite a bit in their vows as the two of them powered through their vows that seemed to have been written from the very bottom of their hearts. EJ really got emotional as he got near the end of his—but these are happy tears, and they should be flowing freely.

Once the tears had subsided, the vows had been delivered and the words spoken by the officiant declared them man and wife—the only thing left to do was kiss. With smiles and a sense of relief, the two went for it and were officially husband and wife.

At the reception the two shared their first dance and EJ's brother used a ukulele to give a memorable and sincere wedding toast in the form of a song. However, the romance quickly turned into something else. As you may remember from our Best Wedding Reception moments, during the garter dance EJ broke out his best Magic Mike impersonation to deliver by all accounts one of the best garter tosses that we have ever seen. Study up, boys, you got a new bar to reach.

Thanks again to Jessica and EJ for picking Best Made Videos to shoot their wedding! We hope your first year as marriage has been as full of happiness as your wedding day was.

Have any questions or funny comments about that EPIC garter dance? Let us know below!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Kitsap Conference Center

Photographer – Genesa Richards

DJ – Mike Moovz

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