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Pablo Wedding on 8/5/17 at Cedar Springs in Port Orchard, Wa

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The Pablo wedding is far and away one of our most recognizable weddings. It is the joyous meeting of two people, their cultures and families, and a massive celebration of tradition and heritage. On a temperate August day, Tim and Kaleena met at the isolated Cedar Springs in Port Orchard and brought a little of the island life with them. It also helps that Tim is both wickedly hilarious and deeply emotional by just about everything the day had to offer, so be sure to laugh and cry at the same time while you watch the video!

The early morning preparation for weddings is often an exciting, anxiety-inducing period of time where you count down the minutes to the ceremony that will unite you and your fiancé. These periods of time also produce some of our funniest and memorable moments, especially when you have as many big personalities as you do in the Pablo wedding. Joking around with his party, Tim—with cuss words flying—cracks jokes and gives hugs with his friends and family.

Surrounded by lush vegetation and a sun that twinkles in through the leaves, Tim and Kaleena met for their first look along with their family. Following their tender first look, the guys all line up for some of the funniest moments in a photoshoot we’ve ever witnessed. From wisecracks (“maybe I should suck in my gut”) to hilarious and silly poses, these guys sure know how to party and it certainly makes you wonder if you could hire them for your own wedding.

The ceremony itself, however, continued to show Tim’s comedic streak. Starting off by announcing he’s already crying, and losing it a couple times throughout, you will be fighting back both laughs and chuckles as he soldiers on through a delicate speech that declares his love for Kaleena. In response, Kaleena’s speech is a little less funny and a whole lot more emotional as she too starts to break down partway through, which only makes Tim worse, but these two are such suckers for each other that it’s entirely adorable.

The reception to follow on the breathtaking estate shows a melding of cultures. With mosquito spray, leis, traditional attire, and even dancing, it’s like they transported one of the islands right into the middle of Washington. Both genuine and beautiful to witness, it is just another example of the unique and delightful weddings out there in the world to see, even if it isn’t part of your own culture.

Following the bouquet toss, a rather raunchy garter dance, and some stunning photos with the sun setting behind them, Tim and Kaleena set off as husband and wife to start a new life together. Thanks once again to Tim and Kaleena for choosing Best Made Videos to shoot their wedding! We hope the New Year is treating you right!

Did you have a not-so-traditional wedding? Bring a slice of home along with you? Let us know below and we might feature you later on!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Cedar Springs

Photographer – Jessica Koch-Brigham

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